Australia and Prime Minister Abbott

Abbott with Australian flag

Anyone who has an impact on a country will have powerful connections to the chart of that country.

The Prime Minister or President of a country will have particular connections to the chart of the first Oath of Office.

In the case of Australia, this is the Swearing-In chart of the 1st January 1901 at 1.35 pm, Sydney, Australia, when Sir Edmund Barton took the first Oath of Office.

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Abbott and Australia

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Synastry of Australia and Abbott

Australia and Abbott

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Synastry is the first step in determining how a person will  relate to a country.  Here we have Australia’s Swearing-In chart on the inside and Tony Abbott’s natal chart on the outside.

As Australia has Aries rising the first step is to find where Tony Abbott’s Mars is in relation to Australia’s chart.   We can see it is in Australia’s 6th house and conjunct the Descendant, indicating Abbott wants to be of service to this country.

We can also see that Abbott’s Mars/Neptune makes a midpoint with Australia’s Descendant.  This can be a plus and a minus –  one usually finds Neptune or Pisces prominent in matters to do with politics as it is a global energy that particularly resonates to the socio-economic areas,  in addition it can add to Abbott’s particular charisma for Australia.  However, if it afflicts anything in Australia’s chart, it can indicate lying or undermining the country in some way; in Abbott’s case his Neptune is square Australia’s MC-IC.  The result of this is already shown through Abbott breaking election promise after election promise, starting straight after he took office and then bringing in a budget that attacked the ill and helpless of Australia.  As his Neptune is in Australia’s 7th house and afflicting its angles, perhaps he is really an enemy of the country he has sworn to protect.

Neptune is part of Abbott’s YOD and his oriental planet, so it is very powerful.  The apex of his YOD, the Moon, is in Australia’s 12th house, indicating secrets and perhaps lies as well.  The other planet involved, Pluto, is in Australia’s 5th house and one of the areas he wishes to cut to the bone is the education of our children.

Abbott has his Saturn conjunct and at the midpoint of Australia’s Venus/Uranus-Vertex.  It is clear that this is a Prime Minister who wishes to cut spending as much as possible and particularly social services spending, which fits his Saturn conjunct Australia’s Venus, ruler of Australia’s second, six and 7th houses.

His Saturn conjunct Uranus, the ruler of Australia’s MC, also indicates the desire to structure and rule Australia in a conservative, right wing fashion.

Abbott’s Saturn conjunct Australia’s Vertex indicates a destined and conservative/restrictive connection to this country.

Fortunately the current transit of Jupiter trine Australia’s Uranus-Vertex and Abbott’s Saturn, which finishes in May 2015,  will protect Australia from the worst excesses of Abbott’s desire to cut spending.  This has already shown in his back-down on  cuts to some of the social services – particularly those of youth unemployment and old age pensions.

In my previous article I mentioned that Abbott had a Saturn-Pluto contra-parallel, which increases his ruthlessness and desire to control, particularly in the above mentioned areas.

Abbott’s IC conjunct Australia’s Sun

A very interesting configuration indicating Australia will see Abbott as a leader.   It echoes former Prime Minister Howard’s Sun-Pluto conjunct Australia’s IC.

In addition to this, Abbott has his Uranus quincunx Australia’s Sun suggesting an number of changes and adjustments throughout his term of office.

Abbott’s Venus conjunct Australia’s Mercury-Chiron

A very nice configuration indeed.  The Magi astrologers say Venus-Chiron gives a combined destiny and a charismatic relationship, it is one of the strongest of all connections and helps form enduring bonds. Venus-Mercury is excellent for all forms of communication.  This should be greatly enhanced when transiting Jupiter trines in July-August 2015.

Venus is also trine Australia’s Ascendant, indicating that many Australians like him.

Venus is opposite Australia’s Neptune. Neptune is a very active player in politics so this suggests both his interest in writing about politics and his ability ‘to play the game’  It can also describe over idealism and deception.

