Australian Federal Election 2016 Part 2

In this article we will consider the contacts of the charts of the Federal Liberal Party and Federal Labor Party to Australia’s Swearing-In Chart.

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Federal Liberal Party

This Party was formed on the 16th December 1944 in Albury, Australia.  I have no idea of the time it was declared a political party so this is a Sun culminating chart.      Your can read more about the history of this formation here.

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Federal Liberal Party

This chart has its Sun conjunct Australia’s radix Jupiter, a very beneficial contact indeed which has given  the Liberal Party such influence on Australian politics.

Its Mercury is conjunct and its Saturn opposite Australia’s Saturn.  As Mercury and Saturn tend to benefit each other I think this is quite helpful.  As it is in the 9th house, perhaps it denotes quite a bit of chatter about Australia’s legal processes and the desire for conservative laws. Education is important and perhaps, as we have seen, the desire to limit higher education to the more conservative and wealthy citizens of Australia.

Its Mars is conjunct Australia’s radix Uranus-Vertex – a strange energy which can be violent and aggressive and perhaps describes the “Thugs in Suits” that many people feel pervades the Liberal Party.

Its Uranus is opposite Australia’s radix Venus and in Australia’s financial houses. This suggests that in spite of its presentation as the more stable party, it is in fact quite the opposite on a financial level.

Fortunately the Federal Liberal Party’s Pluto trines Australia’s Venus, giving periods of considerable financial gain and, as Pluto is in Australia’s 4th house, often through mining and/or the land.

The Federal Liberal Party’s Secondary Progressions and Solar Arcs have no planetary connections to Australia’s chart.   As we have no time of inception we don’t know whether the angles, vertex axis or Moon have contacts.


Here are the Secondary Progressed Declinations of the Federal Liberal Party with the radix declinations of Australia:

Liberal Party declinations with Australia

Liberal’s Secondary Progressed Saturn-Uranus declinations (right hand column) are parallel with Australia’s radix Neptune.  Ebertin in Combination of Stellar Influences describes this as “separation, mourning or bereavement”  Not a very good structure for this election.

First Oath of Office 

Possibly, as Robert Menzies was the first elected Prime Minister of the Liberal Party, the day and time he took his Oath of Office may be relevant for all future Liberal Prime Ministers.  Robert Menzies was sworn in as the first Liberal Prime Minister on the 19th December 1949.  I can find no record of the time or place but assume that it was around 10.00 am as most of our Prime Ministers have chosen this time.  It was most likely at Canberra, Australia.  This is a possible chart for the event:

Robert Menzies Oath of Office


This chart has its Jupiter conjunct Australia’s MC and perhaps its MC-IC axis straddling Australia’s nodal axis.  These are very strong contacts and show the influence this Party has had on Australian Politics.

Its secondary progressions for the 2nd July 2016 are very promising.  It has its SP Venus conjunct its radix Jupiter and Australia’s MC.  This all by itself suggests success and happiness for Australia’s Liberal Prime Minister.

Menzies sworn in SP

Federal Labor Party

As far as I can discover, the Federal Labor Party itself  was formed on the 31st December 1900, Sydney, in the evening;  the day before the Commonwealth of Australia became official.  I think the time was 6.55 pm, but can’t find where I got the source.  You can click the chart to enlarge it.

Federal Labor Party

As this Party was formed on the eve of Australia becoming a Commonwealth most planetary placements are identical or very close to those of Australia’s chart.
It is interesting that this chart has Ceres conjunct the Vertex as Ceres will often describe a queen or queenly woman and the Australian Labor Party gave us our first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard.

This chart’s Secondary Progressions for the election on 2nd July shows  great deal of activity:


If we have the correct time its SP MC is 15Leo38, moving into a trine to Mercury and Uranus in fire signs.  This augurs well for the election as it gives the power to influence others through ideas.

However the MC is also quincunx Saturn, suggesting considerable strain and adjustments as well. Saturn is the focal point of a YOD involving MC and Pluto, a very difficult energy that often describes a loss or death.

Both of these progressions are strongly activated in April 2017 when the Secondary Progressed Moon moves to conjoin SP MC.  This, of course, is only true if I have the correct time for the inception of the Federal Labor Party.

But do these Secondary Progressions connect to Australia’s Swearing-In Chart?  If they don’t the Secondary Progressions describe internal party politics, if they do then it describes an effect on Australia itself.

click to enlarge charts.Australia and FLP SP

The Federal Labor Party’s Secondary Progressed Venus is in a separating square to Australia’s radix MC; this is normally considered very beneficial as it gives a warm connection to Australia’s chart.

However, SP Moon is quincunx Australia’s radix Saturn – a difficult energy with high pressure and some form of change or adjustment.  As the Moon rules the people, this doesn’t look good for the Labor Party.

