What are Arabic Parts

Arabic Parts are not Arabic, they were originally called “The Fortunes”

Arabic Astrologer Al-Biruni compiled all the Fortunes that he could find in his civilisation and past civilisations in his book The Elements of Astrology written in 1029 AD. Because he was an Arab, the Fortunes became known as Arabic Parts or Arabic Lots.

The origins of the Fortunes have been lost in the mists of time, but have been used for at least a thousand years. Therefore they have stood the test of many, many centuries of time.

The Fortunes are NOT Planets, (though they are very powerful energy points),  therefore they cannot actively aspect anything.

Fortunes are an interplay of planetary/angle/house cusp energies similar to (though not the same as) midpoints.

Fortunes can be created according to the nature of the culture/civilisation in which you reside.

Many ancient astrologers created their own Fortunes according to their perception of reality, so you can have different Fortunes for the same matter e.g. Part of Marriage. Therefore, you can create your own Fortunes using Chiron, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and various house cusp systems if you wish.

It is important to consider the Decanate and Duad of the Fortune

Though the Fortunes cannot actively aspect anything, they can receive aspects from planets, angles, transits, progressions, solar arcs and fixed stars.  A conjunction or alignment to a Fixed Star is very powerful.

The conjunctions and oppositions are usually the most powerful, but trines, squares and quincunxes also work very well if they fit the nature of the Fortune.

It is powerful and important if the ruler of the sign of the Fortune aspects the Fortune.

Almost all Fortunes are derived from EQUILIBRIUM charts (see article)

Rules connected to use of Arabic Parts

1. A Part conjunct an angle or Planet is very strong

2. If the ruler of the Part aspects the Part, this increases its strength

3. If there are a cluster of Parts that are not derived from the same calculation, then this area of the chart is emphasised.

4. A Part is emphasised that has a planet in aspect to it that is part of the component in calculating the Part.

5. These rules also apply to Solar Arcs, Progressions and Transits.

The Part of Fortune (Fortuna)

(Spirit encompassing matter)

Part of Fortune blurb

Everyone knows of this Fortune.  It is used extensively in even basic astrology.

The Part of Fortune is made up of an interplay of energy between the Ascendant, Sun and Moon.

Its formula for calculation is Ascendant + Moon – Sun, but some astrologers suggests its formula for calculation varies depending upon whether the person was born during the day or at night. The reason for this variation is because the Sun is considered the life giver during the day, and the Moon during the night.

A person is born during the day if their Sun is above the Ascendant-Descendant axis.  The calculation for this Part of Fortune is the degree of the Ascendant  plus the degree of the Moon , minus  the degree of the Sun.  Written as:  Asc  +  Moon – Sun

A person is born at night if their Sun is below the Ascendant-Descendant axis.  The formula for this Part of Fortune is the degree of the Ascendant plus the degree of the Sun, minus the degree of the Moon.  Written as: Asc  +  Sun  –  Moon

Location of the P.O.F.

Some traditions suggest that:

If the Part of Fortune is in a Fire sign the person will enjoy and gain from activity and leadership and benefit from fire.

If the Part of Fortune is in an Earth sign, the person will enjoy money and gain from financial areas and matters to do with the earth.

If the Part of Fortune is in an Air sign the person will enjoy intellectual areas and gain from them and all matters to do with air.

If the Part of Fortune is in a Water sign, the person will enjoy and gain from emotional areas and water.

The house where the Part of Fortune resides describes the area of gain.

All planetary aspects to the Part of Fortune will bring benefit according to the nature of the aspect.  For example,

if the Part of Fortune is receiving squares, the person will enjoy challenge and competition to attain what they want.

If the Part of Fortune is receiving trines, the person will enjoy an easy flow in getting what they desire.

If the Part of Fortune is receiving quincunxes, the person will enjoy being flexible and making adjustments in life to get what they desire  … and so on.

2.    The Part of Spirit

(daemon) – (Spirit supported on matter)

Part of Spirit blurb

Tradition suggests that this Lot can describe the spiritual reason for incarnation into this material, time based world.

The sign, decanate, duad will describe the soul’s purpose

The planets aspecting will describe the energies involved in this goal and how it is achieved.

The house where it resides will describe the area of the soul’s evolution.

The Part of Spirit is usually an area of delight in growth, and satisfaction when awareness and skills are developed.

The Part of Spirit is also calculated through the interplay of Ascendant, Sun and Moon and is the reverse formula to that of the Part of Fortune.

The formula for the Part of Spirit is  Ascendant + Sun – Moon, but for those who wish to reverse the formula for night time births the formula for Part of Spirit is:  Asc + Moon –Sun.

Calculating Arabic Parts:

If you use the 360 wheel of the zodiac the Parts are easy to calculate by hand:

0 = 0 Aries

30 = 0 Taurus

60 – 0 Gemini

90 = 0 Cancer

120 = 0 Leo

150 = 0 Virgo

180 = 0 Libra

210 = 0 Scorpio

240 = 0 Sagittarius

270 = 0 Capricorn

300 = 0 Aquarius

330 = 0 Pisces.

So, if a person had a planet at 18 degrees 03 minutes of Aquarius this would be 300 + 18.03  = 318.03.

Continued on ‘Equilibrium Charts’ article

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