Abbott’s Pluto is square Australia’s Moons Nodes.  This describes his position of power in Australia, particularly as Pluto rules his own Scorpio North Node and Sun.  The square brings upheavals and intense power-plays both on a national and international level.

Tony was born in between a total Solar and total lunar eclipse. This can make him very psychic, but I don’t think he would value this ability – perhaps it works as good intuition.  The Solar Eclipse was at 29Libra29, conjunct Australia’s Descendant.  Venus in the eclipse chart was at 14Sagittarius49, conjunct Australia’s Uranus-Vertex. The lunar eclipse at 14Taurus31 was quincunx Australia’s Uranus-Vertex.

These eclipses give him a very strong tie to Australia.

Duad Charts

These are very important in assessing connections to a country or person.  The Duad chart of a person will often give exact degree connections to the radix chart of a country, and vice versa.

Radix chart of Australia with Duad chart of Abbott

Abbott duads with Australia

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The duad angles move very fast, so we can really be certain of them until we have Abbott’s exact time of birth, never-the-less it is interesting that for the 4.00 am time, his duad Vertex is in partile conjunction with Australia’s radix Uranus-Vertex, and his duad Uranus in the same sign as Australia’s radix Uranus.  To me, this indicates a powerful destiny with Australia, particularly as Uranus is the modern ruler of Australia’s MC.

Australia’s Ascendant on the midpoint of Abbott’s duad Moon/Saturn

Quite an inhibiting connection, probably describing the lack of women in Abbott’s cabinet and the general tendency to inhibit women in Australia.  It could also describe Australian women’s general discomfort with Abbott.

Abbott’s Duad Neptune conjunct Australia’s North Node

This brings us back to the deceptive influence that we found with Abbott’s natal Neptune square Australia’s MC-IC.  It can also describe important associations of a Neptunian kind.

Abbott’s duad IC conjunct Australia’s radix Moon

An interesting configuration given Abbott’s discomfort with women.  Perhaps it describes his public impact on Australia, but I also think it could describe an important connection to a woman or women of Australia.

Australia’s duads with Abbott’s natal chart

Abbott’s chart in the center and Australia’s duads on the outside wheel.

Australia's duads with Abbott

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It seems that overall Australia will benefit Abbott with its Duad Jupiter and Duad Venus straddling his Ascendant-Descendant and square his MC.  This combination is particularly beneficial as it sextiles and trines his Uranus.  This is a wealthy and fortunate configuration.

Australia’s duad Saturn is conjunct Abbott’s natal Moon.

This brings him restriction and asks him to fully think through and really know what he is doing in all areas of service.  It is an important connection because the Moon rules Abbott’s MC.  Saturn will give rewards if you are expert, but will bring considerable problems if you aren’t.

Australia’s duad IC conjunct Abbott’s natal Pluto

Perhaps giving Abbott power and association with the Plutocrats of Australia.

Australia’s duad Ceres conjunct Abbott’s natal Sun-Node in Scorpio.

A really interesting connection as Ceres usually rules powerful or queenly women.  It would suggest an Australian woman of this type has a profound influence on him.

So Abbott and Australia have the required strong connections in synastry and duad synastry showing Abbott’s impact on this country.


Tony’s Sun-Node = Australia’s Sun-Mars at 10Scorpio52.  Ebertin says “The desire to become a person of importance; desire for recognition; desire to establish oneself in a community”  This has certainly happened.  The Prime Minister is definitely a ‘person of importance’.

Tony’s Mars = Australia’s Mars/Uranus-Vertex at 28Libra.  A very energetic and explosive configuration.  I am sure it will bring a number of upsets when this point is transited.

Tony’s Saturn = Australia’s Venus/Uranus-Vertex at 12Sagittarius40.  A strange one to have for a leader.  It can give estrangement and separation.  As Venus rules the 6th house and Uranus the 10th  I think it describes Tony’s desire to control the workers of this country.

