Australian Federal Labor Caucus and Party

The Federal Labor Caucus  was officially formed at a meeting on 8th May 1901, Melbourne, Australia,   the day before Parliament sat for the first time.

I don’t have the exact time of the meeting so have done a midday chart.

The conjunction of Sun-Venus in the very stable sign of Taurus and this conjunction trine Saturn in its own sign shows the long duration and stability of this Caucus despite the occasional upheavals shown by the Uranus-Pluto opposition in mutable signs and Pluto quincunx Saturn.

This chart has a very clear political signature with Jupiter conjunct and parallel Saturn.  Jupiter and Saturn are the planets that describe the structure of a civilization, culture and society.  These two planets conjunct usually describe a person or organization who has a strong influence on these structures.

Mars in Leo is trine Australia’s Ascendant (see article on Australia’s natal chart).  Australia has Aries rising,  Mars is the ruler of Aries  so the Caucus Mars in trine to that Ascendant indicates that it can usually benefit this country.


The Federal Labor Party

As far as I can discover, the Federal Labor Party itself  was formed on the 31st December 1900, Sydney, in the evening –  the day before the Commonwealth of Australia became official.  I think the time was 6.55 pm, but can’t find where I got the source.

This chart also  shows considerable stability with the ruler of the Ascendant, the Moon, in stable Taurus and trine the steady and responsible Sun-Saturn conjunction.

The ruler of the MC, Mars, in Virgo suggests the ‘worker’ orientation of this Party.  This placement makes up a grand trine in Earth involving Sun-Saturn-Moon-Mars, with a midpoint structure of Moon = Mars/Saturn Sun/Mars!  Quite an intense configuration perhaps describing both how hard this Party fought for existence and the harsh persona it presents

Mercury-Jupiter in Sagittarius and trine MC also suggests both benefits and stability for this Party.  In the sixth house this perhaps represents the strong Union influence.

The beginning of this Party on the eve of the Commonwealth was followed by the first Australian elections on 28-29th March 1901.  As a prelude to the opening of the first Parliament on the 9th May 1901 in Melbourne, there was  meeting on the 7th May 1901 where it was decided to form the Caucus and then, the following day, the first official Caucus meeting where the positions were appointed.

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