Your Career in your natal chart

All practical astrology is a matter of skilled synthesis i.e. the ability to consider a number of factors and put them together successfully.  So when reading the following, bear this in mind.

There are several processes to determine career possibilities:

•      Check out the Oriental planet (the planet rising before the Sun) as that planet usually describes the approach to life.  E.g. Mercury oriental describes people involved in communicative areas; Venus oriental describes people who often have an artistic approach to life – or for whom relationships are all important; Mars oriental describes those who have strong drive and a competitive nature  … and so on.  This will be a determining factor in how other energies function.

•      If the Moon is involved in the career flow process, then the first planet it goes over after birth will also be a factor to be considered.

•      If a planet involved in the career flow is conjunct the Vertex or antiVertex, then it is often the major focus in career, over-riding all other considerations.

Angular Planets in aspect to the MC or the ruler of the MC take prominence.

So these are the first considerations to look at in this process.

The career flow process involves the following procedures:

1.      In most western countries and a growing number of other countries the MC describes the career. So the first step is to look at the sign, duad and degree of the MC.

2.      All planets in close aspect to the MC must be considered a major player in the career.

3.       Midpoints involving the MC will affect the career.

4.      The ruler of the MC, its house, sign, duad and degree is very powerful.

5.      Following this, the planet that rules that planet is a factor
… and so on, planets that rule any planet in the career flow become a focus.

6.      If any of these planets are in aspect to the MC or ruler of the duad of the MC, they become high focus.  The more of these factors involved, the stronger the planetary focus.  If any of these planets are on an angle they become extremely high focus.

7.      If a planet in the career flow is an oriental planet or the first planet the Moon goes over, then it becomes very high focus.

8.      If a planet is conjunct the Sun/Moon or Ascendant/MC midpoint and is part of the career flow, then it is very high focus.

9.      Aspects to planets involved in the career flow process are also important.  E.g. a quintile pattern will give a creative or power oriented focus;  a septile pattern will give a searching, other worldly and often quite scientific focus;   dynamic aspects will give drive and ambition; flowing aspects will give a gentler approach.

10.      The career flow process usually gives a number of possibilities.  The long cycles (dashas and Fidaria) will often show when the person will focus on a particular planet.  Progressions and Directions will also show areas of focus at any give time.

To Illustrate I will use the chart of the current President of the USA, Barrack Obama.

Oriental Planet:

Obama has Mercury as his Oriental planet.  This means that he is primarily a communicator.  As Mercury is in Leo his communication will be dramatic and direct.  As it is in the 6th house it will often be about matters of public service.  Mercury is parallel Pluto, the ruler of his MC, giving considerable powers of persuasion and parallel Venus, giving sweetness of speech.  This is brought even further into career focus because Mercury-Venus-Pluto are in a rolling parallel with the IC and contraparallel the MC.

The Moon:

The Moon is an angular planet as it is conjunct the IC and therefore opposite the MC.  The Moon in aspect to the MC indicates someone who can connect with the public.  In the 4th house it indicates that his home and homeland is important.  In Gemini it gives further focus to communication skills.   The Cancer duad of Gemini increases his orientation to home and homeland and his ability to comfortably connect to the public.

The first planet the Moon moves over after birth is Venus.  We have already seen that Venus is important because it is the ruler of the duad of the MC, so the Moon emphasising this planet increases its power.  In Cancer is further ratification of his family, home and homeland orientation and in the 5th house suggests children and creative outlets would be important for him – as an aside, Venus in Cancer is a very female combination of energies and in this 5th house this  has given him daughters.

The Vertex axis:

Obama has Pluto, the ruler of the MC, conjunct the Vertex.  This is a very, very powerful placement and describes a destined career – a vocation rather than just work.  Pluto-Vertex is in Virgo, suggesting that the destined career will involve some kind of service to others.  Pluto has a further increase of power by being in the Scorpio duad of Virgo;  this placement gives a very sharp mind and the ability to penetrate to the heart of a problem, it also gives considerable insight into the motivations of others and an excellent ability for research.   The Vertex, in the Aquarian duad of Virgo. emphasizes a strong social conscience; this combination often gets involved in humanitarian groups or political groups that have the betterment of the human condition as their aim.

