Natural birth connections

* When a baby is born naturally its Moon will trigger the Ascendant-Descendant or duads of Ascendant-Descendant of at least one of the parents.

To date, I find this works about 90% of the time and is one of the first things I check to see if the birth was natural. Once in a while this is vice versa i.e. the duad of the Moon of the child will be the same as the sign on the Ascendant or Descendant of one of the parents, though this occurs more often with induced births.

* There is a high percentage of connection between the MC-IC or their duads of the child and the Sun or Moon of at least one of the parents.

It is a very high percentage, though I don’t think it is as high as the Moon-Ascendant/Descendant connection. Sometimes the MC-IC or their duads echo these angles in a grandparent or older sibling’s chart.

* The House Equivalent Degrees of the child echo the zodiac degrees of members of the family

This hardly ever occurs when a child is born through medical assistance. It is really fascinating to see which members of the family echo your Equivalent House Degrees. I think this gives a strong tie between you and these people.

These connections even occur in premature births that are natural, so if these connections aren’t present, then it is safe to say the birth was medically assisted and the person is out of sync. with the energies of conception to a greater or lesser extent.

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