James Van Praagh

I have researched the charts of psychics, both private and public, for a fair while and have discovered a couple of factors that are consistent.

1.  The Vertex axis is always accentuated.

The Vertex axis is the “doorway to other realities” (see my articles on the Vertex axis ) and naturally would be emphasized in the charts of those who consistently deal with other realities, including the psychic worlds.

James has his Vertex in the 8th house, indicating a possible involvement with those who are dying or have died.

The Vertex is in Leo, indicating an ability to present this involvement dramatically or in a showmanship type of way.

Venus, the ruler of the MC (career) is conjunct the Vertex, indicating he uses this ability in his career and has a destined career.

The Vertex has been called the electrical axis of the chart.  It is conjunct Uranus, the planet that rules electricity.  This conjunction can give most unusual and astonishing experiences and in the 8th house these can be connected to the world after death.

Personally I think the abilities James manifests require a huge amount of energy.  Uranus conjunct Vertex would give a considerable amount of electrical energy.  Electrical energy has often been noted around people who manifest unusual abilities.

2.  For a public psychic the quintile aspect series is usually prominent.

The quintile series of aspects connected to the Vertex axis give the ability to powerfully express these types of abilities.  James has his Uranus-Vertex conjunction quintile the MC.  This is further enhanced by Uranus being the ruler of the antiVertex.

He has the rising Moon biquintile Mars, the ruler of his IC, again giving the ability to powerfully present his skills.

3.  The septile series aspects often shown psychic ability

The septile series of aspects tend to give a considerable interest in realities other than the norm, so frequently show up in the charts of psychics, researchers, explorers, scientists, astrologers .. and any area that requires this facility.  As the Vertex axis describes the doorway to other realities and the septile series give an interest in other realities these two fit together very nicely.

James has very powerful Mars 5th-Pluto 8th-MC-North Node septile pattern enabling him to present these skills in a career.  Pluto in the 8th house conjunct the Sun suggests these skills can be connected to death and the afterworld.

An adoring public

James has a large public following.  This is indicated by theMoon rising in applying sextile to Jupiter, sextile MC-Node.  Moon in harmonious aspect to its nodal axis often gives the ability to connect well to the public.  Moon rising gives the public touch. In James case it gives a particular magnetism because it is in applying trine to Sun-Pluto.


It is a ‘destined’ career because the ruler of the MC is conjunct the Vertex.

He has his MC conjunct North Node and both conjunct the fixed star Spica!  A truly brilliant combination.

Jupiter, the ruler of the 12th house, conjunct and parallel MC suggests benefits from psychic work and institutions.  Jupiter conjunct MC often gives a successful career.


Moon rising gives that public touch.  The ruler of the 3rd house in the 10th and conjunct-parallel MC is an excellent combination for a writer.    Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Genius.

Mercury, the ruler of the 9th house (publishing),  conjunct Regulus and rising Moon in applying trine enabled him to get published and helped sell the books.

Further comments:

He has Saturn, the ruler of his Ascendant, retrograde  in the 12th house in quincunx to Mars in the 5th house.

Saturn retrograde usually gives an inward quality.  People with this position tend to build internal structures rather than rely on the external structures of their culture.

The Ascendant ruler in the 12th house will give access to the unconscious mind.  People with this placement often have very strong dreams and some have psychic abilities.

The quincunx often gives a wacky sense of humour!

As Mars is ruler of the 4th house I would think that James has some pressures connected to a parent. The quincunx to retrograde Saturn suggests that these pressures drove him inward and set in motion the desire and ability to trust his own structures, his own nature and skills, rather than rely on others perceptions of the world.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman June 2010

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