Saturn cycles with a planet

Following the first Saturn square Saturn each planet and angle will be triggered by a dynamic Saturn transit approximately every 7.25 years.  During this period you can build on existing psychological and physical structures if they have brought benefit and change them if they have not.

Saturn contacts will always show you areas in your life that have been structured successfully, areas where there are faults or problems and areas that are just not worth continuing and need to be discarded.

Saturn will always bring rewards if you show expertise in the areas it transits.  Saturn’s job is to also show up imperfections and lack of ability so it will bring difficulties, blocks, delays and real problems if that area is not functioning well.

To understand these transits it is wise to check if the natal planet was activated by Saturn during the first 7 or so years of life.  See if you can remember or find out what was going on in your family’s life during that period.  This will give you and idea of the programming connected to that planet – whether it is well structured and brings benefits or whether it was a period of difficulty that your or your family were unable to overcome.

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal planet or angle:

Then look back to the last time transiting Saturn was conjunct that planet or angle.  The conjunction is the period where old structures can be improved or discarded and new structures developed.  See if the new structures were a ‘positive imprint’ or a ‘negative imprint’  for example, did you get gloomy, negative and hostile during the previous Saturn conjunct planet or did you sort out any problems this brought out in a positive and practical way.

The first Saturn square after the conjunction:

This is called a ‘waxing square’ .  This period will show you the results of decisions made approximately 7.25 years ago.  It can present difficulties and problems connected to these decisions.  It can also bring rewards for decisions that have proved successful.

There are sometimes delays and blocks during this Saturn square but at times they can be a blessing in disguise that prevent you acting prematurely or make you reassess a situation that required further information.

Any problems shown by this transit needs to be addresses or it will produce many more difficulties if it is left unresolved.

Saturn opposition to a natal planet or angle:

This occurs approximately 7.25 years after the first Saturn square and 14.5 years after the conjunction.

This opposition will activate your partner, your spouse,  a consultant or counselor into giving their input into how your planetary structure is working.  There can be confirmation that the partnership is of benefit to both people, or it can  be a time where, if a partnership is clearly not working, you or the partner decide to end it.     If others are causing difficulties it can also be a time where legal action is required.

The waning Saturn square

This is the period where Saturn squares a planet or angle 7.25 years after it was in opposition to that point.  It occurs approximately 21.75 after the original transiting Saturn conjunction.  This is the period that usually gives benefits as a result of the structures built at the original Saturn conjunction and any improvements made during the previous Saturn square and opposition.

This is a time where you can peak in areas connected to the planet and house that were originally activated.

Alternatively, if you have built faulty structures in the previous 21.5 years, it can be a time where everything comes crashing down.

The period between the waning Saturn square and the next Saturn conjunction

is a time of gaining benefit from skills developed or recovering from a wipe-out – depending upon the results of the waning Saturn square.  It is often a time of considerable assessment of matters connected to the planet being transited and scenarios developed on how you would like this energy to work in the future.

Special Saturn Transits:

If transiting Saturn is forming an aspect to a natal planet or angle and an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune or Pluto) is also forming an aspect to that planet or angle, Saturn will include the nature of the outer planet into the structures it is building with the natal planet.  This will usually indicate a period of life that is more than ordinary and will often change the nature of the natal planet to fit the new structures.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman March 2010

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