Conception charts via Pre-Natal Epoch

Finding the conception date from the birth date can be rather tricky.  A system called ”The Pre-natal Epoch’  or ‘The Truine of Hermes’ indicates that in an entirely natural birth there is an interchange between the Moon and Ascendant or Descendant of the birth and conception charts.  There is more to the system so I sugggest you read it by clicking the above link, but the basic Moon-Ascendant or Descendant connection is always there.

If the birth has not been entirely natural this correlation does not occur.  It will not occur at all if:-

  • the birth is ceasarean
  •  if the birth is induced
  • it may occur if the birth is assisted by forceps but the degrees will not be exact.

You also need to consider whether the person was conceived in the same place as they were born.  If they were conceived in another place there will be a small disparity between the two charts.

If you find what may be the correct conception chart using this method, then there are a few other factors you need to check.

1. Do the natal, progressed and/or directioned charts of the mother and father at the time of conception show this possibility? If it doesn’t then you have the wrong chart.  The connections are usually very specific with connections to the fifth houses and/or their rulers and/or planets in the fifth house.  The Ascendant-Descendant, nodal axis or Vertex axis of the parents are also activated by relevant transits, progressions and/or directions connected to the fifth house.

2.  Is there a connection between the Ascendant-Descendant or its duad of the parent to the Moon of the conception chart or its duad – or vice-versa?  If there is no connection, then you may have the wrong conception chart.  You can read more about duads here:

3. Does the Day Age Harmonic of the conception chart on the date of birth show the birth?  If it doesn’t then you have the wrong chart.  This is often shown by a Day Age Harmonic Uranus triggering the Ascendant-Descendant of the conception chart, but other planets can also be a trigger.  You can read more about Age Harmonics here:

If all of these criteria are met then it is likely that you have the correct conception chart.  You can check further by seeing if there are planet, sign, house or duad connections to other members of the family.

If the birth was medically assisted via ceasarean or induction many of the above factors will not be met so it is usually not possible to find the conception chart through the rules of The Pre-natal Epoch. In these cases, in a truly unscientific fashion, I have used the pendulum to find the conception date and time with some success.

In my observation, the correct conception chart responds to transits, progressions and directions just as well as the birth chart.

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