Where is my novel?

I could remember taking the novel out of a shopping bag but couldn’t remember where on earth I had put it.

I searched the house on and off all day and then decided to sleep on it, hoping I would remember in the morning.

The next morning I started to search again and then thought to ask a horary question about it.  I calculated this chart:

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Where is my novel

Possessions of all kinds are usually covered by the second house and its ruler, but books are sometimes signified by the third house and/or Mercury.

The Ascendant is Aquarius and the ruler, Uranus, is in Pisces in the 2nd house of possessions, indicating that this is a true horary as it describes the situation.

Both the 2nd and 3rd houses have Pisces on the cusp and Pisces is ruled by Jupiter and Neptune conjoined in Aquarius.  The ruler of the 2nd house in the first indicates that my possession is not far from me.

As the question was directly about a location I decided to create a local horizon chart to point me in the right direction. As Uranus was in the 2nd house and ruler of the Ascendant I determined that the direction of Uranus might be the correct one.

In a local horizon chart in the Southern Hemisphere the Midheaven is due North, the IC due South, the antiVertex is due East and the Vertex is due West.

Where is my novel Local Horizon Chart

I put the centre of the chart on the chair of the room where I asked the question.  As you can see the Uranus line pointed East and partly South of that position.  This was in the direction of my bedroom so I searched there but had no luck at all.

Pisces is connected to water and low lying places.   It often describes something that is hidden, in a box or covered by other objects so I carefully searched in all the drawers, cupboards and wardrobes.  No luck at all – I was beginning to feel very discouraged.

I happened to glance out of the window and realised that my car was parked exactly on the direction of the Uranus line

I searched the interior of the car with no luck and then thought to open the boot.  I found the book in an electric  blue (colour of Uranus) shopping bag near coolant (Pisces) and jumper leads (Uranus?).  I had taken the book out of one shopping bag and absently mindedly put it into another and then put it in the boot of the car to use for future shopping.

Almost all horary questions have a strong connection to the querent’s natal chart.  In this case the Ascendant is in my Sun sign and the Vertex conjunct my Saturn.

copyright (c) Alice Portman 2009

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