Australian Federal Election 2nd July 2016 Part One

This is a double election as Australians will be voting for both the House of Representatives and the Senate.

For this article I will place my main attention  on the leaders of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull and Labor Party Bill Shorten, and their connections to Australia’s chart.

Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten’s connection to Australia’s chart.

Here is the political chart for Australia using Koch houses; it is the chart of the time the first oath was taken by our first Prime Minister, Edmund Barton, at 1.35 pm on 1st January 1901, Sydney, Australia.  Any potential Prime Minister of Australia must have close connections to this chart both through zodiac longitude and declinations.

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Australia Swearing-In

Here are the declinations:

Australia declinations

As you can see, Australia has a lot of planets in both North and South  high declination so prospective leaders should have at leas one placement conjoining these declinations.

Malcolm Turnbull

This is the chart of the current leader of the Liberal Party, Malcolm Turnbull, born on the 24th October 1954 at 9.11.15 am, Sydney, NSW, Australia.   We are unable to find any record of his birth time so the chart has been rectified by Australian astrologer Jill Amery.  This chart is responsive to events in Malcolm Turnbull’s life and is therefore a good ‘working chart’.

Malcolm Turnbull

Malcolm is a self-made multi millionaire ($133 million), which is partially shown by his Jupiter-Uranus conjunction conjoining and making a midpoint to his Koch 8th cusp.

Notice that Malcolm has

his Sun conjunct Australia’s Descendant;

his possible Vertex conjunct Australia’s Moon;

his possible Ascendant and Node conjunct Australia’s Sun-Saturn and

his Venus conjunct Australia’s North Node.  Many Prime Ministers of Australia have a planet or placement conjoining Australia’s North Node so this is very important.

These connections to Australia’s Swearing-In chart suggests he will be of benefit to this nation.

Furthermore, his Mars conjoins Australia’s MC, suggests that he will be very active and surprisingly “martial” with a strong social conscience,  if elected.

The parallel of declinations also show good contacts:  Note that Turnbull’s Ascendant-North Node is parallel Australia’s Vertex-Saturn-Sun-Jupiter at 23 degrees Southern Declination.  As both Australia and Turnbull were born in the Southern Hemisphere, this is even more powerful.

Australia and Malcolm declinations

Malcolm Turnbull is already the Prime Minister of Australia by virtue of being the leader of the Liberal Party, but has not been elected to this position by the populace of Australia.  This election will confirm whether or not Australians want him as Prime Minister.

Bill Shorten

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

Generated by IJG JPEG Library

As we have no available time of birth for Bill Shorten (born 12th May 1967 in Melbourne, Australia)  here is his Sun-MC chart:

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Bill Shorten

Bill has a very strong connection of Sun-Mercury to Australia’s Moon and his own Moon conjoins Australia’s Pluto.  However, he doesn’t have a planet on Australia’s North Node and, as this has been a consistent placement with the Prime Ministers, it may handicap him attaining this position.

Australia and Bill declinations.

Nor does Bill Shorten have planets parallel the important Vertex-Saturn-Sun-Jupiter in Australia’s chart, making it even less likely he will attain the position of Prime Minister.  However, he does have his North Node parallel Australia’s Pluto, giving him considerable power in this land.

His time of birth could give  angles connecting to Australia’s chart both  in zodiac longitude and parallel of declination so this could bring a closer synastry.


Australia’s Progressions and Solar Arcs for the election.

The next step is to see if Australia’s Progressions and Solar Arcs for the time of the election connect to the natal charts of the two leaders.

Here is Australia’s Secondary Progressed Chart:

Australia ProgressionsI am using the parallax Moon, the ‘normal’ Moon is at 17Leo09.

There is a grand fire trine between the rising Moon, Uranus and Mercury in this chart so if candidates, leaders or either Party have placements at 16-17 fire, this should be very helpful.

The Moon is sextile Pluto  and both are inconjunct Saturn, suggesting a period of considerable strain and pressure.

