The Wedding of William and Catherine; Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

The marriage of His Royal Highness Prince William of Wales  to   Catherine Elizabeth Middleton took place on the 29th April 2011 at Westminster Abbey, London, England.

The bride started her walk down the aisle at 11.00 am and they were pronounced man and wife by the Archbishop of Canterbury at 11.20 am BST.

This is the chart for the official pronouncement of marriage.

Leo rising with its ruler, the Sun, in the 10th house  is very fitting for a Royal marriage.   The Sun in trine with Pluto is a powerful and fortunate signature giving both leadership abilities and the ability to implement new ideas.

It fascinated me that the angles for this chart are close to identical to the angles of the natal chart of William’s father,  Prince Charles and the chart of  Charles and Camilla marriage (click names to see charts).  This suggests that the degrees of these angles will be important for this branch of the Royal Family.

As is fitting for such a sacred occasion, the Ascendant received a biseptile aspect from the Mars-Jupiter conjunction in the 10th house and Neptune in the 8th house, making a septile pattern.  Septiles to the angles are often involved in ceremonious, spiritual and sacred moments.

The Ascendant is in the Libra duad of Leo, an excellent combination for marriage as it is romantic and ardent  and also gives grace, charm and skill in public relations.    As Venus is the ruler of Libra, this planet becomes the sub-ruler of the Ascendant.


The Ascendant is in applying trine to Venus, so this is a good augury for the harmony of the marriage.  This is further emphasised by Venus conjunct the MC from the 9th house.

Notice that the ruler of the Ascendant, the Sun, is in the Leo duad of Taurus.  Taurus fits the ‘nature’ theme of the wedding, with beautiful maple trees lining the aisle;  these trees will now be planted on William and Catherine’s estate.  The Leo duad further emphasises the royalty theme.

Transiting Jupiter will be conjunct the wedding Sun from  July 2011 – March 2012 , suggesting much happiness and benefit during this period.

The Ascendant in a fixed sign and its ruler, the Sun,  in a fixed sign and duad suggests a long duration for the marriage as fixed signs are stable and settled.

The Vertex axis

is conjunct the Moon’s Nodes axis, indicating a destined union;  this combination often gives considerable public appeal as well.    This axis straddles the 5th-11th house, which could describe children of destiny.  Note that Prince Charles has his Vertex in the 5th house conjunct Mars and Jupiter, giving him two male children who are heirs to the throne.  The Vertex in this marriage chart is trine Mars and Jupiter, giving a similar energy signature.

In addition the antiVertex is conjunct the Part of Fortune, suggesting considerable benefits from this union.

To my great interest the duad of the Vertex is 0Virgo43, conjunct the natal Vertex of  William’s grandmother,  Queen Elizabeth ll This suggests a destined connection between this marriage and Her Majesty.

In August the transiting North Node will conjunct the marriage Vertex in the 5th house.  This can be a very fertile period particularly as it is also trine Jupiter, the ruler of the 5th house of children.  If her own natal chart agrees, this is a time when Catherine can become pregnant.

By Solar Arc the Vertex moves to conjunct the North Node in  two years and as the North Node is also square the Moon during this period, I think it will be an important time in their lives.

The Moon

is 26 degrees into the sign of Pisces and is in the Capricorn duad of Pisces.  The Moon in Pisces in the 9th house describes the global interest in the wedding and the huge amount of media televising and photographing the wedding party and ceremony. This was further emphasised by the Moon in applying conjunction to Uranus – the planet of broadcasting and media!  As a Pisces-Capricorn combination is one of the signatures of structured music, the Capricorn duad of Pisces describes the beautiful classical and ceremonial music sung during and after the ceremony.

The Moon at ‘the bendings’ i.e. square its nodal axis, further increased public attention!

The Moon in Pisces is noted for its compassion and in the Capricorn duad of Pisces in the 9th house this compassion will be structured into work for charities and institutions on an international level.

There is some discussion about this Moon being ‘void of course’, but of course  it isn’t!   It makes three applying aspects before leaving Pisces; a quindecile to Saturn, a bi novile to Pluto and a parallel to Mercury.  It also makes an out of sign applying conjunction to Uranus in Aries.

The closest applying aspect is the quindecile to an angular, exalted Saturn in Libra.  I think this aspect describes the smooth flow of the wedding , where everything went to schedule and on time.  The quindecile aspect is noted for focus and obsession so I think this describes the intense focus of  ‘practice makes perfect’ for the wedding.

The novile aspects describe initiations and the Moon in applying binovile to Pluto certainly describes a very intense ‘initiation’ into public life and dealing with matters of power and status.

The applying parallel of declination to Mercury conjunct MC describes the considerable amount of public communication involved in the wedding.  This aspect suggests the couple will have considerable communication with the public throughout their marriage.

