Age Harmonics

The concept of Harmonics was first presented by JOHN ADDEY m.a. d.f.Astrol.s who published his book “Harmonics in Astrology” in 1976.

In the introduction of his book he stated “The picture that has emerged is one of harmonics, that is, the rhythms  and sub-rhythms of cosmic periods, which can be demonstrated to provide the basis of all astrological doctrine both ancient and modern.  Furthermore, it is a picture which can be seen to be in harmony not only with the purest traditions of Western (and indeed Oriental) philosophy, but also with the most illuminating discoveries of modern science, and especially with present day studies of biological and other rhythms in man and nature.

The book is profound and even after purchasing it in the late ‘70’s and frequent reading, I am still discovering new ways the harmonic principles can be applied.

Most Astrologers are familiar with the idea that aspects in a chart are derived from the division of the 360° circle by the base numbers.  Astrologers calculate using the base number 12, so the aspects in a chart are found by dividing the numbers 1-12 into 360°:-

360/1 = 360 ° = conjunction = 1st harmonic

360/2 = 180 ° = opposition = 2nd harmonic

360/3 = 120° =  trine = 3rd harmonic

360/4 = 90° =  square = 4th harmonic

360/5 = 72°  = quintile = 5th harmonic

360/6 = 60° = sextile = 6th harmonic

360/7 = 51°25’ = septile = 7th harmonic

360/8 = 45° =  semisquare = 8th harmonic

360/9 = 40° = novile = 9th harmonic

360/10 = 36° = decile = 10th harmonic

360/11 = 32°43’ = undecile = 11th harmonic

360/12 = 30° = semisextile = 12th harmonic

These basic harmonics can be multiplied and still retain their core meaning, so:- The fifth harmonic = 72° multiplied by 2 = 144° = bi-quintile

The  seventh harmonic =  51°25’ multiplied by 2  = 102°50’ = bi-septile and multiplied by 3 = 154°15’ = tri-septile.

The eighth harmonic = 45° multiplied by 3 = 135° = sesiquadrate.

The ninth harmonic = 40° multiplied by 2 = 80 = bi-novile,

multiplied by 4 = 160 = quadnovile  — and so on.


From the moment of our first breath in this world our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies are continually assimilating information, which leads to continuous growth and development of our psyche.

In astrology one of the methods of  mapping this continuous movement and development is Age Harmonics—even to the finest fractions of internal daily movement.

Note:  All harmonic charts need to include the Descendant as well as the Ascendant, the IC as well as the MC and the antiVertex as well as the Vertex as in harmonics these angles are not in their usual opposition point.

Each year of life emphasises and unfolds one of the harmonics and their multiples:-

The period between 0-1 opens and develops harmonic fractions

The period between 1-2 opens and develops the 1st harmonic, the conjunction

The period between 2-3 opens and develops  the 2nd harmonic, the opposition

The period between 3-4 opens and develops the 3rd harmonic, the trine

The period between 4-5 opens and develops the 4th harmonic,  the square

The period between 5-6 opens and develops the 5th harmonic, the quintile

The period between 6-7 opens and develops the 6th harmonic, the sextile

The period between 7-8 opens and develops the 7th harmonic, the septile

The period between 8-9 opens and develops the 8th harmonic, the semi-square

The period between 9-10 opens and develops the 9th harmonic, the novile

The period between 10-11 opens and develops the 10th harmonic, the decile

The period between 11-12 opens and develops the 11th harmonic, the undecile

The period between 12-13 opens and develops the 12th harmonic, the semisextile.

So you can do harmonic charts for each of these years to see how the aspects are being developed by the child.

For example, the  harmonic chart for the 4th year, the Square aspect, might have a number of trines  – indicating the development of the 4th harmonic was quite harmonious.  One would then expect the child developed the ability to use their squares in a harmonious way.

to illustrate, let us  look at the 4th harmonic chart for Prince Charles:

Prince Charles squares(click to enlarge chart)

This is the natal chart of Prince Charles.  You can see that he has Mercury-South Node opposite Moon-North Node and both square the Ascendant.  This describes and environment (Ascendant) that is strongly affected by the family (Nodes) and particularly mother (Moon) and siblings (Mercury ruler of the 3rd house).

