Saturn cycles with natal Saturn

The method described in ‘Saturn cycles with a planet’ is very clearly seen in Saturn cycles with natal Saturn  This is a natural development cycle that influences all human beings.

First experience of Saturn in waxing square with itself

happens around the age of 6-9 and indicates the development of the discriminating mind.  This period helps you discern the differences in your life and that of others and the differences between yourself and others.  As a result there is often a period of questioning about your family, teachers and general life structure.

At this age you often realize that some of the things you are being taught don’t make sense, but because you are a child and dependent upon the adults in your life, you put aside your thoughts until you are older.

If you are taught that people of different religions, skin color, educational standard etc., are inferior or enemies it is a time where prejudices can be accepted as fact.  These prejudices can be most difficult to change later in your life.

First experience of Saturn in opposition to natal Saturn

This occurs around the age of 14-15. It is usually a time of socialization and rebellion.  Teenagers tend to discard their parent’s guidance and opinion and turn to their peer group for acceptance.  At times this can be dangerous as unhappy children tend to run away from home and consequently are at risk from predators.  Children of this age will also experiment with alcohol, drugs and sex as they do not have enough life experience to realize the long term harm it can produce.

On a positive level this is the time where you learn and practice the art of relating to others.  You learn what you personally desire in a relationship and learn about the effect you can have on other people.  Social interaction and the acceptance of your peers  are all important.

First experience of Saturn in waning or upper square to itself

This usually occurs around the age of 21-22.  This starts the period of ‘practicing adulthood’.  It describes the time where you have enough life experience to make decisions for yourself and to start effectively functioning in the adult world.

The natural rebellion that first occurs at 14-15 starts to settle down as you realize that you want to fit into society as a whole, not just relate to your peer group.

You wish to build a career and/or life path that experience has told you will bring benefits.

As the period between 22-29 is a period of practicing to be a adult, if you make mistakes there are usually a number of full adults who will help you resolve problems or help you solve the results of back decisions.

First Saturn return

Occurs between the age of 29-30.  This is the period where you become a full adult.

At age 27 on your first Secondary progressed Moon conjunct natal Moon, about two years before your Saturn return,  your unconscious starts a natural process of looking back over your whole life.  This is to assess what has worked in your life and should be kept for your adult years and what has brought unhappiness and difficulty and should be discarded.

If the unconscious has any problems with these decisions,  over the period between 27-29.5  it will bring people, places and situations into the current life that in some way echo difficulties that occurred during childhood programing.  You will replay these situations to sort out what you really want in life.

From decisions made during this process, previous structures in life are either confirmed as part of the adult life or discarded in an effort to build new structures that better fit your nature.

When the Saturn Return is complete you are considered a full adult who faces the consequences of your actions and decisions.

Saturn then starts its cycle all over again.  Each time Saturn by transit aspects its natal place further assessments and decisions are made and each time gives you an opportunity to improve existing structures in your life or discard those which are not working.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman March 2010

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