Tony’s Pluto = Australia’s Moon/Uranus-Vertex at 2Pisces30. This can be extremely self willed and fanatical.  It possibly describes his constant ‘foot in the mouth’ when he talks about women.  Other than that, it describes his desire to make radical changes and the likelihood of this deeply upsetting the populace.


These are always very important in synastry and have been overlooked for far too long.   Declination contacts between a country and its leader will often most aptly describe the association.   There are almost always several strong connections between the relevant charts.

Tony has several declination connections with Australia:

Tony’s Saturn parallel Australia’s Venus-Node at 20-21 South declination. This could work either way – his Saturn could stabilize the economy, or bring severe restrictions.  As both are in Australia’s 9th house, he could bring in restrictive laws – particularly in the ‘Work Choices’ area as Venus is the ruler of Australia’s 6th house. It is a rather depressive combination, but could indicate a long term association.

This combination is currently receiving a long term Pluto declination transit.  This activating Australia’s Venus-Node suggests a Plutonian or Scorpio influence and Abbott is a Scorpio.

The transiting declination of Pluto on Abbott’s Saturn increases the ruthlessness already shown by his natal Saturn contra-parallel Pluto.

Mercury is parallel Australia’s Chiron at 17-18 South Declination.   Quite a good combination as it increases his ability to communicate with Australians.  However, his communication could be ‘wounding’ at times.

This is currently being transiting by a Saturn declination – stressful for Australia and requiring careful thought and skilled planning for Abbott.

Chiron-Neptune are parallel Australia’s Descendant at 10-11 South declination.   This echoes the Mars-Chiron-Neptune  conjunction mentioned in the synastry section.   Mars-Neptune can give charisma, as can Chiron-Neptune, so this could make him quite appealing to Australians.  It could also describe his ‘action man’ image and with Neptune involved, the ‘budgie smuggler’ photographs of him swimming and coming out of the sea.

Mars-Chiron-Neptune are also contraparallel Australia’s Mars at 10N09’50”. This is an important aspect as Mars is ruler of Australia’s Ascendant.  It would give the desire to take action rather than sit around discussing a situation and this could work both positively and negatively at times.  It is an aggressive and deceptive combination that I don’t like very much.

Uranus parallel Australia’s Moon. A rather nervy, unsettling energy, perhaps describing why women don’t really trust him.  As Uranus can be quite retroactive at times, it could describe his far right wing approach to the roles of women in Australia.

Pluto parallel and on the parallel midpoint of Australia’s South Node and Neptune. I am not sure how this would work, but it could certainly describe upheavals and at times group disasters.  It is a particularly potent configuration as it further emphasizes his Pluto square Australia’s Nodes.  I really don’t like it very much at all.

I.C. parallel Australia’s Sun-Vertex.   A destined leadership connection with Australia that is very powerful.  This parallel is only active if his time of birth is close to accurate.

The Combined Charts

These frequently describe the union of the leader of a country and the country so can’t be overlooked.

I will use two types, (a) The Midpoint chart and (b) the Davison chart.

The Midpoint composite chart

Australia and Abbott combined

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This is the chart of the halfway point or midpoint of each point in Australia and Abbott’s radix charts i.e. the midpoint of the two Suns, the two Moons, the two Ascendants, the two Midheavens … and so on.  It is the most commonly used combined chart and responds well to transits.

The Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, conjunct the MC suggests this combination will have a strong public focus and in Aries somewhat aggressive and perhaps pioneering.  How this works will depend upon the aspects to the Moon and MC.

Moon square Pluto:   A very strong, intense aspect as they are both on angles, with Pluto rising in Cancer and the Moon conjunct the MC in Aries.  This describes quite a few problems both with the public and with women.   Interestingly, after Abbott was elected and started breaking his election promises there were huge marches involved many, many thousands of people in most capital and some regional cities against his government.  These stopped traffic for quite a while but  weren’t mentioned or only briefly mentioned in any of the mainstream media.

