The quintile series is found by dividing 360/5 = 72 degrees.  You can then use multiples of 72 degrees to find the whole series.  A biquintile = 144 degrees, a triquintile = 216 degrees, a quadquintile = 288 degrees.  Making up a five point star.

The quintile degrees of the zodiac taken from 0 degrees Aries are: 12 Gemini (72 degrees); 24 Leo (144 degrees);  6 Scorpio (216 degrees) and 18 Capricorn (288 degrees).

For people born in the Southern Hemisphere, the quintile degrees starting from 0 Libra are :  12  Sagittarius (72 degrees) ; 24 Aquarius (144 degrees); 6 Taurus (216 degrees); 18 Cancer (288 degrees).

People with these degrees activated in their natal chart will respond to the quintile energy regardless of whether or not they have quintile patterns.

As quintiles are based on a 5 point star and human bodies have five fingers in each hand and five toes in each foot, as well as having five points on the body i.e. head, two arms and two legs, the quintile energy is particularly ‘human’.

Quintiles describe the creative/destructive processes in human life.

People with even one quintile series aspect or carrying quintile degrees have these qualities strongly marked in their nature.  The creative/desctructive qualities are often interconnected e.g. Albert Einstein had a quintile pattern involving Moon-Jupiter-Neptune, with a midpoint structure of Jupiter = Moon/Neptune.  He was a highly creative physicist whose work lead to splitting the atom, resulting in nuclear energy – and nuclear bombs! (click here to see chart Albert Einstein quintiles

Biquintiles can describe some form of clairvoyance or clairaudience, particularly if they are involved with the Vertex axis (doorway to other realities).

Alison Dubois

The chart of Alison Dubois (24th January 1972, 11.30 pm, Phoenix Arizona) clearly illustrates this.  She has a perfect five point star involving Uranus-Ascendant, Jupiter, Venus, Vertex and South Node. The  Vertex is in Taurus in the 8th house  conjunct Hades, Moon and Saturn, she has always seen the dead and has help police with cases of murder.  See article on Alison Dubois

Alison Dubois

Forecasting with Quintiles

When a natal planet is activated by a quintile series transit, progression or direction, then that area of life will respond to any creative input fitting the nature of the planets involved.  e.g in 1916, the year he published his General Theory of Relativity, Albert Einstein had his natal Moon-Jupiter-Neptune quintile pattern activated by Solar Arc Mercury  and stimulated by transiting Saturn in Cancer on one of the empty legs of his five point star.  This pre-publishing period indicated a high level of creative thinking structured by Saturn.

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