Saturn Cycles in the Natal Chart

Saturn conjunct Ascendant  to Saturn conjunct IC

This starts a period of developing inner awareness and understanding of yourself.

It is rarely a time when you are active in the outer world as the natural inclination is to withdraw. There is usually a desire for privacy and enjoyment of quieter pursuits.

It is a period where you build internal structures particularly in:-

Your body and environment when Saturn transits your Ascendant and first house.

Your money and personal self-esteem when Saturn transits your 2nd house

Your communicative abilities and an area of study and learning when Saturn transits your 3rd house.

Interestingly, if  you live far from your place of birth, when Saturn transits your Ascendant you are often drawn back to your homeland.

Saturn conjunct the IC to Saturn conjunct Descendant

This starts a period where you begin developing creative expression.   You are a little more outgoing, but still find privacy desirable.

When Saturn transits the 4th house you set down your roots and pay attention to matters connected to home and property.  There may also be duties connected to a parent.

When Saturn transits the 5th house you develop basic structures or further develop skills  in creative or sporting areas.  Responsibilities connect to children become important.

When Saturn transits the 6th house you develop an understanding of your body’s health structures and what it needs to maintain them.  You can also develop technical skills.

Saturn conjunct the Descendant to Saturn conjunct the MC

This starts a period where you become more outgoing and are usually eager to offer your skills to the world.

As Saturn transits the 7th house you build relationships and partnerships of all kinds.

As Saturn transits the 8th house you learn to deal with other’s resources – this is  a period where there is often considerable interaction with banks, government agencies and resources  of funding or assistance.  It is also a time when you are able to effectively do research in your field.

As Saturn transits the 9th house you will communicate the knowledge you have gained and desire to develop even higher levels of skill.  This is often a time when you attend university or study a subject that gives you insight into higher levels of awareness.  You can present the results of the research you undertook when Saturn was transiting the 8th house.

Saturn conjunct MC to Saturn conjunct Ascendant

This is the period of life where you peak.  Achievements and rewards from a life well built during previous Saturn cycles can occur.  It can also bring a wipe out and the need to start all over again if your structures were poorly built.

As Saturn transits the 10th house there is considerable emphasis on career.

As Saturn transits the 11th house friendships, social causes and other forms of important contacts are emphasized.  This is a time you can form long term associations.

As Saturn transits the 12th house you develop an inner wisdom from the experiences of the past 28 years.  You may have quite a bit to do with institutions and spiritual organizations.

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