Point of Thales

This planetary pattern consists of an opposition with a trine and sextile from another planet.

In astrology this is an excellent configuration for the following reasons:

The opposition (180 degrees) can indicate tension with another, usually your marriage or business partner, sometimes a consultant or counselor, sometimes a rival; in fact anyone with whom you have a one to one focus.  The aim is learn to negotiate with this person so as to be able to associate in a co-operative and mutually beneficial way.  However the tensions generated by the opposition can make this quite difficult.

A trine (120 degrees) is an energy that is easy flowing and usually very harmonious.  In relation to an opposition it can describe an inherent talent or ability that enables you to sort out the tensions engendered by the opposition and turn them into assets.

The sextile (60 degrees) is an aspect that gives skill in communication and networking.  In relation to an opposition it gives the ability to explain what causes tension and discuss ways to resolve problems.

The planet that is the focus of the sextile and trine is the Point of Thales planet.    It is a great asset in enabling you to use your opposition in a balanced, co-operative way that benefits all parties.

Therefore the Point of Thales pattern in astrology can describe an excellent negotiator, or someone who is able to solve disputes and disagreements harmoniously.

To illustrate I have chosen the chart of a master negotiator, Ralph Nader. (click to see natal chart of  Ralph Nader) You can learn more about his life here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ralph_Nader

His is a particularly apt chart as he felt his role in life was to expose business and government corruption and negotiate a much fairer and just approach in these areas.

The two rulers of his Aquarian Ascendant, Saturn and Uranus, are involved in a Point of Thales pattern with Jupiter, the planet of justice, in the sign of Libra, the sign of balance and fairness.   Both Saturn and Uranus are in aspect to the Midheaven, indicating he would use this pattern in his career.

Jupiter and Saturn are the two planets that are connected to the structures of a society or culture and in harmonious aspect indicate that your society will accept you and listen to you in matters to do with government, business or any form of structure that affects the culture.  Nader has these two planets in a close trine indicating that he had the best form of this ability.

The desire to make the changes to unjust laws is shown by the Jupiter-Uranus opposition in the 9th-3rd houses.   The conflict with the establishment (Jupiter) this caused has been well documented.   Interestingly he started activating his Uranus in Aries in the 3rd house when he first criticized the automobile industry in an article he wrote for The Nation in 1959 called “The Safe Car You Can’t Buy.”

Uranus in aspect to Saturn can often show a strong desire to make changes in an organization and in harmonious aspect this can usually be implemented without too much trouble.  The sextile between these two planets indicated his persuasiveness through his writing and speeches.

The very strong Saturn in its own sign in sextile to its ruler Uranus and trine to Jupiter, is the point where the negotiations take place, the Point of Thales.   In Nader’s chart,  Saturn is the planet that effectively enables Uranus to make the changes, Jupiter to improve the laws and a better form of justice prevail.

Event charts

In an event chart a planet in trine to one point of the opposition and sextile to another can describe a person who gets on well with both parties in a dispute and helps negotiate a fair and equitable arrangement.

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