Prince William’s Age Harmonics for his Wedding

Sub Rhythms

The Daily Age Harmonics

This is the most fascinating, wondrous way of using Age Harmonics.

It is so very accurate to the point that you can refine your time of birth to the second if you have enough life events.

Daily Age Harmonics are calculated for the exact day of an event.

The Daily Age Harmonic chart will always trigger the angles of the natal chart and/or the Daily Age Harmonic chart at the time of important events in the life.

Daily Age Harmonic charts can be read as stand alone charts but they are particularly effective when compared to the radix or Year Harmonic charts.

To illustrate, lets look at  the Yearly and Daily Age Harmonic chart for Prince William on his Wedding Day of 29th April 2011.  (click name to see natal chart)

Factors to consider in marriage with any form of prediction:

  • Planets in the 7th house—Sun, Moon, North Node
  • Ruler of the 7th house—Mercury
  • 7th house cusp
  • Moon’s Nodes
  • Vertex axis
  • Venus and Libra
  • Parts of Marriage  (Ascendant + Venus—Jupiter)  (Ascendant + cusp of 7th—Venus)
  • Parts of Marriage of Men (Ascendant  + Venus—Saturn) (Ascendant + Venus –Sun)
  • Part of Marriage Time (Ascendant + Moon—Sun)


Year Age Harmonic

Factors to consider:

  • 4 planets in the 7th house
  • The ruler of the 7th house in the 7th
  • Jupiter in the 7th house trine North Node.
  • The Moon, ruler of the 7th house, quincunx Part of Marriage of Men (4Pisces35)
  • Uranus opposite Part of Marriage (11Cancer52) and quincunx Mercury in 7th.
  • Libra MC

Year Age Harmonic with natal chart

In this chart you can see some very strong and exact triggers:

  • Age Harmonic Mercury is conjunct natal Vertex, indicating a time of destiny.  As Mercury is ruler of the 7th house, this is a time of destiny connected to marriage.
  • Age Harmonic Uranus is quincunx natal Vertex and Age Harmonic Mercury. The quincunx shows in anything to do with change in the life;
  • Age Harmonic North Node is square natal North Node in the 7th house.  The Moon’s Nodes are almost always involved in marriage as the Nodes describe associations and family matters.
  • Age Harmonic MC is conjunct natal Mars in Libra.
  • Age Harmonic Mars is quincunx Age Harmonic Chiron in natal 7th house.   The Magi astrologers connect Chiron to marriage so this fits very well.

Day Age Harmonic


There are several exact triggers in this chart:

  • Neptune, the ruler of the 7th house, is conjunct the North Node in Cancer in the 11th house.  This is quite fitting for a public  and very sociable wedding.
  • Jupiter, the traditional ruler of the 7th house, is conjunct Ceres – the Queen!  In the 6th house, perhaps a commoner being elevated to a Princess and possibly a Queen.
  • The MC is opposite Mercury, the ruler of the natal 7th house.
  • Pluto is trine MC, describing the global impact of this event and the powerful people attending the wedding.
  • Pluto is sextile Mercury, the ruler of the natal 7th house.
  • Mars is trine Prince William’s natal Part of Marriage at 29 Capricorn.

Day Age Harmonic with natal chart

The number of exact triggers of the Daily Age Harmonic to natal are amazing:

  • DAH Mercury, the ruler of the natal 7th house, is conjunct natal Mars
  • DAH Descendant is square natal Moon in the 7th house
  • DAH AntiVertex is square natal Moon in the 7th house
  • DAH Ascendant is square natal Mercury, ruler of natal 7th house
  • DAH Neptune-Node, in the natal 7th house, is quincunx natal antiVertex
  • DAH Ceres is conjunct natal antiVertex
  • DAH Vertex is conjunct natal Jupiter and trine natal Sun in the 7th house
  • DAH Moon is conjunct natal Pluto
  • DAH Saturn (duty) is conjunct natal Uranus and quincunx natal 7th house Sun.
  • DAH Part of Fortune is conjunct natal South Node

So we know Prince William has a very close to exact time of birth because of all the angles, including the Vertex axis, being activated by the Daily Age Harmonic, and particularly by factors related to the 7th house.    If his time of birth was out by even half a minute, this would not occur.

Relationship Harmonics

In an event like a marriage or association of any kind, the Age Harmonic of one person usually triggers the natal chart of the other.

To Illustrate I will use the birthdate of the now Duchess of Cambridge,  neé Kate Middleton, born on  9th January 1982 in Reading, UK.

We don’t have her birth time as yet.  Speculative times are for 11.15 am and 11.33 pm, but there is no proof for either  time.  The 11.15 am time responds well  to various forms of prediction.

For convenience I will use the time she took her marriage vows at 11.20 am for her natal chart and compare her Age Harmonics  for the marriage on 29th April 2011 to Prince William’s natal chart.

Catherine Middleton’s 29th year age harmonic with Prince William’s natal chart on inside.

Even without a correct time of birth for Catherine (so we can’t consider the angles or the Moon in this harmonic), there are a number of quite powerful connections:

  • Catherine’s harmonic Jupiter is in  trine to William’s Part of Marriage at 29 Capricorn.
  • Catherine’s harmonic Uranus is conjunct and her harmonic Mars is square William’s Jupiter – perhaps describing the tension leading up to the marriage, but also describing the enormous change in tradition.
  • Catherine’s harmonic Saturn in William’s natal 7th house in trine to his natal MC.  If Catherine’s natal Saturn is in her natal 7th house this fits very nicely.
  • Catherine’s harmonic Venus conjunct William’s Part of Fortune.

If Catherine was born a few minutes earlier, her harmonic Moon would be conjunct William’s natal Vertex — and this seems very likely.

Prince William with Catherine’s Daily Age Harmonic for Wedding

Even without her time of birth, Catherine’s exact Daily Age Harmonic connections with Prince William’s natal chart are numerous.

The connections to William’s natal 7th house Moon are very pronounced:

  • Catherine’s DAH Sun is square
  • Her DAH Venus is square
  • Her DAH Jupiter is quincunx
  • Her DAH Saturn is sextile.

In addition:

  • Catherine’s DAH Neptune is quincunx William’s natal Mercury, the ruler of his natal 7th house
  • Her DAH Uranus is conjunct William’s natal South Node
  • Her DAH North Node is conjunct William’s 5th house Chiron
  • Her DAH Pluto is conjunct William’s Part of Marriage
  • Her DAH Mars is square William’s Ascendant-Descendant


The Daily Age Harmonic charts move so quickly that these connections could only be there for a day or two, so if the time of birth is inaccurate there are no connections to angles, or often the Moon.  We know we have the correct time for Prince William because it was carefully recorded and the Age Harmonic charts confirm it.

I hope I have amply demonstrated just how accurate harmonic charts are and how effective they can be for prediction, timing and rectification.

(c) Copyright Alice Portman May 2011

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