Prince Charles 4th harmonicThis is the 4th harmonic chart for Prince Charles (click to enlarge)

You can see that Charles natal Nodes-Ascendant-Mercury T square, has come together as a conjunction in the 4th harmonic chart.   The orb is quite wide in the harmonic chart because when you multiply the natal orb in the T square by 4 (4th harmonic) you get a much larger orb in the harmonic chart.  e.g. the Moon is 4 degrees and 36 minutes away from the North Node, so when that is multiplied by 4 you get an 18 degree 24 minute orb between the Moon and the North Node in the 4th harmonic chart.

In the 4th harmonic chart you can see the Ascendant and Noes are in trine to Saturn.   This enabled Charles, at the age of 4-5, to develop that natal T square in a harmonious (trine) and disciplined (Saturn) way.

At age four Prince Charles attended his mother’s coronation as Queen Elizabeth II of the UK.  Note that the 4th harmonic chart has Leo rising, with the Moon, Mercury and the Nodes in Leo (drama, royalty) and the MC-IC conjunction at 23 Taurus 19 is opposite his natal Sun.  This configuration suggests a year of prominence for young Charles.

Harmonics are the very best way to incorporate Numerology into Astrology.  You can use the birthday date and the total of the birth date to see how each harmonic works.

For example:  Prince Charles was born on the 14th, so he would be very responsive to the 14th harmonic, and its first base number 1+4 = 5— the 5th harmonic and the quintile series of aspects.

Here is the chart of Prince Charles showing his quintile aspects (click to enlarge)

Charles Quintiles

You can see that Prince Charles has a quintile pattern (5th harmonic) involving the Ascendant-Venus-Jupiter and a bi-quintile between Sun-Uranus.  This indicates that he may have quite a strong interest in one of the creative fields, which would start wanting to find an outlet around the age of 5-6 when his 5th harmonic was activated.

When we do a harmonic chart for his 5th birthday we can see whether this was easy to develop or caused some stress.  (click to enlarge)

Charles 5th harmonicYou can see that the natal Ascendant-Venus-Jupiter quintile pattern has come together as a conjunction in the 5th harmonic chart, as has the Sun-Uranus.  Sun-Uranus is conjunct Descendant, indicating that the Descendant was part of a quintile pattern in the natal chart involving Sun-Desc-Uranus—this pattern would strongly affect his marriage as it involved the 7th cusp and its ruler.

The two quintile patterns  make and opposition to each other in the 5th harmonic chart.  This both increases the interest and development, and  the tension.  The squares to the Nodes indicate that the family might not have encouraged or valued his creative expression—or in some way brought tension in his attempts to develop and express it.

Prince Charles education started at home on his fifth birthday.  He showed no aptitude for learning, but did show an early aptitude for art and loved day dreaming.  This greatly irritated his father, Prince Phillip, who often chastised him, both in private and in public.

As the actual birthday of Prince Charles is the 14th, the 14th harmonic will always be very important in his life.  (click to enlarge chart)

Charles 14th harmonicThis looks as though it could be a big year.  There is a Sun-Saturn conjunction conjunct his natal MC   making his 14th year a serious and important period for his future life direction

Sun-Saturn is the focus point for a quintile pattern involving Mercury and Venus with a midpoint structure of Sun-Saturn = Mercury/Venus.  Clearly a period where he would start to seriously structure his interest in the arts  or  would decide to drop it.  As Prince Charles is an excellent artist, I would expect the former.

At this time Prince Charles was attending Gordonstoun, a school near Elgin in Eastern Scotland which The Duke of Edinburgh had attended.  This was a very rigorous school and Prince Charles hated it, however he found solace in art classes and developed considerable skill, he became particularly adept at pottery.

You can see what part of yourself you develop at each year of life by using the relevant harmonic.

If the harmonic chart describes a powerful year or is connected to your birthdate harmonics, you can see the people that will come into your life in the future (who are related to that harmonic), by the signs and degrees of the harmonic chart.

The harmonic charts that are related to any major pattern you have in your natal chart are very important.

The harmonic charts that are related to your birthday and birth date total are going to be very important as these are powerful developmental years.

If you have a close to exact time of birth the harmonic chart for your birthday will often quite clearly describe the situations and events of the coming year.  If the Age Harmonic Chart aligns to the natal chart with orbs within one degree, then it is likely that the year will be quite important in your life.

If your time of birth is not accurate, the Age harmonic chart is an excellent tool for rectification.

To follow this read the article on Daily Age Harmonics which show harmonics working with mind blowing accuracy.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman 2009

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