Daily Age Harmonics

SUB-RHYTHYMS:  Age Harmonics and their fractions:

The easiest way to calculate these is through an astrology program.  With Solar Fire v6 and v7 it is very simple:  Highlight the chart you want to use.  On the top left hand menu click Chart and then Harmonic/Transform.  Under ‘Chart Type to Generate’ click ‘Harmonic Age’ and on the left hand side key in the date, time and place of the event.  Then click OK and the calculated chart will appear.  The harmonic fraction being used will show under the name of the person.

For further clarity you can click the charts to enlarge them.

This is the most fascinating, wondrous way of using Age Harmonics.  It is so very accurate, to the point that you can refine your time of birth to the second if you have enough life events.

For example:  Prince Charles first son, William, was born on 21 June 1982.  Prince Charles would be living  his 33 harmonic that year as he was 33 years old.

Charle and 33rd harmonic

You can see big, destined events are at foot this year because the harmonic Vertex is conjunct the natal North Node and square  natal Ascendant.  (The Nodes always show in matters to do with family and the Vertex always shows in matters to do with relationships and destiny) .  The harmonic South Node is in the 5th house, in trine to the natal MC, again indicating a family matter involving children (5th house) with whom there may be a past life connection (South Node).

Now look what happens when we do an Age Harmonic for the exact date of Prince William’s birth.  The fraction is 33.59677.

Charles DAH William

The harmonic Sun is conjunct the natal Koch 5th house cusp.

The harmonic Vertex is conjunct natal IC

Harmonic IC and 5th cusp is conjunct natal MC

Harmonic Mercury (ruler of harmonic 7th cusp) is conjunct natal Uranus (ruler of natal 7th cusp).  Indicating the importance of his wife’s role in this event.

Harmonic Uranus and harmonic Vertex trine natal 5th house Vertex.

Harmonic North Node is sextile natal North Node.

Harmonic Neptune is quincunx harmonic Vertex (William has Neptune rising).

Now look what happens when you put together the Year Age Harmonic and the Daily Age Harmonic for a timer:

The Year Age Harmonic is the inside wheel, the Daily Age Harmonic is the outside wheel:

Charles 33 YAH DAH

The Ascendant of the Daily Age Harmonic chart is conjunct the Nodes of the Year Harmonic Chart—acting as an important timer for the event.

The MC of the Age Harmonic Chart is conjunct the Uranus of the Year Harmonic Chart—also a timing indication.

Though it is not illustrated here, the 11th cusp of the Age Harmonic chart is conjunct the Vertex of the Year Harmonic chart  – another timer (and also conjunct the IC of the natal chart).

Now look what happens when I put the Daily Age Harmonic of Prince Charles for his son’s birth around the natal chart of Prince William:  (click here to see the natal chart of  Prince William)

Charles DAH William natal(Click chart to enlarge it)

You can see that Prince Charles Age Harmonic Pluto is conjunct Prince William’s Ascendant.

Prince Charles Age Harmonic MC is conjunct Prince William’s Descendant.

Prince Charles Age Harmonic Ascendant is quincunx Prince William’s Node.

Prince Charles Age Harmonic Mercury is conjunct Prince William’s Sun.

Prince Charles Age Harmonic Node is conjunct Prince William’s Moon.

This indicates that  the Daily Age Harmonic of a parent’s chart might have quite a bit to do with the birth time of the child.


Age Harmonics are very specific—they work within one degree, and are often much closer than that.  Therefore, if an Age Harmonic conjunction to a natal planet or angle is over one degree, you don’t count it at all.

Age Harmonics move very quickly indeed, so often, if you adjust the natal chart by a couple of seconds, you can see everything fall into place.

For example;  In the previous chart you might have noticed that Age Harmonic Pluto was conjunct Prince William’s natal Ascendant and Age Harmonic MC was conjunct Prince William’s Descendant, BUT Pluto and IC were over one degree apart so you could not say that Prince Charles Daily Age Harmonic chart for the birth of his son had Pluto opposite MC.

However, It is possible that Daily Age Harmonic MC  is opposite Daily Age Harmonic Pluto as the birth of Charles’ first son was of great importance.  It consolidated his position of heir apparent and stabilized the inheritance line of the throne.  Prince Charles is also a “Pluto person” as he has Pluto rising and the Sun in Scorpio.

If you adjust Prince Charles’ time of birth by 3 SECONDS, you find that the Age Harmonic MC moves to 27 Gemini 29, opposite Age Harmonic Pluto and exactly conjunct Prince William’s Descendant.  The other angles’ measurements (as previously discussed) will still apply excepting Daily Age Harmonic IC, which has moved to oppose natal Neptune and Prince William’s Saturn.

Charles rectified DAH

The next step is to see if this adjustment works for  the dates of other important Age Harmonics.  If it does, you can confirm that Prince Charles was born at 9.14.03 pm.

The older you get, the faster your Age Harmonics move, so it is easy to see the correct time of birth if you are a mature person.  So lets check out this rectified time using the Daily Age Harmonic for the  marriage of Charles and Camilla, his second wife, on 9th April 2005. (click here to see her chart Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall As Charles was born at 9.14 pm and the marriage was in the morning of the 9th, we use the harmonic of 8th April – or we can use the harmonic of 9th April at the exact time of the marriage, in this case at approximately 12.45 pm, at Windsor.

