Allison DuBois

In my studies of the Vertex axis I have discovered that it describes access to other realities (see article on Vertex in the Vertex menu).

As psychics regularly visit a reality that is not considered normal in today’s world, I thought that perhaps the Vertex axis would feature in the charts of the psychics I know.

In studying the charts of these psychics I found a consistent theme of a planet conjunct the Vertex within 8 degrees, in parallel of declination, or within a degree aspect to the Vertex.

The Septile patterns give the ability to comprehend other realities (see article on septiles under ‘Aspect’ menu) , so a combination of a planet connected to the Vertex and a septile pattern or septile aspect to an angle in the chart shows up regularly (invariably) in the charts of Australian psychics I have studied. Interestingly, so does a prominent Mars.

Allison DuBois has the Moon conjunct Saturn in the 8th house. These are both conjunct the Vertex, with Saturn also parallel the Vertex, increasing the power of the Saturn conjunction. The South Node is parallel the Vertex. If you use Transneptunians, Hades is also conjunct the Vertex. Obviously this can clearly describe her work in detecting murderers and finding murder victims.
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Alison Dubois natal

As the Moon in the ruler of her Cancer Midheaven, its conjunction to Saturn-Vertex indicates that she uses this ability in her career and that she has a ‘destined’ career.

Venus, the ruler of the Taurus Vertex is in septile aspect to Mercury-IC, indicating her ability to communicate her skills (Mercury) and suggesting that her talents are inherited (IC).

Allison has the Sun conjunct the North Node and was born between a Solar Annular Eclipse on 16 January 1972 and a total lunar eclipse on 30 January 1972. The Sun conjunct either Node, particularly between eclipses, can give considerable psychic ability and a connection to spirits, ghosts, etc.

BUT the most fascinating thing about her chart is the enormous quintile pattern!

I have discovered that the biquintile in relationship to the Vertex axis frequently gives one of the ‘clair’ skills i.e. clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience etc. The quintile aspect itself is one of power (see article on quintiles under ‘Aspect’ menu)

So when I checked out Allison’s chart for this aspect my eyes nearly popped out of my head! Alison has perfect 5 point quintile star involving the Ascendant conjunct Uranus, quintile Jupiter in Sagittarius in 3rd, quintile Venus in Pisces in 5th (the ruler of the Vertex and the Ascendant), quintile the Vertex in Taurus in 8th, quintile South Node in Leo in 10th and back to Uranus-Ascendant! The Sun-North Node is quintile angular Mars and the antiVertex.
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Alison Dubois quintiles

What POWER this person has! It seems to me she has yet to reach the full extent of her abilities. No wonder psychics call her “special amongst the special”

Allison also has Uranus conjunct Ascendant opposing Mars conjunct Descendant and both square Mercury conjunct IC, a powerful angular, cardinal T square giving considerable drive – and a very sharp tongue at times!

Uranus is often prominent in the charts of psychics, suggesting that many access an electrical energy field of some kind. Allison has it conjunct her Ascendant.

Mars angular confirms the theme I have found that many psychics have a strong Mars.

On the date the TV show ‘Medium” based on Allison’s life and experiences went to air (3 January 2005), transiting Jupiter was conjunct natal Uranus and triggered the whole quintile 5 point star. Solar Arc Uranus was conjunct her natal antiVertex and Solar Arc Descendant was conjunct her natal Hades.

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