Birthday Harmonics

Most astrologers are interested in numerology

When we discovered harmonics we realised that the harmonics of aspects were likely to be important in some way.

E.g 360/5 = 72 = Quintile aspect = 5th harmonic, so the 5th harmonic chart could show how important our quintile aspects would be in our life.

This can be done for all aspects:

360/1 = 360 or 0 =                conjunction = 1st harmonic

360/2 = 180 =                        opposition =   2nd harmonic

360/3 = 120 =                        trine =            3rd harmonic

360/4 = 90 =                          square =        4th harmonic

360/5 = 72 =                          quintile =       5th harmonic

360/6 = 60 =                          sextile =         6th harmonic

360/7 = 51°25’ =                   septile =         7th harmonic

360/8 = 45 =                          semisquare = 8th harmonic

360/ 9 = 40 =                         novile =          9th harmonic

360/10 = 36 =                        decile =          10th harmonic

360/ 11 = 32°43’38” =          undecile =    11th harmonic

360/12 = 30 =                        quincunx =    12th harmonic

Unlike astrology, which studies the energies with which you were imprinted at your first breath, birth date numbers are ‘man made’.  They require  a man made calendar that can change throughout the centuries and throughout different cultures, so I wasn’t sure I could marry these numbers with astrology.

Still, I gave it a go and was somewhat surprised at the results.  I came to the conclusion that these numbers applied  to a harmonic chart could highlight very strong factors both within that chart and within the natal chart.

To illustrate here is birth date of the current President Elect of the USA, Barack Obama.

You can click the chart to enlarge it.

Barrack Obama parallax Moon

Barack Obama was born on the 4th August 1961 at 7.24 pm in Honolulu, Hawaii.  This is an AA rating from a sighted birth certificate.

As he was born on the 4th, the first harmonic we will study is the 4th harmonic.

The 4th harmonic is based on the square aspect so here is his aspect grid showing all his natal squares.

Barrack squares

And here is his 4th harmonic chart.  You can see how all these squares become conjunctions in this chart.

Barrack Obama 4th harmonic

You can see that the wider the orb of the square in the natal chart, the further apart is the conjunction in the 4th harmonic chart.

As the angles ‘float’ in a harmonic chart, the MC is not on the 10th cusp. Barrack Obama’s 4th harmonic MC is 25Scorpio50 in the 2nd house.

In the natal chart the Moon’s Nodes are in close square to the MC-IC and in this chart they are conjunct.

Obama has a Mercury-Jupiter opposition in his natal chart and they are conjunct in his 4th harmonic chart.  His Moon-Pluto square becomes a conjunction in this chart.

Libra rising in the 4th harmonic chart suggests he will like to present this harmonic tactfully and use negotiation skills to overcome blocks or problems.  This is further emphasised with 4th harmonic Venus conjunct 4th harmonic Descendant.

4th harmoinc Saturn on cusp of 10th house suggests a sense of responsibility and desire to organise.  The trine from Uranus suggests he will be able to do this well.

People who have natal angles and planets within a degree of Obama’s 4th harmonic chart will be very important to him.  They will bring a measure of tension with them (square) but also help him build strong foundations for the future (4). Interestingly, Oprah Winfrey has her natal Moon in the same sign and degree as Obama’s  4th harmonic Moon and she was a major influence and support in his campaign.  (29 January 1954, 7.51 pm, Koscuisko, Mississippi. )

The next step is to see if this harmonic has a ‘doorway’ into the natal chart.  A doorway is an exact aspect from a harmonic planet to a natal planet.  This enables the harmonic planet to function very effectively.

Barrack and 4th harmonic

The harmonic MC-IC is square natal Uranus, harmonic Moon is trine natal Sun and harmonic Jupiter is sextile natal Moon, so there are plenty of doorways to enable his 4th harmonic chart to work in a satisfactory way.

The harmonic Moon in square to natal Vertex axis suggests a public orientation and women being most important for his 4th harmonic destiny.

Transits as well as natal directions and progressions to his 4th harmonic chart will be prominent at important times in his life, particularly times that have required a lot of effort (squares).   For example, when he became President Elect at the time McCann conceded defeat  on 4th November 2008, 9.19 pm, Phoenix, Arizona, Obama had transiting Pluto square and transiting antiVertex quincunx 4th harmonic Pluto.  This is important because Pluto is the ruler of his natal Scorpio MC – the career point in chart.


The harmonic of the total numbers in the birthdate is even more powerful.  There are several ways to total a birthdate and as you will see each of these harmonics can be viable.

Obama’s birthdate can be totalled in this way:

4+8+1961 = 1973.  This will make 1973 a very important year in his life and you can do a harmonic chart for this number that will yield good results.

But we want to look at the double and base numbers so: 1+9+7+3 = 20.  The first harmonic chart we look at will be his 20th harmonic.

Barrack 20th harmonic

The 20th harmonic has Vertex conjunct Uranus in the 5th house and trine Jupiter-Pluto, giving unusual (Uranus) destined relationships (Vertex)  that can be very successful (Jupiter-Pluto).

People who have their natal planets within one degree of a conjunction to Obama’s 20th harmonic chart will have a powerful influence on him.

The birthdate can also be totalled in this way:  4+8+1+9+6+1 = 29

According to other ways of totalling a birthday 29 is the most powerful life path  number for Obama.   This will be his major lifetime harmonic so suggests that his 29th year was a most powerful year in his life.    29 can further be reduced to 2+9 =11.  This suggests that the 11th, 20th and 29th years of his life were powerful years that set his life path in motion.

Barrack 29th harmonic

At age 29, in spring 1991 Obama graduated magna cum laude from Harvard. This set the tone for a very successful life.

Jupiter  is conjunct MC , indicating a most successful year.

The Ascendant-antiVertex and Descendant-Vertex conjunction, indicates a ‘destiny’ associated with his physical appearance or persona as well as a partnership. 14°43’ is his Arabic Part of Success, so the Vertex-Descendant on that point is most propitious.

Mercury, the ruler of the 29th harmonic  MC was trine his natal Part of Kings and Sultans at 7°30’ Gemini.

People with natal planets, angles and house cusps conjunct Obama’s 29th harmonic chart will always  influence him.  Oprah Whitney’s natal Moon is conjunct Uranus in this harmonic chart.

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