Tony Abbott, 28th Prime Minister of Australia

Tony Abbott


Tony Abbott was born on the 4th November 1957 at approximately 4.00 am in Lambeth, London, United Kingdom to a first generation Australian mother and English father, Fay (nee Peters) and Richard (Dick) Abbott.

The source of his time of birth is his mother.   (Data Source: Astrologer Ed Tamplin quotes his former Sirius student and current AANSW member, Sally Davis. She claims that she spoke to Tony’s father Richard who in turn spoke to Tony’s mother Fay. They said 4 am was the closest that they could remember.)

Together with his parents he emigrated to Sydney, Australia through assisted passage (10 Pound Poms)  on the ship Oronsay  on 7th September 1960, when he was two years old.  He has three younger sisters, one born in England the others in Australia.

He attended Jesuit schools in Sydney and completed a Bachelor of Law and Bachelor of Economics at Sydney University where he was also an active right wing student politician and boxer.  1977 was his year of scandal where he was accused of assault and sexual harassment, perhaps this was indicated by transiting Pluto in Libra square the natal MC, or, if his birth was later, conjunct his Libra Ascendant.

Upon graduating he attended the Queen’s College at Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar and gained a Bachelor of Arts and later a Master of Arts in Politics and Economics.

This is to certify that Anthony John Abbott has qualified for the degree of Bachelor of Arts, having taken in June 1983 the Final Honour School of Philosophy, Politics and Economic (PPE) and been placed in the Second Class.

His parents applied to register his birth with the Dept. of Immigration and Ethnic Affairs and apply for his citizenship, in a document/s dated 19 June 1981   shortly after Tony had been told he had won a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford, England. They were notified by letter dated 1st July 1981 that Tony John Abbott  had become an Australian citizen under section 11 of the Australian Citizenship Act of 1948.  From this time on he was a dual citizen of Australia and the UK.

When he returned to Sydney he entered the Jesuit Seminary at Manly and spend three years training to be a Jesuit priest before realising this wasn’t his vocation.

He entered into politics for the seat of Warringah in March 1994.

On the 18th September 2013 at 10.29.01 am, Canberra, Australia,  Tony Abbott was sworn in as the 28th Prime Minister of Australia.

I haven’t as yet properly rectified his chart so will use the 4.00 am chart as transiting Saturn, ruler of IC, was transiting IC and the diurnal IC was conjunct Mercury, ruler of 9th house, on the day he migrated.

Tony Abbott

Career Focus

 Sun-Node conjunction in Scorpio in trine to his Midheaven.

This configuration will give prominence (Sun) in a group (North Node) in the career (MC).  At the time of his victory transiting Saturn was conjoining the Sun-Node and trine the MC, indicating the responsibility of his position.  This transit started in January 2013 and finished in October 2013.  The Sun-Node conjunction was further activated by a Solar Eclipse on 3rd November 2013 and transiting North Node returning to its natal position at the time of the election.   Eclipses connected to the natal Sun often give considerable prominence in life.  Eclipses will work at least six months before and after the date they occurred.

This Sun-North Node conjunction gives strong compulsive/instinctual tendencies as well as the ability to activate this in others.

A period of prominence is particularly shown by his Sun Dasha which is active between November 2012 to November 2018.

He was born between a total Solar Eclipse on 23rd October 1957 and a total lunar eclipse on 7th November 1957;  I have noticed that people born between eclipses often have interesting psychic abilities.

The Sun-Node conjunction is square Uranus in fixed signs.

This is one of the most stubborn configurations one can have in a natal chart.  Tony Abbott’s Libra Ascendant might give the impression of being malleable and agreeable, but there is no way on earth he will change his mind once it is made up.   Sun square Uranus gives the radical rebel, it can produce someone who rebels against tradition or someone who rebels against modern thought and wants to go back to very ‘traditional’ behaviour.  Tony Abbott, with his history of extreme right in the Liberal Party, his early training to be a Jesuit priest and his support of the Constitutional Monarchy in Australia, is clearly one of the latter types.

This configuration will always bring radical change of some kind and Abbott will certainly attempt to bring radical changes into the Australian Constitution if he can.  He started by abolishing the Climate Change Commission, calling it ‘absolute crap’ just two days into his Prime Ministership.  As Australia has one of the driest climates in the world and one of the most delicate ecologies, this has shocked the international community.

