Saturn Transits in Infancy

Saturn is connected to the structures of our life.  This can include the structures of the physical body, life style, mind and emotions.

It is particularly influential in the early programming of the psyche before the ages of 6 -9.

Before this age our minds are wide open to the programs of our parents and environment.  As a result the experiences of the period from 0 – 7 builds the karmic structures of the life.  Habit patterns and beliefs formed between 0 -7 are very hard to change.

Between the ages of 6-9 the conscious mind develops a discriminative faculty and starts to determine the differences between yourself as an individual and other people.  You start to learn what you enjoy and what benefits you personally and realize this can be quite different to another’s desires.  You start to learn what is good for you and what is bad for you.  You learn to run away from harm.

During the first 6-9 years of life transiting Saturn will make contact with  planets and angles in the natal chart.  The conjunctions, squares and oppositions of transiting Saturn are particularly important as these are the timers that activate karmic programming for this life time.  Sometimes this is very stressful, sometimes it is quite pleasant and sometimes not all that noticeable.  All of these reactions are part of the development of your karmic patterning and are part of the natural process of life.

Transiting Saturn will also move through a particular area in the natal chart, making this area responsive to subconscious conditioning.  Any events connected this area will produce a life pattern that is rather hard to change as it was set in motion before the child’s conscious, discriminative mind was developed.

Unusual, intense or traumatic situations can occur when outer planets move through the natal chart together with transiting Saturn.  If this occurs during the first seven or so years of life it can describe subconscious blocks that require release and healing and/or exceptional talents that are seeded at this time and manifest at a later date.

When transiting Saturn connects to a planet or angle check to see if it is making any natal aspect to that point.  If it is you will activate this energy to help deal with the Saturn transit.

E.g. Natal Saturn may sextile natal Moon.  Sometime during the first 2 – 2.5 years of life its transit will square natal Moon.  The child will activate the inherent practical, mental, emotional and communicative abilities of the natal Moon sextile Saturn to handle the pressure of transiting Saturn square natal Moon and develop the aforementioned skills.  It could be as simple as learning to work with plasticine and build figurines  and in this way release emotional pressure, or even have an older person help you learn to talk!

The art for a parent is to watch for these transits and help the child find creative and/or communicative outlets for the energy being activated.


Here is the chart of famous film actress Angelina Jolie, who is rumored to have had a difficult childhood with possible sexual abuse:-

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She completed her first transiting Saturn square natal Saturn in early August 1982 when she was seven years and three months old.  This closed the door to karmic programming and opened the door to the beginning of personal discrimination.  So, to see karmic programming, we  map all transits of Saturn conjunct, square and opposite placements in her natal chart that happened before August 1982.

You can see that in this period transiting Saturn will move through her 1st, 2nd and third house and finish with a conjunction to her IC.  This sector of the chart is a very private sector where you learn about yourself and your needs, so it is quite appropriate for an infant and small child.

Transiting Saturn conjunct Venus-Ascendant

The first major conjunction was transiting Saturn conjunct natal Venus and Ascendant through late August 1975 to May 1976 (click to see timeline Angelina Jolie Saturn transiting Venus Ascendant),  Angelina was still an infant as this transit occurred between the ages of 2 months – 11 months.  Both Venus and Saturn are in the natal 12th house so there could have been some secrets or hidden issues activated by this transit.

Saturn rules the natal 6th and 7th houses (Capricorn) and 8th house (Aquarius) so there may have been some difficulties in dealing with people who fitted these house descriptions – possibly a nanny, servant or someone who looked after her regularly.  As the 8th house is involved there could have been some early sexual abuse or the loss of someone she loved.  Whatever happened, she would have felt some helplessness and perhaps felt worthless – the negative result of transiting Saturn over Venus.

Angelina was also having transiting Uranus activating her natal Venus-Ascendant square Uranus until mid August 1975, so there was an outer planet involved in the powerful Saturn conjunction, patterning in an obsession or compulsion with a tendency to rebellion and the desire to ‘do her own thing’.  Uranus is ruler of her natal 8th house so again emphasized is possible sexual abuse or loss of someone.

