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Chart Prediction Techniques

The Astronomy of Astrology
This includes learning the astronomical basis of astrology and how to calculate a chart and predictive techniques by hand.

Putting it All Together
This includes learning how to expertly read a chart and use predictive techniques to accurately forecast and time events.

Advanced Courses and Workshops
are available in:

Arabic Parts
see article on siteAdvanced Chart Interpretation, including individual degrees.Relationship AstrologyDuads as Genetic Markers (see article on Duads in Family)
Duads – the Secret of Attraction

Twins – how to tell the difference using the Duad system. (see article on Twins on site)

Harmonics (including the quintile, septile and novile aspects)

Age Harmonics and Daily Age Harmonics as forecasting and timing tools.

Midpoints – what they are and how to use them in the natal chart and in forecasting.Advanced Predictive Techniques, including:

– the use of Declinations,

– the Graphic Ephemeris,

– Midpoints,

– Tertiary and Minor Progressions,

– Vedic techniques, and

– Chinese techniques.

Enrol for tutoring

Private Tutoring via Skype is available in all the above areas.

Tutoring fee for a minimum of 6 sessions is $70 per one hour session.

One off tutoring is $140.00 per one hour.

Payable through Paypal.


Tutoring Fees