Charles DAH CamillaI rather like this harmonic, particularly as the Ascendant is conjunct Charles’ Part of Marriage at 24Scorpio47! – and trine Camilla’s natal Sun at 23Cancer47.

The Ascendant was square Pluto the day before, and if you remember, the wedding was scheduled for the 8th but had to be deferred because the Pope died.

I also like the Vertex conjunct Mercury and trine Chiron.  Well aspected Chiron is frequently present in marriage charts.

The IC of this chart is square Charles’ natal MC-IC .

Here is Charles natal chart with the harmonic for his marriage to Camilla in the outside wheel:

Charles and Wedding harmonicThe harmonic Descendant on his natal Descendant is enough of a trigger, but the DAH MC on his natal Moon and the Sun-Neptune conjunction on his natal 2nd cusp are also valuable triggers.



Daily Age Harmonics move very fast, so they are always contacting Age Harmonic and natal planets and angles.  Therefore they need planetary transits to bring potential events into the outer world.  Usually, if there is no planetary transit(s) to an Age Harmonic Chart (which is also activating the natal chart), no event will happen.  The process will stay internal.  However, this is a “rule of thumb” as other forces can enable Daily Age Harmonics (which trigger the natal chart) to manifest as events.

“Outer world” cycles

Progressed Solar Returns and Lunar Returns can often make it possible for a Daily Age Harmonic to manifest during that period.  Planetary returns can also activate sensitive points to which Daily Age Harmonics respond .

Eclipses sensitise certain points in the chart that will manifest with events through Daily Age Harmonics.

Solar Arcs, Progressions, Progressed Moon etc

The Progressed Moon can be a particularly powerful point.  If the Progressed Moon is in exact aspect to a natal planet or angle,  a Daily Age Harmonic point (particularly an angle) moving over that point at the same time, will often trigger an event.

Solar Arcs are the Arc of the Sun for a specific age applied to the natal chart.  Because they are the arc of the Sun, they tend to be an active point in the chart.  If a Solar Arc is in exact aspect to a natal planet or angle, a Daily Age Harmonic moving over this point can activate an event.

Tertiary Progressions are also excellent timers so the same rule applies.  If a Tertiary Progression is in exact aspect to a natal planet or angle, and a Daily Age Harmonic activates that point, this can produce an event.


Solar Return:

Prince Charles SR for his marriage has an Ascendant for Windsor of 6Capricorn28.  This was activated by Daily Age Harmonic Venus at 6Capricorn  on the day of his marriage to Camilla.

The SR Saturn, ruler of the SR Ascendant, was in the SR 7th house at 27Capricorn18. This was activated by Daily Age Harmonic Saturn at 27Capricorn01.

SR North Node was at 2Taurus04 opposite SR Mars at 2Scorpio10.  This was activated by Daily Age Harmonic Uranus at 1Taurus58.

Progressed Solar Return Ascendant had moved to 23Leo48 conjunct 10th cusp of Daily Age Harmonic Chart.

Lunar Return:

LR Sun was at 22Pisces48 trine natal Sun at 22Scorpio25 and DAH Ascendant at 23Scorpio34.


Solar Arc:

You might have wondered about DAH Mars in Charles natal 7th house.  It wasn’t in aspect to anything, but it WAS in the 7th house.  Well, Solar Arc  Mars was 18Aquarius15 in natal 7th house.  This was triggered by DAH Mars at 17Aquarius28 and transiting Neptune at 17Aquarisu10.   A powerful “triple whammy”, suggesting that Charles has an important “energy point” at this degree.

Tertiary Progressions:

TP Ascendant was at 21Leo14.  DAH Pluto triggered that on the day of the wedding at 22Leo06.

Secondary Progressed Moon was at 21Taurus04 on the day of the wedding  DAH North Node was in trine to that point at 21Virgo44.

… and so on.


The best and quickest way to calculate Daily Age Harmonics is to purchase Solar Fire Deluxe.  All you have to do is put in the date of the event and the program will calculate the harmonic for you.

Solar Fire V5 and other good astrology programs have a section where you can easily calculate your Yearly Age Harmonic.  All you do is put in your age and the program will calculate it for you.

To calculate your Daily Age Harmonic with a calculator take the following steps.

  • Note the Julian Day of the event *
  • Note the Julian Day of your birth
  • Take away the Julian Day of your birth from the Julian Day of the event.
  • Divide this sum by 365.24220461 (the days in a tropical year)
  • This will give you a figure that is your Daily Age Harmonic for the event.
  • Enter this figure into the Harmonic section of your astrology program.  and click OK
  • Your Daily Age Harmonic chart for that event will appear.

* The Julian Day can be found in Solar Fire “Chart Analysis Report”. Right up the top JDE is Julian Day.

Example using Prince Charles marriage.

The Julian Day for his marriage on the 9th April 2005 was 2453469

The Julian Day for his birth was 2432870

Total     20599

Divide by 365.24220461 =   56.3982

Enter this figure into your Harmonics section to get the chart for that day.

Alternatively, multiply each angle and planet in your chart by this figure, and take off multiples of 360 until you get under 360.

You can then turn the remaining figure into zodiac sign and degree using the principle that 0°  = 0 Aries; 30° = 0 Taurus; 60° =  Gemini, and so on.

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