Secondary Progressed Mars is trine Australia’s Jupiter!  A very successful connection indeed.  It is particularly beneficial as Mars is ruler of Australia’s Ascendant and therefore Australia’s political chart responds strongly to triggers by this planet.

And the SP antiVertex is conjunct Australia’s Black Moon Lilith – the apogee of the Moon.   I have no idea how this will work so will have to observe.  Normally BML indicates a powerful woman being of great influence.

The Seondary Progressed declinations of the ALP also connect to Australia’s chart.   In the table below, + describes Northern declination and – describes Southern declination.  Click table to enlarge it.

SP declinations FLP with Australia

You can see that the Federal Labor Party’s secondary Progressed Jupiter-Uranus activate Australia’s Vertex, Saturn, Sun and Jupiter; a very successful contact.

First Oath of Office

The Oath of Office of Australia’s first Labor Prime Minister, John Christian (Chris) Watson,   was taken on 27th April 1904.   I don’t know the time or place but as Melbourne was the acting Capital City at the time will use this location and I have cast the chart for 10.00 am, which is a likely time.  This chart could very well be accurate as it has a MC of 29Pisces28 square Uranus at 29Sagittarius24 and the Party was only in power until 17th August 1904 – less than 4 months.  Wikipedia says “Although Watson sought a dissolution of parliament so that an election could be held, the Governor-General Lord Northcote refused. Unable to command a majority in the House of Representatives, Watson resigned the premiership less than four months after taking office, his term ending on 18 August 1904″

At that time the Solar Arc MC was square radix Uranus with a 00 degree 2′ orb.

Chris Watson swearing in

The Uranus of this chart is trine Australia’s Swearing-In Ascendant and conjunct Australia’s Chiron – a good contact that suggests the Labor Prime Ministers can be innovative and bring beneficial change.

Its Mars is quincunx Australia’s Uranus-Vertex – a difficult, stressful contact that shows that Labor Prime Ministers often are in office in times of pressure for Australia.  It can also describe the Unions, which have been both an asset and  thorn in the side of this Party’s Prime Ministers.

The possible Ascendant-Descendant of this chart straddles Australia’s antiVertex-Vertex, with the Descendant also conjoining Australia’s Venus-Uranus.   Whenever there is a Vertex axis straddling the Ascendant axis in any form of relationship there is a very strong ‘destined’ connection.  This possible Ascendant-Descendant is also in square to Australia’s radix Mars, indicating some very strong battles between Australia itself and the Prime Ministers of the Federal Labor Party – Gough Whitlam’s dismissal comes to mind.

The Moon-Node of this chart is in square to Australia’s Mercury-Jupiter-Chiron.  The Moon-Node itself gives an very nice connection to the Australian Public, the square to the above planets in Australia’s chart  increases the communication, but often gives too much communication – as was seen in the Rudd and Gillard governments.


Here are the declinations between Australia and the Labor Party Prime Minister Swearing-in charts you can click the graph to enlarge it:

Labor Swearing in and Australia declinations

There are several strong connections:

The Sun of John Christian Watson’s Swearing in chart is Parallel the Pluto in Australia’s chart at 13 north declination.  An intense connection but it does give prominence as well as considerable power-play.  There is also a Sun parallel Pluto in the radix chart for this event.

Ceres in this chart is in close parallel with Australia’s MC.  I find it fascinating that this Party gave Australia its first female Prime Minister, Julia Gillard – who has Ceres conjunct the Descendant in her natal chart.

Uranus is parallel Australia’s Sun-Jupiter-Mercury – a powerful connection that enables the Prime Ministers’ of the Federal Labor Party to be very progressive and make changes in Australia’s laws.

We also have the possible Descendant paralllel Australia’s Saturn-Vertex – a destined connection.

Secondary Progressions:

Watson Swearing in SP

If I have the correct time for the taking of the first Swearing-in of a Labor Prime Minister, this secondary progressed chart doesn’t look too promising at it has the Ascendant in a ‘disaster degree’ of 1 Scorpio with Mars square; this suggests a time of conflict rather than easy flow.

The SP Descendant has just moved past  a conjunction to Jupiter so the benefits this might have brought are over.

The SP MC is in Cancer so the position of its ruler, the SP Moon is very important.  This is in Scorpio, suggesting people are feeling rather intense and, with no easy applying aspects and an applying square to Saturn, not very hopeful or enthusiastic.

On the plus side, SP Node is sextile SP MC and trine SP Part of Fortune – both very helpful for interconnection with the public.

Again, if I have the correct time for the Swearing-In, SP Vertex is conjoining radix Jupiter – a good augury for a destined Prime Minister.

The secondary progressions of  the two Swearing-In charts for the first Liberal and Labor Prime Ministers, shows the Liberal one is by far the most successful suggesting Malcolm Turnbull will win.  However, if the times for the Oath taking are wrong, this could be over turned.


Copyright (C) Alice Portman June 2016.

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