Where is Phil’s ring?

Phil had lost a ring given to him by his deceased father.  This ring was very precious to him and valuable in a financial sense as well so as you can imagine, he was very upset.

He last wore it to his daughter’s wedding three weeks before and put it back in its usual place, but when he wanted to wear it again it had disappeared.

Phil had guests in his home who had come to the wedding so the underlying question was also “has  this ring been stolen?”

The guests had left to travel for a couple of weeks, so his family took the opportunity to search the house from top to bottom with no sign of the ring anywhere.   After the search I thought to ask the horary question.  Here is the resultant chart:    (click to enlarge)   Where is Phil's ring

I was interested to see the Ascendant was Libra with  Venus rising in the same sign.  As Venus rules jewellry, this indicated to me that it was a true horary.  The Ascendant and Venus were also conjunct Phil’s natal Moon – another indication of a true horary.

Possessions are always ruled by the second house, but as I was asking about someone else, which is a 7th house indicator, the 8th house becomes his possessions.

Mercury is the ruler of the Gemini 8th house and retrograde in the 12th house, indicating that the ring was hidden from view and possibly near a door as Mercury was close to the Ascendant.

The Moon was applying to retrograde Mercury and Mercury in turn was applying to the Moon, suggesting the ring would be found very soon and most probably the day after Mercury turned direct on the 26th October at 5.47 am . I thought it would be that day or the day after as the Moon-Mercury conjunction was very close.

I  told the family this and assured them it would be found.  They were very, very doubtful indeed as they were sure the ring had been stolen.

Which brings us to the hidden question in this horary (it is always a good idea to question the querient about the situation as you will often find a hidden agenda within their question)  “Was the ring stolen by his brother or his wife?”

Using the turned chart, the 9th cusp becomes the third cusp (siblings) of the person I was asking for.  The 9th cusp is ruled by Gemini so Mercury is again the major planet and the interpretation above can be applied.  The suggestion is also that as the 8th and 9th cusps (turned 2nd and 3rd cusps) have the same sign on the cusp his brother had the ring.   His brother’s wife becomes the third cusp of the chart as it is 7th from the 9th.   This is Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter and with Mars conjunct the third cusp.   It is most interesting  that the brother and his wife were travelling at the time of the question as this fits Sagittarius very well.  The ruler, Jupiter, was in the turned 5th house, with the Moon-Mercury applying with a two degree orb.  This again suggested to me that the ring would be returned by the wife a day or two after Mercury turned direct.

On the 27th October 2014 at 7.10 pm, the day after the brother and his wife returned from their journey, the ring was found on a dresser in a spare room under some linen.  This area had been  thoroughly searched previously.   The dresser was near the door and facing East; note that the Moon-Mercury conjunction is also conjoining the antiVertex, which is due East.

Here is the chart for the time the ring was found: (click to enlarge)

Phil's ring found

Note that

  1. the Ascendant and Descendant are in the same sign and degree as those of the horary chart, but reversed i.e. the Ascendant of the found ring chart is the same as the Descendant in the horary chart.
  2. The Descendant of the found ring chart is conjunct Venus in the horary chart.
  3. Mercury in the found ring chart is conjunct the Moon in the horary chart, giving the timing.





Declinations are also very important in horary.  Here are the declinations for the horary question:

Where is Phils ring declinations



Note that:

  1. the Ascendant, Sun, Venus and Neptune are all parallel.   The inclusion of Neptune describes the mystery of the missing ring.  In the horary chart Neptune was square the 2nd and 8th cusps, increasing the mystery of what had happened to the ring.
  2. Mars is very Out of Bounds at 24S55, perhaps indicating that the sister-in-law was “out of bounds” in some way.
  3. Not only was the Moon conjunct Mercury, but parallel as well,  – a very powerful placement indeed.








(c) copyright Alice Portman October 2016.



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