Noviles are derived from dividing 360° by 9 = 40 degrees.  Multiples of this give:  bi-novile = 80°; tri-novile = 120°; quad-novile = 160°; quin-novile = 200°; sen-novile = 240°; sept-novile = 280° and oct-novile = 320°.  This makes up a nine point star.

The ‘novile’ degrees of the zodiac taken from 0 Aries are:  10 Taurus; 20 Gemini; 0 Leo; 10 Virgo; 20 Libra; 0 Sagittarius;  10 Capricorn; 20 Aquarius.  People with these degrees prominent carry the novile energy regardless of whether they have a novile pattern or not.

Noviles always describe an initiation and in a natal chart describes the initiations to be undertaken this lifetime.  The level of intensity is described by the planets and signs involved in the novile aspect or pattern.  E.g. if a person has Moon novile Pluto, then the level of emotional intensity will be very high.

If novile aspects are connected in a novile pattern it suggests that this lifetime is part of a series of initiations that to some degree or another have been successful.  If the novile pattern involves a trine this suggests that the trine (indication of a successful initiation) enables the person to succeed with the other planets involved in the pattern.

Initiations that have been successful tend to give very pleasant results, so the novile series of aspects have developed a rather nice reputation.  However, I think that the quad-novile (160°) can be an indication of a very testing initiation connected to the planets and houses involved.  This is particularly the case if there is a quad-novile arrow of two planets in a 40° aspect and both making a quad-novile aspect to a third planet.  In this case the point of the arrow is the crucial planet and will require considerable awareness and skill.

Albert Einstein had a quadnovile aspect from the Moon to Pluto which was the ruler of his Scorpio Vertex and conjunction the antiVertex.   This indicates a destined plutonian initiation that would have a powerful emotional effect.  Notice that his Moon, in addition to being the ruler of his Ascendant,  is involved in quintile, septile and novile aspects, so carries a great deal of energy.  It is also out-of-bounds, indicating the ability to think outside the box.

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Albert Einstein noviles

His first major emotional initiation was at age 20, when Solar Arc Pluto moved to oppose natal Moon.  He married his wife Mileva Maric in 1900 so this initiation would be described by meeting and marrying Mileva.  She was an absolutely brilliant scientist and mathematician and is now credited with having formulated the Special Theory of Relativity as well as other ideas commonly attributed to Einstein, yet he treated her like a slave.  He is notorious for the appalling memorandum of 1914 which lead to Mileva and his children leaving him.

His marriage was dissolved in 1919, when he was 40 and Solar Arc Moon had moved to trine natal Pluto.

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