Event in 1967, particularly near October 1967, when Solar Arc Pluto moved to conjunct the Vertex, would have set the seeds for his future destiny in his career.

The Midheaven:

Barrack Obama has a Midheaven of 28Scorpio54.  A Scorpio MC will often draw people to big business, global areas, politics, research and sometime surgery.  Matters to do with power are always important.   The duad, midpoints, aspects and the placement of the ruler of the MC will usually  determine the focus of choice.

If you check the duad table here: Duad Table you can see that Obama’s MC is in the Libra duad of Scorpio, bringing an element of negotiation and tactical skills to the career.  This combination particularly gives skill in the public relations side of corporate business.  As Venus is the ruler of Libra, if it appears in the career flow map it will greatly strengthen the placement.

Aspects to the Midheaven:

I have already mentioned the Moon opposing the MC under The Moon section of this article.

In addition Obama has the Moon’s Nodes square the MC, further indicating a strong public focus in the career.  The Nodal axis will often describe working in association with others for a specific purpose.

With both the Moon and its nodes in aspect to the MC we can see that this man has a strong public focus.

Uranus is square the MC as well as conjoining the North Node.   In a career Uranus can indicate a desire to radically change a situation.   It always brings the ability for lateral or original thinking and can often describe considerable innovation.  As it is square the MC, this can bring in an element of tension and as it is conjunct the North Node it can describe political associations with an aim to reform existing conditions.

Pluto is novile the MC and makes up a midpoint structure of MC = Pluto/Ascendant.  The novile aspects describe an initiation and,  if it passed successfully, considerable benefits.   This novile midpoint structure can give considerable ability to attain power and authority.  It is one of the indications of success in the career, and because it involves the Ascendant, the physical body and personal presentation is a major part of the success.   As Pluto is also conjunct the Vertex, this is part of his destiny.

Jupiter is in out of sign sextile with the MC, increasing his ability to be successful, particularly through communication and networking as these are both sextile qualities.

In addition Jupiter is parallel the MC, giving good fortune in the career.

The Career Flow Chart:

Noel Tyl describes this as the Midheaven Extension Process.  I use the same principle slightly differently as I include duads, so have decided to call it the Career Flow chart.

It involves a flow from the MC using planets that rule the signs and is as follows:

Obama’s MC is Scorpio;

Pluto is the ruler of Scorpio and in in Virgo, conjunct the Vertex and in the 8th house;

Mercury is the ruler of Virgo and is in Leo in the 6th house;

the Sun is the ruler of Leo and is in Leo in the 6th house.

So the career flow stops with the Sun dignified in its own sign.  Any part of the career flow involving the Sun will give some prominence or fame at some time in the life, in dignity in its own sign it gives considerable prominence.

As the Sun is also conjunct the Descendant with a five and a half degree orb it can be considered angular, which gives further prominence.

The Sun is in the Capricorn duad of Leo and this combination gives leadership and administration skills.  The combination is particularly oriented to politics and/or corporate administration.

The Sun in the 6th house will give a public service orientation to these skills.

So using this method it is quite easy to see why Obama chose a political career which lead him to the Presidency.


As the Sun is the final leg of the Career Flow chart, the times when the Sun arcs to contact the MC will be a period that is most prominent  in his career.  At the time of Obama’s election to President of the USA, it was at 28 Virgo, sextile the MC.

Secondary Progressed MC was also trine the natal Vertex, indicating a year of destiny in his career.

Obama started his Fidaria Sun cycle on 4th August 2005, so we know his period of prominence in his career started with this cycle.  At the time of his election, on 4th November 2008, he was in the Mercury section of his Solar cycle, increasing his powers of communication.


Copyright (C) Alice Portman September 2010

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