Australia’s Birth Charts

There are three charts for Australia:  The Birth of Australia on 26th January 1788, at 5.23 am, Sydney Australia; the Birth of the Commonwealth of Australia on 1st January 1901,  12.00 am, Melbourne, Australia; the Inauguration chart of  the time of Swearing-In or Oath Taking of the Governor General, Prime Minister and members of Parliament on 1st January 1901  at 1.35 pm in Sydney, Australia.

Birth of Australia

This chart was researched by Australian Astrologer Ed Tamplin and his reasoning can be read here:    I am very satisfied that this is the correct chart for the time England declared possession of Australia as the Commonwealth charts strongly resonate to this one.    Jupiter conjunct the Vertex and trine Pluto indicated the success of the venture.

Birth of the Commonwealth of Australia

Constitution of the Commonwealth of Australia.

The Constitution was approved in referendums held over 1898–1900 by the people of  the Australian Colonies.  The approved draft was enacted as a section of the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act 1900 (Imp), an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom.

The Commission of Assent was signed by Queen Victoria on 9 July 1900, upon which the Constitution became law. This Constitution came into force on 1 January 1901, when Australia became a nation in its own right.

There is some debate as to whether the above chart should be set for midnight London, England, as that was the time that England formally released Australia.  However, from Australia’s point of view, the Constitution came into effect at midnight, Melbourne, Australia as at that time Melbourne was the acting capital of Australia,  so the above chart is calculated for this location.

Notice the strong connections to the Birth of Australia chart.

*  Pluto conjunct Jupiter and the Ascendant/MC midpoint

*  Jupiter conjunct the North Node

*  Mars conjunct the Moon

*  Neptune trine the MC

*  Saturn trine the MC

*  Mars conjunct the Vertex/Descendant midpoint

*  Sun semisquare Sun/Moon midpoint

Australia Inauguration Chart

The most important chart of them all as it shows the time of the Swearing In of the first Prime Minister of Australia and so describes the Government of Australia.  It is the equivalent of the POTUSA chart for the USA, which maps the time of the Oath taken by the first President of the USA.

I have thoroughly researched the origins of our country and the fascinating stories of the beginning of our Commonwealth. Australia was the first country to film the inauguration of the first Governor General, Prime Minister and Members of Parliament and that took place at the end of a joyous procession attended by over 250,000 people, delegates from all the other states (including Victoria) and delegates from other countries, in SYDNEY, Australia.

The celebration and Swearing-In Ceremonies had a very magical feel as there was a huge electrical storm that cleared up just before the procession started at 10.00 am and started again about 2.00 pm, just after all the ceremonies were complete.

I do not know why younger astrologers are ignoring the work of one of our best research astrologers, Gwen Stoney, who obtained the film of the event, actually timed the Swearing-In and then tested the chart using Cosmobiology techniques. She timed it at 1.35 pm on the 1st January 1901 in Sydney, Australia. She presented this evidence at the Sydney FAA Conference in 1980 and it has since been widely accepted as Australia’s chart.  This fully recorded evidence is irrefutable.

Re the erroneous information that Australia was ‘born’ in Melbourne.  There was no procession and no swearing in of any Governor General, Prime Minister or Members of Parliament in Melbourne at 1.25 pm on 1st January 1901. Nothing of any consequence happened then as Melbourne Members of Parliament were in Sydney being Sworn In at the time.  The only correct chart based in Melbourne, Victoria,  is the Birth of the Commonwealth of Australia chart above.

Melbourne had its big celebration at the Opening of Parliament ceremony on the 9th May 1901 in the Exhibition Building, Melbourne. Parliament was held in Melbourne until it moved to the new capital, Canberra, in 1927.

You can easily access information on these events via the Internet. There are a number of sources. These events are also fully documented in Canberra.

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