Duads in relationships and family

Duads are twelve 2.5 degree segments of a zodiac sign. Each duad starts with the zodiac sign and then progresses through each of the following signs in order. E.g. If the zodiac sign is Sagittarius, then the first 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Sagittarius duad of Sagittarius, the second 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Capricorn duad of Sagittarius, the third 2 degrees 30 minutes will be the Aquarius duad of Sagittarius .. and so on.  (Click to see Duad Table )

There is a second kind of division where the 1st dwad of any sign is the Aries dwad, the 2nd is the Taurus dwad .. and so on.  These are easy to calculate on a computer because they are the 12th harmonic chart.

(See article on calculating duads and a little duad calculator  in The duad System menu).

For the sake of convenience I call the first type of division ‘duads’ and the second type of division ‘dwads’.

The duad of the sign considerably affects the way the sign works. For example: The duad of your Ascendant will colour the qualities of the Ascendant and the way you use your ascendant sign. E.g. If someone has the Cancer duad of Sagittarius rising they will use the Sagittarian energy quite differently to someone who has the Scorpio duad of Sagittarius rising. They will even look quite different. Both will present a more “watery” feel than Sagittarius Ascendant normally does.


This can be taken further. The person who has the Cancer duad of Sagittarius rising will have the ruler of Cancer, the Moon, as the sub-ruler of the Ascendant. The position of the Moon and its aspects would be important, particularly if the Moon aspects Jupiter, the ruler of Sagittarius, or aspects the Ascendant itself.


The zodiac sign that is the same as the duad and the house it rules will also be important. If someone has the Scorpio duad of Sagittarius rising, then it is likely that the 12th house is ruled by the sign Scorpio and this increases the importance of that house.

The duads are important for all planetary and angle placements and particularly important for the Sun, Moon, Moon’s Nodes , Ascendant-Descendant, MC-IC , Vertex– antiVertex , angular planets and the ruling planet.

In my research on this system I found that these positions also described planets and angles in the charts of parents, grandparents and other members of the family. For example:

A mother may have the Sun in the sign Gemini, her child may have the Sun in the Gemini duad of any sign. This child may have a child with the Sun in the 3rd (Gemini) dwad of a sign.

Taking this back a generation— you can have the mother with her Sun in Gemini in the Scorpio duad (12.5-15 degrees of Gemini). Her father may have the Sun in Scorpio. This duad is the 6th (Virgo) dwad of Gemini, so her mother may have the Sun in Virgo, And/or one of her other children may have the Sun in Virgo.

The Sun, Moon, angles and Nodes can be interchangeable (particularly the Ascendant – Moon and Sun-MC) so a person can have the Moon in the same sign as a parent’s Sun’s duad, or the Ascendant in the same sign as the mother’s Moon’s duad, and so on ….

In a family a parent or child may have their Sun conjunct the other’s MC or IC, giving a very strong tie between these two people. There is also a particularly strong correlation between the duad of a parent’s Sun and the child’s MC or IC or vice versa.

I have found there is a consistent and easily traceable connection between the position of the planets and angles in zodiac signs and duads from generation to generation. Also, there is often a strong affinity between the people who carried this sign/duad flow in the different generations. E.g. a grandparent may have their Sun in Aquarius and the grandchild have their Sun in the Aquarius duad of Taurus. This will tend to give an attraction and a feeling of affinity between the two.

So: Zodiac signs their duads and dwads are an astrological map of  genetic inheritance within a family.


The duads show your instinctive attraction towards a person. The reason why is because these zodiac signs run through the family genes, the person will also attract and be attracted to non-family members with the Sun, Moon, Angles or Nodes in these signs. Therefore: People frequently marry people who fit this criteria.

For a woman the duads of your Sun, Moon, Mars, Ascendant and Nodes are usually the main significators of attraction to the opposite sex. E.g. if a woman has her Sun in Cancer in the Libra duad and the 4th duad (Cancer), she will be instinctively drawn to Libran and Cancerian men, or, to a lesser extent, people with the Moon, Mars, Angles or North Node in Libra or Cancer.

