Determining the time of marriage from a Horoscope

Marriage is a 7th house matter so for marriage to occur  the 7th house cusp, planets in the 7th house or the ruler of the 7th house must be activated by transits, progressions, directions or Age Harmonics.

This activation can happen when you meet your future partner, when you get engaged or move in together and most particularly when you take your vows of marriage.

As the Ascendant describes you, in most cases the Ascendant or its ruler is also activated by a planet connected to the 7th house.

As the Moon’s nodes describe all types of family connections, these are usually strongly accentuated when you marry and/or meet your marriage partner.

The Vertex axis is frequently activated.

Arabic Parts

The Part of Marriage:  = Ascendant +cusp of 7th house – Venus;

Part of Marriage Women:  =  Ascendant + Venus – Saturn i.e. the position of Venus in the Saturn equilibrium chart;

or   Ascendant + Moon – Mars i.e. the position of the Moon in the Mars equilibrium chart;

The Part of marriage of Men: = Ascendant + Saturn – Venus i.e. the position of Saturn in the Venus equilibrium chart

are often activated when you get married.  These are frequently activated by the ruler of the 7th house or a planet who resides in the 7th house in the natal chart.

An excellent timer is the Part of Marriage Time (which is the same as the Part of Spirit):   Ascendant + Sun – Moon i.e. the position of the Sun in the Moon Equilibrium chart.

Saturn is involved because marriage is a long term commitment with responsibilities.

Prince Charles

To illustrate lets look at the chart of Prince Charles and his marriages to his first wife, Diana, and his second wife Camilla.

Prince Charles has 5Aquarius25 on the cusp of his 7th house.  The rulers of Aquarius are Saturn and Uranus, so we would expect to find these planets activated at the time of his marriages.

We can see that his marriages are likely to be ‘destined’ as he has one of the rulers of the 7th house, Uranus,   conjunct the antiVertex.  There are likely to be two or more marriages because Uranus is in Gemini  – a ‘multiple’ sign.

We can see that he will have pressures in his marriages which will require considerable adjustment as Saturn, the traditional ruler of the 7th house,  is quincunx the 7th cusp and Uranus, the modern ruler of the 7th house, is opposite Jupiter and quincunx Chiron.  The Moon’s Nodes in square to the 7th cusp also show tension connected to marriage.

Charles Part of Marriage is 24Scorpio27’; his Part of Marriage of Men is 25Gemini18; his Part of Marriage timer is 27Aquarius25.

Marriage to Diana

Charles married Lady Diana Spencer on the 29th July 1981 at 11.20 am , London, England.  This is the marriage chart.

There are a couple of markers of marriage here:

  • Jupiter and Saturn are trine Charles Descendant.  As Saturn is ruler of his natal 7th cusp, this is a particularly strong marker.
  • Venus is conjunct Charles natal Saturn, ruler of his 7th house.
  • Neptune is conjunct Charles Vertex, indicating a matter of destiny is in play.

Primary Directions

I am using the Van Dam Primary Directions

The Primary Directions show a couple of factors:

  • Uranus, the modern ruler of his natal and directed 7th cusp, is quincunx the  7th cusp.  The quincunx aspect often shows at times of change and adjustment, so this describes the change in his life through marriage.
  • The 7th cusp is conjunct the natal Part of Marriage Time
  • The Sun is opposite the natal Part of Marriage of Men
  • The Midheaven is quincunx Charles natal Venus in Libra – again indicating a time of change that influenced his career.
  • The Moon is quincunx the natal South Node – perhaps indicating a relationship from a past life

The Secondary Progressed Chart also has the Descendant conjunct the Part of Marriage Time.

Charles  Tertiary Progressed Chart

Charles natal Chart on Inside Wheel; Tertiary Progressed Chart on Outside Wheel

Tertiary Progressions are often good timers for events.

  • The Sun, ruler of Charles Ascendant, is conjunct the Descendant.  This certainly indicates a prominent time as the Sun is angular.  The prominence would be to do with marriage, partnership or the public as the Sun is conjunct the 7th cusp.
  • The IC and Part of Fortune are conjunct Charles natal Vertex, indicating an important moment of destiny.
  • The Moon is conjunct the Mean North Node at 3Taurus56.  This suggests an important period for matters to do with family.  As the Moon is involved it suggests women and the family.  A Moon-Node conjunction often describes an association with a woman.
  • The MC is conjunct the Part of Marriage of Men and the Descendant is trine the Part of Marriage.

Charles and Camilla Marriage

Camilla Parker-Bowles was a long time mistress of Prince Charles.  She was unable to marry him as she was not a virgin when they met and in fact had quite a reputation!  However, they loved each other a great deal.  When Charles married Diana she faded into the background, but when this marriage was in trouble she came to the fore again.

After Charles and Diana divorced Charles prevailed on the Queen to allow him to marry Camilla, and eventually the Queen agreed.

This is their marriage chart.

  • The angles of this chart echo Charles natal angles, suggesting this event feels very right.
  • Mars, the ruler of the MC, is in  the 7th house, suggesting an achievement in partnership or marriage.
  • Jupiter is conjunct the Libra IC,  indicating happiness in the home through marriage (Libra).
  • Venus is conjunct the North Node – a lovely configuration for marriage.
  • Pluto, in addition to conjoining the Vertex is opposite his natal Part of Marriage of Men.  Pluto conjunct Vertex suggests an intense, destined event.  As Pluto is ruler of Charles Scorpio Sun, this is an important configuration.
  • Ceres is conjunct his natal Part of Marriage.

In the Secondary Progressed Chart for 9th April 2005, the Vertex is trine his Part of Marriage of Men and square his Part of Marriage.

In Solar Arc Directions Jupiter is conjunct his Part of Marriage time, and Uranus, the ruler of the 7th cusp, is opposite.

In Van Dam Primaries, Uranus is conjunct natal Pluto

… and so on.

Daily Age Harmonics

This is a very accurate system of timing.  You can read more about it on my site under the Harmonics section. Daily Age Harmonics

Here is Charles Daily Age Harmonics (DAH) for the date of his marriage to Camilla

This chart has several notable configurations:

  • The DAH Descendant is 5Aquarius22, conjunct Charles natal Descendant.
  • Venus, the ruler of the DAH Descendant, is conjunct DAH Moon
  • Uranus, the ruler of the natal Descendant, is conjunct DAH Midheaven and both are conjunct natal Moon.
  • The Ascendant is conjunct natal Part of Marriage
  • The Sun-Neptune conjunction is just outside a degree orb to his Part of Marriage time.  Interestingly, Charles wanted the marriage to be the previous day, but the Pope’s funeral made this impossible.  If it had been on the 8th, then the Sun would have been in exact opposition to the Part of Marriage time.
  • The Sun-Neptune conjunction conjoins Charles Koch 2nd house cusp.  If you have the correct house system, house cusps are often activated at the time of important events in the life.

I have used several methods of prediction to illustrate how this works.  Usually something as important as marriage is shown in almost all methods, but very often one particular method is dominant.  I have found that if you have an exact time of birth Age Harmonics and Primary directions are very accurate indicators.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman November 2010

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