The Moon is also applying to Uranus.  As mentioned before, this planet rules all things electronic, including broadcasting and media, so this conjunction is very appropriate.  In the marriage chart the Moon-Uranus suggests that this couple will make a number of changes in international charities (Pisces) as well as sponsor and possibly spearhead new concepts (Aries) on a global level.  These new projects will likely be practical because the Moon is in the Capricorn duad of Pisces and long lasting because Uranus is in the Taurus duad of Aries.

The Moon will be receiving a quincunx aspect from Saturn from December 2011 – late August 2012.  This can be a stressful time for the couple as it suggests to me a period where official duties require discipline and flexibility.  It could also be a time during which they are periodically separated because of Prince William’s responsibilities.

In October-December 2012 transiting North Node will trine the Moon, bringing happy associations, beneficial unions – and perhaps an addition to the family!


In any chart to do with the Royal Family Saturn can’t be overlooked as the orientation of this family is to duty.  True to form, this marriage chart has an exalted Saturn retrograde and conjunct the IC, suggesting duty will be very important to this couple and the marriage itself will have considerable duties.   The retrograde suggests these duties are connected to the past – or in this case, tradition.  By Solar Arc Saturn will conjunct the IC in March 2o12, suggesting a time where duty reigns supreme.

Generally Saturn will work very well as it is in Libra, its exalted sign  and in the duad of Aquarius, its sign of dignity.  With this combination  and the social position of this couple, it will almost certainly work as large scale humanitarian projects and gives the ability to organize structures involving groups of people.  True to William and Catherine’s university education, it is an intellectual degree that can produce flashes of brilliance.

Unfortunately Venus is in applying opposition to Saturn and this will give periods of separation.  In December 2012 secondary progressed Venus will oppose natal Saturn and in March solar arc Venus will oppose natal Saturn so it is likely to be a difficult period for William and Catherine involving someone connected to the family.   It is possible that during 2013  a person of status within the family will be ill or perhaps even die.

Mars-Jupiter conjunction

What a wonderful energy to have in a marriage chart.  It is particularly beneficial because Mars in the ruler of the MC, the angle of status !  It gives success, creative power, organising talents and is wonderful for both marriage and birth.  It is lucky and helps the couple make very good decisions.  It is further enhanced by a trine to the Vertex and North Node giving very happy associations with others.   To make it even more fortunate is is conjunct the Sun of the chart for the United Kingdom, giving this couple a very strong tie to their country.  This connection was clearly shown on the day of the marriage with the whole of the United Kingdom showing their delight in the marriage and joining in the celebrations.

This conjunction is on the Sun/Uranus midpoint and as the Sun is the ruler of the Ascendant and Uranus the ruler of the Descendant,  increases the good fortune even further.  This combination can be very lucky indeed, though at times a little accident prone.

The conjunction is also on the Pluto/Ascendant midpoint, showing a favourable turn of circumstances in life.  Well, Catherine has moved from being a middle class ‘commoner’ to a princess of the realm!

In 2018-2020 Solar Arc and secondary Progressed MC is conjunct radix Mars-Jupiter, suggesting a time of increase in status and good fortune.  It 2028-2029 Solar Arc Mars-Jupiter conjunct radix Sun, suggesting considerable prominence and advancement in life for the couple.

Chiron-Neptune conjunction

The Magi astrologers call this ‘The Cinderella Aspect’ and it is considered very, very favourable for long term happiness in a marriage.  It is a little out of the maximum three degree orb so theoretically it is not all that influential, but in real life this is exactly what has happened – Catherine has been turned into a princess by her marriage to her prince!

Neptune is on the Sun/Vertex and Jupiter/Pluto midpoint, further enhancing its success.  Neptune squares the Moon/Ascendant midpoint of 0Gemini34 again suggesting the massive film and media attention, but this midpoint can give susceptibility to ‘poisoning’ so perhaps the huge amount of gossip can be at times overwhelming.

The Midheaven

In matters to do with goals, status and career the MC is the point of focus.  True to such a huge event the MC in the marriage chart is highly activated.

It has a conjunction with Venus, indicating matters to do with love and marriage are in focus.  It has a conjunction with Mercury, indicating matters to do with communication are emphasised.  It has an opposition to Saturn indicating matters to do with duty, responsibility and structure are important.

The Midheaven also carries several midpoint structures:

There is MC = Jupiter/Uranus of which the classic textbook description is “a fortunate turn in life”.  This will continue to bring good fortune to the couple.

MC = Mercury/Venus – the ‘Combination of Stellar Influences’ describes this as ‘lighthearted living’  and connects the couple to artists and writers.

MC = Ascendant/Vertex.  These three important angles in a midpoint structure suggests a moment of destiny.

As the MC moves through the chart by secondary progression and solar arc it will time important events in the life of this marriage.  I have mentioned many of these times in this article and there is one other.   When Solar Arc Uranus conjuncts radix MC and opposes radix Saturn in November 2021 there will be a very important change,   what it is remains to be seen as there are several possibilities and Uranus always brings the unexpected.  It is likely to bring a change of occupation and/or a sudden rearrangement of circumstances.

(c) Copyright Alice Portman May 2011.

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