For a man, the duads of your Sun, Moon, Venus, Ascendant and Nodes are the main significators of attraction towards the opposite sex. E.g. if a man has his Moon in Taurus in the Taurus duad and 1st (Aries) duad of Taurus his instincts will draw him to women with the Moon or Venus in Taurus or Aries, or to a lesser extent, the Sun, Angles or Nodes in that sign.


A woman will find a man sexy if he has Mars in the same sign as her Mars duad. E.g. a woman whose Mars is at 1Virgo39 will have Mars in the Virgo duad and 1st (Aries) dwad, so she is likely to find men with Mars in Virgo or Aries sexy.

A man will find a woman sexy if she has her Venus or Moon in the same sign as his Venus or Moon duad. E.g. a man with his Venus at 16Libra23 in the Aries duad and 7th (Libra) dwad of Libra will find women with Venus in Aries and Venus in Libra quite beautiful. He will also like women with the Moon in Aries or Libra.

The Nodes are important for emotional connection between people. These connections show very strongly in marriage and family charts. E.g. A person with the North Node at 4Taurus58 in the Gemini duad and 2nd (Taurus) dwad, will be drawn to those who carry Gemini and/or Taurus in their Sun, Moon, Ascendant, MC and/or Vertex. This may indicate a soul connection. These signs will also run through the family.

If someone does not have the zodiac sign or duads that your genetic patterning requires, there is less likely to be any deep, instinctual level of attraction. You may like or dislike them according to the synastry of their chart and yours, but there is not the “kick” that starts a relationship.

Therefore: In relationship and synastry charts, the duads are the first step in assessing whether someone will be attracted to another.


This is Prince Charles natal chart:

This is Prince Charles duad chart (for greater visibility click charts to enlarge them)

Prince Charles has his Sun is the Cancer duad of Scorpio. This will tell us two things:

1. The sign Cancer runs through his family

2. He will be very drawn to people with the Sun in Cancer or Cancer Moon, Angles or Nodes.

This is Prince Charles dwad chart:

Prince Charles has his Sun in the 9th (Sagittarius) duad of Scorpio This tells us that:

1. The sign Sagittarius runs through his family.

2. He will be drawn to those with the Sun in Sagittarius and to a lesser extent, the Sun in the 9th house, or the Moon, Nodes or angles in Sagittarius


To illustrate how a planetary energy can run throughout a family I will use the current Royal Family and have chosen Saturn to illustrate this example as it is the planet of duty, discipline and responsibility, three qualities that are much admired in this family line. (see table 2).

Charles mother, Queen Elizabeth II (born 21 April 1926, 2.40 am, London, England) has her Saturn at 24Scorpio26, in the Leo duad and the Capricorn dwad of Scorpio. click to see natal, duad and dwad charts: Queen Elizabeth II

Charles father, Prince Philip (born 10th June 1921, 10.00 am Corfu, Greece) has his Saturn at 18Virgo19 in the Scorpio duad and Gemini dwad of Virgo. (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Prince Philip

His Saturn duad is the same as the zodiac sign of Saturn in Queen Elizabeth’s natal chart, giving a strong affinity on a Saturnian level.

Prince Charles (born 14 November 1948, 9.14 pm, Buckingham Palace, England) has his Saturn at 5Virgo18, in the Aries duad and Scorpio dwad of Virgo. (see above charts) His Saturn is in the same zodiac sign as his father’s. The Scorpio dwad is the same as his mother’s Saturn in Scorpio.

Princess Anne (born 15th August 1950, 11.50 am, London, England) has her Saturn at 18Virgo49—conjunct her father, Prince Philip’s Saturn at 18Virgo19, Like him she has her Saturn in the Scorpio duad and Gemini dwad. Like him her Scorpio dwad resonates to her mother’s Saturn in Scorpio. (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Princess Anne

Prince Andrew (born 19th February 1960, 3.30 pm, London, England) has his Saturn at 14Capricorn55 in the Gemini Duad and Virgo dwad of Capricorn. (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Prince Andrew Saturn in Capricorn resonates to his mother’s Capricorn dwad. Saturn in the Virgo dwad resonates to his father’s, Charles and Anne’s Saturn in Virgo.

