Will my friend’s health be OK?

I had gone to an astrology conference in Sydney, but was worried about my close friend who had a serious heart condition.  She was due to have an operation and during a lecture I became overcome with deep concern for her.  After the lecture was over I went to my room and calculated the chart for this question.

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Horary friend's health with declinations


I was fascinated to see that the ascending sign and degree was the same as her natal Moon and the Sun was close to the degree of her natal Saturn.   This indicated the chart was a true horary.

The Moon, the ruler of the Ascendant, was in Leo and conjunct the South Node.  Leo rules the heart and the South Node can indicate intuition and psychic impressions.  As I was the querient this placement described me.  In addition as the Ascendant is Cancer, ruled by the Moon, the Moon’s Nodes have more importance than usual so the Moon conjunct the South Node in Leo could also describe the debilitating heart condition.

Friends are ruled by the 11th house.  This chart has Taurus on the cusp of the 11th and as Taurus is a very strong sign this indicated to me that she was stable.  In addition, the Moon, thought first applying to the South Node in Leo (describing the heart condition) had its next application of a trine to Venus-Pluto and, as Venus is the ruler of the 11th house of friends, this also suggested a good outcome.


In horary you can use ‘turned’ charts.  As my question was about my friend I could make the cusp of the 11th house the Ascendant for my friend.  Taurus is ruled by Venus so the placement of Venus becomes very important in the horary.

Horary friend's health


I was most disturbed to find that Venus was in the turned 8th house  (death) and in partile conjunction with Pluto – a planet that is often connected to either death or transformation.  It was also in the last degree of the sign, indicating that a matter was ending – and sesiquadrate the turned Ascendant, indicating that this was a matter which could cause severe health problems.

I decided to check the exact minutes of the degrees of Venus and Pluto as I felt that if Venus was separating from Pluto, even by a minute or two, my friend would be in great danger but would recover.  I found that Venus was actually at 29Sagittarius56’37” and Pluto at 29Sagittarius56’33” – about as close as it could get, but Venus was slightly separating by 4 seconds!

This meant that Venus was moving into a new sign, indicating a change in circumstances, and applying to a conjunction and parallel with Jupiter, indicating the situation would improve.


A day or so later my friend  underwent an operation where she died and was resuscitated.  She had 9 stents inserted into her heart.   The operation was a success and she fully recovered.

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