This aspect earned him the title “The Mad Monk” when he was training at the Jesuit seminary.  Uranus can often be reactionary and in his case it gives him the desire to bring back the old Roman Catholic values and to inflict them on Australia.

The Sun is also conjunct Mercury, ruler of the 9th house, showing his religious tendencies, his studies overseas and his journalistic abilities.

Career Flow chart.

The ruler of the MC, the Moon, is in Aries and in the 6th house.

The 6th house is often emphasised in the charts of politicians, showing the desire to be of service to the community.

The Moon is part of a close YOD Pattern   also involving Neptune and Pluto, a strange combination at best and made particularly powerful as Neptune is his oriental planet.  Ebertin in his book “The Combination of Stellar Influences” says: ” Strange states of soul experiences; a very high degree of sensitiveness; changes of mood; an immediate response to every influence; supernatural experiences; a peculiar or strange woman.”  I am not sure how this directly impacts Abbott’s career, but we do know that he is very wary of women, has been abusive and very sexist towards them and perhaps is afraid of them.  Most Australian women don’t trust him at all.

If we follow his career flow the Moon is in Aries, ruled by Mars, which is conjunct the antiVertex, indicating a destiny connected to his career.  Mars is in Libra, indicating a skilled tactician and in the Leo duad of Libra, giving prominence.  It is conjunct Neptune and perhaps this indicates his considerable ability to lie convincingly.


Abbott Dasha


As you can see from the Dasha table above, all these career planets are emphasised, starting with the Sun dasha in November 2012, then the Moon and then Mars – taking us right through until November 2035.  I doubt he will be Prime Minister past the Sun dasha which ends in 2018, but I think that the other periods will also give him a powerful focus in the world.

Continuing with the career flow chart, Mars in Libra is ruled by Venus in Sagittarius in the third house.  Abbott was a journalist before he became a politician and it is likely this position indicates his journalistic skills.  Venus is in the Scorpio duad of Sagittarius, giving him quite a sting in what he says and writes as well as considerable ruthlessness and fanaticism.  It might also describe his association with the ‘shock jocks’ of Sydney.  Venus is considerably Out of Bounds  making him a maverick who dances to the beat of his own drum; this, coupled with the Sun-Uranus square, suggests he is very self-willed and will always do what he wishes regardless of other’s advice.

Venus in Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter in Libra, which is also conjunct the anti-Vertex, again giving a destined career focus. Jupiter is in the Taurus section of Libra gives an orientation to business and public relations.  There is a mutual reception between Venus and Jupiter, increasing good fortune and indicating beneficial contacts are very helpful in the career.


Tony Abbott declinations

Declinations are very important in astrology and particularly so in forecasting.

Neptune parallel Chiron at 10-11 South declination.  

Magi astrologers call this the “Cinderella Aspect” and say in can describe a considerable rise in life.  Abbott has always had a rather privileged life, with the best schools and many opportunities given to him through his religious connections, but Prime Minister of Australia is a considerable rise.

Mars is also parallel Chiron and Neptune

This gives Abbott charisma and, as he is Mars ruled with the Moon in Aries and the Sun in Scorpio, considerably increases his energy and particularly his sexual energy because Mars-Neptune is a super sexual aspect. Magi astrologers say that Mars-Chiron is a signature in sports champions and Abbott has an Oxford Blue in boxing.

Saturn-Pluto contraparallel at 20-21 NS declination.

Abbott is noted for his absolute ruthlessness.  Ebertin in “The Combination of Stellar Influences” says of this aspect: “Cold heartedness, severity, a tendency to violence, fanatical adherence to one principles, a martyr.  The Magi astrologers say that though this combination gives an interest in big business and dream about being the masters of the universe,  these people are not suited to this area and are better at teaching or research.

Moon is parallel the Descendant, giving a strong connection to the public, something that is very necessary for a politician.

Mercury is contraparallel Uranus suggesting flashes of brilliance, but also erratic mental processes, tactlessness and at times, brutal frankness.

Next article will be Tony Abbott’s connections to Australia’s chart.

(C) copyright Alice Portman October 2014

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