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The Part of Fortune, Part of Spirit and all Arabic Parts are derived from


The Part of Fortune is in the degree, sign and house where the Moon would be if the degree of the Sun was the Ascendant degree

the Part of Spirit is the degree, sign and house where the Sun would be if the Moon degree was on the Ascendant.

To illustrate lets look at the chart of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

You can see that his Part of Fortune is at 8 degrees 52 minutes of Sagittarius in the 10th house, so we know that he gains from career and administrative areas (10th house) and as it is in Sagittarius he will benefit from activity and leadership.

To hand calculate following the formula for the Part of Fortune (Ascendant + Moon – Sun) we get 318.03 + 63. 21 = 381.24 – 132.33 = 248.51, which, as 240 is 0 Sagittarius, equals 8 degrees 51 minutes of Sagittarius.

Solar Equilibrium Chart

But if we calculate the Solar Equilibrium Chart, where we put the Sun at the same sign and degree of the Ascendant and adjust all the other planets accordingly we get this:

The inner wheel is Barack Obama’s natal chart and the outer wheel is his Solar Equilibrium chart.

You can easily see that the Sun is on the Ascendant sign and degree and that the Moon is in exactly the same place as the Part of Fortune.  This is because the Part of Fortune is the position of the Moon in the Solar Equilibrium chart.

The position of all the other planets in the outer wheel are also various Parts. e.g. the position of Venus  in this chart is the Part of  Marriage of Men (Ascendant + Venus – Sun), in Obama’s chart this is 7 degrees 18 minutes of Capricorn in his natal 11th house.

The position of Mars is the Part of Conquest (Ascendant + Mars – Sun), in Obama’s case this is at 28 degrees 05 minutes of Pisces in his natal 2nd house.  Interestingly, when he accepted the Democratic Party’s nomination for him to run for President (28 August 2008, 8.4.44 pm, Denver Invesco Field CO)  the antiVertex was conjunct this Part, Venus was opposite and Pluto was square.  When McCain acknowledged defeat (4 Nov 2008, 9.19pm, Phoenix, Arizona)  the MC was conjunct the Part and the Vertex was trine.

All Parts that have minus Sun in their formula are derived from the Solar Equilibrium chart.

Lunar Equilibrium Chart

All Parts that have minus Moon in their formula are derived from the Lunar Equilibrium Chart.

(click chart to enlarge)  Barrack Obama’s natal chart is the inside wheel and the Lunar Equilibrium chart is the outside wheel.

You can see that the Sun in this chart is at 27 degrees 15 minutes of Aries.  This is the Part of Spirit – and if you work out the Part of Spirit formula of Ascendant + Sun – Moon, you will see that this is so.

The placement of all the other planets in the outer wheel describe lunar parts :-  So, from a man’s point of view the  Part of Intercourse is the position of Mars in the Lunar Equilibrium chart and follows the formula of Ascendant + Mars -Moon.  In Obama’s case this position is 7 degrees 16 minutes of Gemini in his fourth house.

All other planets have their own Equilibrium charts, so any formula that has minus Mercury in it describes the position of a planet in the Mercury Equilibrium chart .. and so on.

Fame and the Public

There is quite a bit more you can do with these charts.  The Sun rules prominence and fame, so any planet or angle in the solar equilibrium chart that is conjunct a natal planet or angle will give the possibility of fame whenever this point is triggered by transits, progressions or directions.   Obama has two strong points – Solar equilibrium MC is conjunct natal Moon and Solar equilibrium Pluto is conjunct natal antiVertex.

The lunar equilibrium chart shows the ability to connect with the public, so if you are a public figure the connection with Lunar equilibrium planets to the natal chart is very important.  Obama has Lunar equilibrium Vertex axis straddling his natal MC-IC axis and Lunar Equilibrium MC conjunct his natal Sun.  Every time these positions are triggered by transits, progressions or directions there would be a strong connection to the public.

I would suggest that to observe the accuracy of this system you calculate and keep on hand your equilibrium charts – at the very least your Solar and Lunar equilibrium charts.

Calculating Equilibrium charts

on Solar Fire this is quite easy:

highlight the chart you want and then go to the Chart Menu – Edit – Copy and Edit Chart.  Make sure the house system is Equal house and then click OK.

Bring up a biwheel and place the copied chart in the inner wheel and the original chart in the outer wheel.

Right click mouse, then choose Multiwheel Superimposition.  Under Superimposition type choose ‘By exact position of selected Points’  and then, under Superimposition Point choose the Sun (or the Moon or any planet for which you want to create an Equilibrium chart).   Then click ‘Display Superimposition positions’ and then OK.   The calculated chart will appear on your screen.

I first read of Equilibrium charts in my favourite book on the Lots “The Fortunes of Astrology” by Robert Hurzt Granite and have worked with them ever since.

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