The POTUS or Washington Inauguration chart

The chart for the Oath of the first President of the United States of America i.e. POTUS is the swearing-in chart of George Washington.  This occurred on the 30th April 1749 at 12.45 pm LMT New York, NY, USA. (source Lorenzo Smerillo)

Rectification by Day Age Harmonics suggests this occurred at 12.45.07 pm.

POTUSThis chart responds very well to all election and government situations or events in the USA.  For example, when the Twin Towers were attacked and subsequently collapsed on 11th September 2001 at 8.46 am EDT, New York, NY, the MC was conjunct the Moon of POTUS, Mars on POTUS Koch 5th cusp was quincunx its 12th house cusp Uranus, the Descendant was conjunct POTUS Mars and Venus was opposite POTUS Pluto, ruler of its IC.  There were a number of other contacts as well.

potus with Twin Towers

 The POTUS chart and the Presidents of the USA

I have found that many Presidents of the USA have a close connection to this chart and particularly to the progressions and directions at the time of their elections.   I will cover the last three, President Clinton, President Bush and President Obama.

  President Bill Clinton  DD-SC-93-04622

Was born on the 19th August 1946, 8.51 am Hope,           Arkansas, latitude 33N40’01” longitude 93W35’29”


Bill Clinton

You can immediately see several close connections to the POTUS chart.  Clinton’s Moon, ruler of his MC, is conjunct POTUS Midheaven and in partile trine to its Vertex as well as sextile its Saturn; Clinton’s North Node is conjunct POTUS 10th house Chiron; Clinton’s Sun conjunct POTUS Ascendant – and many more.

We must never overlook parallels of declination in synastry and events as they are a very powerful focus.

Clinton and POTUS declinations

You can see that Bill Clinton has a Node-Uranus-MC-Pluto parallel at close to 23N00 which gave him a brilliant career;  this ties into POTUS Pluto at 23S25.  Also note that Clinton’s Moon is parallel POTUS Sun at 15N00 and his Sun parallel POTUS Ascendant.  There are many more parallels as well, giving him a very strong connection to the POTUS chart, which suggests that the Presidency was possible.

The duad charts can also show close and powerful connections between a President and the POTUS chart.  Here is the chart of POTUS with Clinton’s duads in the outer wheel.  Note the powerful connection of Clinton’s duad Vertex-antiVertex straddling the POTUS nodes and his duad Neptune-Pluto quincunx POTUS Midheaven.

POTUS and Clinton duadsBill Clinton has a number of very close connections to the POTUS chart, indicating he was a viable candidate for the Presidency.  His and POTUS progressions and directions should be able to show when he was elected.

Bill Clinton was elected President of the United States on 3rd November 1992 and took his Oath of Office as the 42 President of the USA on 20th January 1993.

POTUS Secondary Progressions

This was a powerful time for the Inauguration chart as there was a Secondary Progressed Sun square both SP Ascendant and radix Ascendant and also conjunct radix North Node.  This suggests someone with a prominent Sun or the sign Leo would be an important person at this time.
The SP South Node was conjunct Clinton’s Moon, ruler of his MC and the SP Venus-Ceres square Clinton’s Venus and quincunx his Pluto.

POTUS SP clinton election

But it is the Secondary Progressed POTUS declinations that really tell the story with its Descendant-Jupiter parallel to Clinton’s natal Sun; Mars parallel Clinton’s Moon and IC parallel Clinton’s North Node, plus several other important parallels.Potus progressed declinations Clinton natal

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