For further development of the imprint received during this time we would look at the period when Solar Arc Saturn moved to conjunct natal Venus-Ascendant in 1987, when she was 11-12, as this would manifest any insecurities or obsessions/compulsions connected to imprints received  in her first year of life.

If Angelina wanted to see a therapist, this period of life would be the first too look at for healing.

Transiting Saturn square natal Sun-Neptune-Vertex

The next major Saturn activation was transiting Saturn square natal Sun-Neptune-Vertex  between October 1978 – August 1979, when she was 3-4 (click to see timeline Angelina Jolie transiting Saturn square Sun)

This was a very powerful transit  as the Vertex was being activated and this brought destined events into her life.

Transiting Saturn was moving through the second house of self-esteem, self-worth and financial well being.  It was in square to natal Sun which rules the 2nd house, so we immediately know that her sense of self-worth was being threatened.  As the Sun and Saturn are involved, it is likely that this threat came from her father and/or other prominent men in her life.  With the Sun in the 11th house it could also have involved difficulty through or the loss of someone she thought of as a friend.  This period would have been the beginning of her difficulties with her father that still bedevil her to this day.

It is also likely she met someone she was destined to know during this period.

Transiting Saturn square Neptune is usually not considered easy, but this transit at age 3-4 was probably the beginning of her compassion for deprived children.  Neptune is conjunct the Vertex in the 5th house of creativity and children and ruler of the 9th house of foreign lands, so she has adopted children from foreign lands.  As the Vertex is involved, this was part of her destiny.  Interestingly her Neptune-Ascendant astro-carto-graphy line runs through Africa and Angelina feels a strong pull to that part of the world.

This transit could also have activated her skill in acting and film and perhaps could have been the age she first started ‘plays’ and play acting.

Situations imprinted into her unconscious mind between the ages of 3-4 by Saturn transits would also manifest at age 11-12 when Solar Arc Saturn semisquared natal Sun.   Manifestation in the outer world would also have occurred in 1982, when Tertiary Progressed Saturn was in semisquare to natal Sun.

Transiting Saturn square natal Mercury

The next major contact was transiting Saturn square natal Mercury between October 1979 – July 1980, when Angelina was 4-5.  This was joined by transiting Neptune opposing natal Mercury in 1980, bringing an outer planet into the mix.  (Click here to see time line Angelina Jolie Saturn transit Mercury)

Again we get matters to do with friendship emphasized as Mercury is natally in the 11th house.  Communication and siblings are also in the mix as Mercury rules the 3rd house.  This is a time of secrecy and lies as Neptune is in the mix.  It is also a time when Angelina developed her imagination (Neptune) to enable her to handle difficult situations in the above areas.  It would have been the time she started to learn how to structure her communication abilities – perhaps by learning to read or write or draw.

Transiting Saturn conjunct natal Pluto

This occurred between November 1980 to August 1981 (click to see time line Angelina Jolie Saturn transiting Pluto) when Angelina was 5-6 years old.

Pluto is in the natal 3rd house.  This house is connected to siblings, primary school, neighbors, all matters to do with communication and transport, so we would expect a strong emphasis on at least one of these areas in her life.

Pluto is ruler of her 5th house as it has Scorpio on the cusp, so matters to do with creativity, love and perhaps sport would also be emphasized.  Pluto is in Libra, which is Saturn’s sign of exaltation, so the Saturn transit is likely to have brought long term benefits albeit with some pressure or stress.

This is likely to be the time that she started school and/or had a teacher or tutor who strongly affected her.  She would have responded well to all forms of creativity, but not responded to her ABC’s etc., if her teacher was too severe, so this too would be an important area to discuss in a consultation.

This would be a time where Angelina may have learned the value of schedules, timing and organization.  It is also the time where matters to do with her brother would have influenced her quite strongly.

So we know that Angelina’s Venus-Ascendant; Sun-Neptune-Vertex; Mercury; and Pluto  are all very sensitive points in her natal chart as they were activated by Saturn transits before her first Saturn square natal Saturn at 7 years and two months of age.  These points are where infant programming and perhaps infant trauma occurred and would also be points where survival patterns were set in motion.  They describe areas of instinctive behavior that is difficult to change, but could respond to energy healing methods to release trauma or ‘stuck’ energy.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman March 2009

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