Ebertin in ‘Combination of Stellar Influences” says of this aspect “The pursuit of selected objectives with fanatical zeal and with subsequent attainment without any regard for other people”  which certainly seems to be what Abbott is doing, particularly with the young, the elderly and the ill.

This combination will be receiving hard Uranus transits in 2016-2017 so it is likely there will be exposures and upsets .  Transiting Pluto moves to the combined Descendant  in 2017 as well, so it seems probable that his association with Australia will go through major upheavals.

Moon is separating trine from Saturn:  This is sensible, practical and excellent for building upon tradition.  As Saturn is in the 6th house of workers, it should help him implement structures and laws connected to this area.  Abbott is very much a right wing traditionalist/royalist so this aspect describes a reasonably easy application of his principles.

Saturn is quincunx Pluto:  A ruthless combination that echoes Abbott’s natal Saturn-Pluto contraparallel.  It does give considerable tenacity but the quincunx requires a number of adjustments if he wishes to attain his goals.

The Moon, Saturn and Pluto make up a Pythagorean Triangle, normally a fortunate pattern involving a trine, square and quincunx which is common in the charts of comedians and those with a sense of humour; however, the planets involved in this chart are intense and difficult to combine happily.   I think it describes a number of attempts to implement policies with marginal success that requires considerable adjustment.

This pattern can also describe Abbott’s ruthless destruction of Pauline Hanson, a Queensland politician whose One Nation Party threatened the success of the  Liberal Party during elections.

There is quite a bit more in this combined chart – the Jupiter-Node conjunction in Scorpio suggests a successful union, its trine to Pluto is the success syndrome par excellence and straddling the Koch 5th cusp suggests pleasure and good fortune;  the Part of Fortune-Mercury-Sun-Venus-Saturn rolling conjunction in Sagittarius in the 5th/6th houses also indicate gain and success; the out of sign grand trine involving Moon-Saturn-Neptune in the earth houses  should eventually benefit Australia on a practical level but not without some sorrow.

Perhaps the Mars-Uranus in the third house describes his very aggressive connection to the media and his use of ‘shock jocks’ to get his own way.  I also think it will make Australia rather accident prone with transport and vehicles whilst Abbott is in power.  It could also give clashes with our near neighbours.

Tony Abbott achieved his long term ambition to become Prime Minister of Australia as transiting Jupiter moved to conjoin and transiting Neptune was sesiquadrate this combined Ascendant.

 The Davison Chart

This chart is the halfway point between the two birth dates, times and places.  It is not as commonly used as the Midpoint chart, but is very accurate and responds to progressions, directions, lunations and transits very well.

Australia and Abbott Davison

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The halfway point between Australia and Abbott is 3rd June 1929 at 3.45.30 pm UT and at latitude 08N49, longitude 75E31’30′”

This is a powerful chart with connections to both ‘birth’ charts.  If a combined chart is connected to either or both birth charts it has quite and impact on the people involved.

What influence does this combined chart have on Abbott.

 Davison and Abbottclick to enlarge

The Davison chart Saturn, traditional ruler of Australia’s MC,  is conjunct Abbott’s Venus, ruler of his Ascendant.  This suggests considerable restriction and control in his financial plans for Australia as well as long term planning; as both fall in the Davison charts 12th house it suggests there will be some restriction involving institutions.

The Davison chart MC conjunct Abbott’s Mars:   This can be a war combination and is certainly aggressive; in Libra it suggests tactical skill being used.   Abbott has already involved Australia in a war against ISAL and will probably follow a rather aggressive path in many areas.  This is further enhanced by Davison Mars conjunct Abbott’s Uranus and square his Sun – a very unsettling aspect indicating a number of changes and upsets.

Further close contacts are Davison Uranus conjunct Abbott’s Ascendant; Davison Moon conjunct Abbott’s Vertex; Davison Chiron conjunct Abbott’s South Node, opposite his Sun and square his Uranus – all very unsettling aspects that strongly affect Abbott.

What influence does this combined chart have on Australia?

 Davison and Australia


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