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As I don’t have the actual time of the agreement to found the Liberal Party,  the chart above is for the time the Sun was exactly conjunct the MC on that day.

The Liberal Party of Australia was founded on October 16, 1944 after a three-day conference in Canberra. (started 13th October 1944) The conference was convened by Robert Menzies, the then leader of the United Australia Party (UAP).

Menzies sensed the need for a united political party offering an alternative to the Labor Government of the day and its socialist tendencies. In order to offer Australians a viable choice Menzies foresaw a political party based upon modern liberal political beliefs. Robert Menzies invited eighty delegates to meet in October 1944, a meeting often referred to as The Canberra Conference. The men and women present represented eighteen separate political and semi-political organisations who stood for “liberal, progressive policy” and were opposed to “socialism with its bureaucratic administration and restriction of personal freedom”. (Sept. 1944, Delegate Invitation to The Canberra Conference)

At the conference, the broad objectives for a new Party were adopted and it was agreed that a Federal Organisation would be established with a branch (now called a division) in each State.

The delegates were unanimous in their support for the name of the new united party. The Liberal Party would be, in Menzies words, a “progressive party, willing to make experiments, in no sense reactionary but believing in the individual, his rights and his enterprise [sic].” (Menzies, R. Afternoon Light 1967)

Federal Liberal Party

On the 14-16 December 1944, Non Labor people meet at Albury to form a new non-Labor Party – The Liberal Party of Australia.  The meeting formally agreed on the structure of the Party, adopted a provisional Federal constitution and appointed an interim Federal Executive. Only five years later, on December 10, 1949 the Liberal Party, in coalition with the Country Party, was elected to govern the country. Robert Menzies (later Sir Robert) served more than 16 consecutive years as Prime Minister, the longest period to date.

I don’t have the time when the Provisional Federal Constitution was agreed upon or when the interim Federal Executive was appointed.  I think the appointment of the Federal Executive would mark the correct time for this chart and this was likely to be on the last day of the Conference.

Here is the midday chart for the 16th December 1944.  There are strong connections to all of Australia’s charts.

Swearing In Chart:

*    The Moon is trine the Ascendant

*   Mars is conjunct the Vertex and Uranus

*   Chiron is trine the MC

*   Jupiter is square Jupiter

Commonwealth of Australia Chart

*   Neptune conjunct Ascendant

*   Sun is conjunct Jupiter

Birth of Australia

*   Venus conjunct Sun

*   Sun conjunct North Node

*   Jupiter square North Node


Note that when the Liberal Party won its first election on 10th December 1949, the Secondary Progressed Sun of this chart was conjunct the MC of the Birth of Australia chart. (See Australia’s Birth charts

Formal Announcement

The formation of the new Liberal Party of Australia was  formally announced to House of Representatives on 21 February 1945.  The Parliament convened at 3.00 pm and this was the 8th item on the Agenda.  I chose the  time  of 5:18:31 pm  for this chart because  the Ascendant is conjunct the IC  and the MC is conjunct the Moon of  Australia’s Swearing In chart.    As The Liberal Party has had very long periods of Government in Australia, it is highly likely that the angles of this chart would connect to placements in Australia’s chart.

In 2008-2009 transiting Neptune was square the MC of this chart and there were several leadership spills.   At the end of this transit, on the 1st Dec 2009,  John Abbott beat Turnbull to become leader.

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