Notice that the progressed MC-IC have just changed from fixed to mutable signs, indicating a lot more flexibility and communication on the part of our leaders is possible.   These progressed angles are conjunct Australia’s radix nodal axis suggesting some powerful and important connections are being made.    I find it fascinating that when Malcolm Turnbull became Prime Minister on 15th September 2015, the secondary progressed IC was conjunct his natal Venus.

Does this Secondary Progressed chart connect to the charts of our leaders?

In Malcolm Turnbull’s case, Australia’s SP Mars conjoins his natal Pluto in the 9th house.  This probably describes the massive effort on Turnbull’s part to persuade Australia to accept him.
The SP MC is trine his natal Mars, also indicating success for him as Ebertin, in the Combination of Stellar Influences, says this gives advancement in career.

In Bill Shorten’s case Australia’s SP Node conjoins his natal Neptune.  Neptune, Pisces and/or 12th house is often very active in the charts of politicians so this could describe a strong connection to the Australian people.  It could also describe some secret or deception coming to light.  This configuration is being activated by transiting Mars on election day.  At the moment I can’t think how it will work, so will observe with great interest.

Here are Australia’s Solar Arcs:

Australia Solar Arcs

The Mars-Part of Fortune straddle Malcolm Turnbull‘s rectified Ascendant, indicating considerable benefit for him.  SA Mars is also just in orb of Turnbull’s North Node – again suggesting entering into a union with Australia.

Without his time of birth I can see no activation of Bill Shorten’s chart.

The final step is to see if the progressions and directions of the charts of Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten connect to Australia’s chart.

 Malcolm Turnbull’s Progressions and Directions

Here are Malcolm Turnbull’s Secondary Progressions around Australia’s chart.

Malcolm SP Australia

Some very good contacts are shown:

Malcolm’s SP Moon is conjunct Australia’s Jupiter.  An excellent augury for success.

Malcolm’s SP Ceres conjoins Australia’s Uranus-Vertex.   I am not sure how Ceres works in politics so will have to observe what happens.  It suggests to me that he gains the support of powerful women.

Malcolm’s SP Sun is inconjunct Australia’s IC.  Inconjuncts always indicate a time of change and require flexibility and adjustment.

His Solar Arcs have even stronger connections:

Malcolm SA with Australia

Notice Malcolm’s Solar Arc Venus conjoining Australia’s MC – a powerful indicator of benefit and success.

Solar Arc Moon conjoining Australia’s North Node.  We have already seen how important this placement is for aspiring leaders and how beneficial it is for Malcolm to have his natal Venus conjunct this node.  This Solar Arc considerably increases his appeal to the public and to women.

Solar Arc Descendant conjunct Australia’s Part of Fortune.  This can only be fortunate!

Solar Arc Pluto conjunct Australia’s Descendant:  Malcolm is most probably Scorpio, so this would increase his connection to Australia but also suggest considerable power games in play.

Bill Shorten’s Progressions and Directions

Bill Shorten SP with Australia

The configuration I first noticed was Shorten’s SP Sun opposing Australia’s Saturn.  This doesn’t seem good to me as it indicates a great deal of pressure.  Shorten’s SP Jupiter is inconjunct to Saturn as well.  I don’t know whether two benefics in aspect to Australia’s Saturn will bring benefit to him, but to me it seems difficult.

In addition Bill’s SP Saturn is inconjunct Australia’s Mars.  A very stressful combination.  As we don’t know Bill’s time of birth we don’t know where the P Moon is.

Bill Shorten’s Solar Arcs:

Bill SA with Australia


The strongest Solar Arc I can see is Bill’s SA Neptune conjunct Australia’s Sun.  Neptune is very prominent in politics so this could be a good thing – it certainly suggests a high level of media interest.

As we don’t know his time of birth we don’t know if his SA Moon is actually conjunct the IC.  If it is this is a good indicator as people respond to placements that activate the IC-MC axis.

Overall, most of these techniques greatly favour the success of Malcolm Turnbull as leader, though Bill Shorten’s time of birth may change this.

Next article will be on the connection of the Liberal and Labor Parties charts to Australia.

(c) Alice Portman June 2016


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