Horary Astrology

Horary Astrology is a chart calculated for the exact moment in date,  time and place that you thought of a question.  Puzzled horary

It works on the basis that one doesn’t think of a matter unless there is a vibrationary connection in time between you and the situation that caused the question.

A true horary will echo elements of your natal chart and/or the chart of a person involved in the question.  This is such an amazing connection that very often, the duad of the Ascendant of the horary chart is in the same sign and even the same degree as your own Ascendant or natal planets/angles.

Horary can be used to answer almost any situation,  find lost objects and sometimes missing people.

The question needs to be personal and important to you.   Only you can ask it at the right time for the correct answer.

The astrologer you think of when you ask the question is the the one who will give you the correct answer.

Earth's zodiac  Astrologers usually draw up the horary chart at the time they see or hear the question, which can be a different time and place to where you thought of the question, so a different chart is created.  This doesn’t mean the horary chart for when you thought of the question is incorrect, it just means that the astrologer can answer your question  with the information given in the 2nd chart, which resonates to their own understanding of horary and very often has amazing connections to the chart of the time you thought of the question.

There are different approaches to horary.  Some people like to use techniques developed in older cultures, but I prefer the astrology developed and  used in this day and age so call my type of horary astrology Modern Horary.   Most astrologers who have had successful practices and have extensively used horary over the past 40 0r 50 years have done so without any of the more ‘traditional’ techniques now fashionable.

Southern Hemisphere astrologers   need to be aware that the Midheaven shows the North direction and the IC the South, this is the reverse to the Northern Hemipshere.      I have also found much more success using the Vertex axis for the East and West directions (Vertex =west, antiVertex = East)  as this maps true East and West.  Many of the “classical” astrology methods of horary need to be adjusted to Southern Hemipshere conditions.

There are many ways to read a horary chart and all systems of astrology have the tools to do this.  I, and many other astrologers, have been successful in answering horary questions using the Cosmobiology system, which doesn’t use signs or houses but does use midpoints, though matters to do with location are not easily answered using this system.

In the following articles there are demonstrations of my approach to this specialised field. http://aliceportman.com/will-my-friends-health-be-ok/  http://aliceportman.com/where-is-my-novel/



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