President of the USA (POTUSA) Daily Age Harmonic Twin Towers

Daily Age Harmonics (DAH)  will determine if the chart for a nation is the correct one, because if it is there will be relevant Daily Age Harmonic connections to both the DAH and natal chart for an event.  If it is not, then the connections will not be there.

For matters to do with the President and Government of the USA I find the Inauguration or POTUS chart, when the first President, George Washington, took his Oath to be very accurate.  This chart is for the 30th April 1789 at 12.45 pm, New York, NY.

Daily Age Harmonics for 11th September 2001

When I check the Daily Age Harmonics for the  POTUS chart for 11th September 2001 and adjust the time to 12.45.07 pm I get:

* DAH MC at 15 Taurus03 square DAH Uranus at 15Leo47 and both in 8th harmonic aspect to DAH Saturn which is at 0 Libra 58 on the world axis and opposite the POTUS Part of Danger and Peril.

* DAH MC = POTUS Uranus/Ascendant (sudden event)

* DAH IC conjunct POTUS antiVertex (destined?)

* DAH Descendant (open enemies) square POTUS MC (Government and President).

* DAH Sun = POTUS Pluto/South Node

Interestingly the DAH Moon was conjunct the POTUS Part of Fame and Recognition! Also conjunct Jupiter – which expands. I don’t think there has ever been an event that received more publicity.

These very relevant harmonics are enough to convince me to use the POTUS chart for the time of 12:45:07 pm for much of my work on the USA.

Here is a link to learn more about Age Harmonics.  Here is a link to learn more about Arabic Parts

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