Mel Gibson

Mel is in the news again and this time for an abusive rant that won’t be easily forgiven by the American public.

Mel is notorious for his terrible temper, alcoholism, chain smoking and radical, right wing catholic beliefs.  He is an active member of Opus Dei, a fundamentalist catholic sect that still says the Latin Mass, abhors Jews and treats women abominably …The Leader of Opus Dei, Josemaria Escriva de Balaguer, said  “Woman are so sinful and are responsible that we have been dislodged from the garden of Eden. And the only possibility for them to lessen their guilt is by subordinating themselves… “You should be like a carpet where people can step onto” he explained… (Heard by a lot of people at an information evening of the Opus Dei in Dornbirn Austria. easter 1994. from the book “gottes rechte kirche” by t.m. hofer)”

Mel one of the richest and most successful actors in the USA with a string of movie hits that has made him millions

He is a dual Australian-American citizen as his mother is Australian and his father from the USA.  The whole family moved to Sydney, Australia in 1968 when Mel was twelve.

On the 2nd July 2010 the world was shocked to hear of a tape that his former partner and mother of his eight month old daughter, Oksana Grigorieva,  had secretly recorded where Mel abused her for the way she was dressed, saying she looked like ‘a pig on heat’ and was asking to be raped by a ‘pack of niggers’.  Apparently there are other, worse tapes that Oksana threatens to release if he won’t give her custody of their daughter.

So who is this deeply troubled man?  He was born on the 3rd January 1956, 4.45 pm, Peekskill, NY,   the time was gleaned from a biography.  Click chart to enlarge.

With the strong sado-masochistic theme of many of his movies, I expected to see Pisces in his chart and wasn’t disappointed when I saw the Pisces Midheaven in the Scorpio decanate and Sagittarius duad.  This can be a particularly religious combination and so fits his general fanatical religious focus.

His creativity jumped out at me when I saw the modern ruler of his MC, Neptune, on the cusp of his 5th house of creativity and part of a quintile pattern that made up a midpoint structure of Sun = Neptune/MC.  The quintiles describe power, both creative and destructive, and Mel’s creative power is considerable.  He is able to use this ability in his career as both the MC and the ruler of the MC are involved.  His own ‘star quality’ is also shown in this pattern as it involves an angular Sun.

On the negative side, this very pattern could also show his addictive tendencies as Neptune is often involved in addictive behaviour.

But where do we find his terrible, explosive, abusive temper?  Usually a temper is described by Sun-Mars; Moon-Mars; Mars-Uranus and sometimes Mars-Pluto.  Mel has no major direct connections between these various pairs of planets, though he does have a North Node = Sun/Mars midpoint structure that can set him off on occasion.

I noticed the Mars-Saturn conjunct Vertex configuration and wondered if this could be the answer.  Mars-Saturn is usually very controlled, but the Vertex axis can increase the power of any planet conjoining it and suggests that under pressure this could explode.  In addition Mel was born on the day of Mars (Tuesday) and in the hour of Saturn, making this conjunction even more important.

Fortunately his Vertex is in early Sagittarius as a Mars-Saturn-Vertex combination in Scorpio could indicate intense cruelty, both as a recipient and perpetrator.  The Sagittarian Vertex relieves this to some degree so Mel uses this quality to make films that depict incredible cruelty.  I do think he had a violent and rather cruel and fanatical father so was probably the recipient during his childhood.  Hopefully he wasn’t a perpetrator on his own children.

Mel’s Mars is very strong in Scorpio and in trine to the MC, indicating all his ‘warrior’ types of films.  It is in the Leo duad of Scorpio so is creative and expressive, and in the duad chart is conjunct Uranus, suggesting an underlying temper that he inherited from at least one side of his family.

In 1968, when he moved to Australia, Secondary Progressed Mars conjoined the natal Sagittarius Vertex, indicating that he was ‘destined’ to travel to this land.  Interestingly, Australia’s true North Node is also 1 Sagittarius19, conjunct Mel’s natal Vertex.  Sydney was a very good location for him as it is on his Sun-Moon and Mars-Jupiter paran; has the Sun trine IC; gives MC = Mars/Neptune and IC = Venus/Uranus.  Venus is in a 5 degree conjunction with the relocated Ascendant as well.

What is the astrology for this latest scandal?

Since 9th November 2008 Secondary Progressed Pluto has been in orb of a one degree  conjunction to  Secondary Progressed Ascendant.  This was exact in February 2010 and is still in very close orb.   Currently this configuration is receiving a transit from Neptune in Aquarius, indicating scandal, deceit and confusion.  The Neptune transit is also square his natal Saturn, suggesting that many old structures will be dissolved.

Actors and film makers often create movies that play-act the energies that are activating their chart in real life and in this way relieve the pressure;  e.g. ‘The Passion of the Christ’ was made whilst Mel was experiencing transiting Uranus opposing his Pluto and square his Saturn.  It will be interesting to see if Mel creates a movie to manifest transiting Neptune opposing Pluto and square Saturn.

Other current Secondary Progressions are SP Venus square SP Vertex, activated by the total Solar Eclipse at 19 Cancer on 11th July 2010, suggesting problems through a Venusian type of woman.

Secondary Progressed Moon is conjunct natal IC, indicating the tremendous publicity.

In June 2010 SP Ascendant moves into orb of conjunction to natal Pluto and this becomes exact in September 2011.  Following that it moves into square to natal Saturn.  Pluto activations tend to bring upheaval in the life and in Mel’s case is exposing his very dark side.  I think more is to come over the next couple of years, and particularly in February-March 2011, when transiting Mars and the full Moon activate this configuration.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman July 2010

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