Prince Edward (born 10th March 1964, 8.20 pm, Buckingham Palace, England) has his Saturn at 28Aquarius26 in the Capricorn duad and Pisces dwad of Aquarius.  (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Prince Edward This resonates with his mother’s Capricorn dwad, but otherwise doesn’t fit so well into the family pattern. His Pisces dwad is the opposite sign to the strong Virgo energy. His Saturn in Aquarius is in the opposite sign to his mother’s Saturn duad of Leo so he is carrying the same Saturn genetic material, but opposite to the general thread of the family.

Princess Diana (born 1st July 1961, 7.45 pm, Sandringham, England) has her Saturn at 27Capricorn48 in the Sagittarius duad and Pisces dwad of Capricorn. (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts ). Princess Diana Notice that her Saturn in Capricorn resonates quite nicely to the Queen’s dwad Saturn.

Overall we get quite a strong thread of a Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn sense of duty running throughout the family.

Saturn sign and duad

Table 2.


Let’s look at the charts of Queen Elizabeth II, her son, Prince Charles and her grandson, Prince Harry (born 15th September 1984, 4.20 pm, London, England).

Prince Harry has his Saturn in Scorpio the same sign as his grandmother – and in a very similar position in the natal chart. Harry has Saturn in the duad of Aries , the same as his father , Charles, and brother, William .  His Saturn in the Virgo dwad resonates nicely with his father’s natal Saturn in Virgo. His father’s dwad Scorpio Saturn resonates with Harry’s natal Saturn in Scorpio. (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Prince Harry

Prince William’s Saturn doesn’t fit the family theme. He has it in Libra, in the Aries duad and Libra dwad.   (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) Prince William

His father, Prince Charles, has his Saturn in the Aries duad, as does his brother Prince Harry, but that is all. Where does his Saturn in Libra come from? His great-uncle, King Edward VIII has his Saturn in Libra. Like his great-Uncle, he may find his sense of duty towards his partner outweighs his sense of duty to his position in life.

Four GenerationsTable 3.

If you examine the natal duad and dwad charts of this family you will find a number of close connections, most within an degree.  These show how different members of the family connect to each other.  It will be the subject of another article.


The Vertex axis seems to be connected to destined associations so should work very strongly in the royal family as they feel they are destined to this responsibility.

If we look at the Vertex connections in this family line we can see a very interesting flow:

Queen Elizabeth has her Vertex at 0Virgo21: Prince Charles has his Vertex at 22Sagittarius55 in the Virgo duad which resonates with his mother’s Vertex in Virgo

Prince Philip has his Vertex at 6Capricorn07: Prince Charles has his Vertex in the Capricorn dwad of Sagittarius, which resonates with his father’s Vertex in Capricorn.

Prince William has his Vertex at 12Leo08 in the Sagittarius duad of Leo. His father, Prince Charles, has his Vertex in Sagittarius. William’s dwad is the Leo duad of Leo and his mother, Princess Diana, had her Vertex in Leo.

King George VI, Queen Elizabeth’s father,  has his Vertex at 27Taurus11 in the Pisces duad  (click to see natal, duad and dwad charts) King George VI This is  the same sign as Queen Elizabeth’s anti-Vertex. Prince Harry, his great-grandson, has his Vertex in the Taurus duad of Leo

Interestingly, King Edward VIII has his Vertex in Virgo, the same sign as Queen Elizabeth II, and she wouldn’t have become Queen unless he abdicated.  (click to see natal, duad and dwads charts) King Edward VIII

Vertex connectionsTable 4.

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  1. Alvaro says:

    hi Alice,

    Very interesting article!

    I was reading it and I think I have overlooked one thing seeing my own duad chart. But your paragraph about relationships just clarified. So, the duad number (I mean the rightmost column of the Duad table) is important besides the duad sign of the planet. I think I now understand some relation I had with a partner who had Venus in Aquarius, the 11th duad sign where it falls my duad-Virgo Moon. This also match some subtle connection I have with a female fellow worker, disregarding other incompatibilities. Even certain significant friends of mine of long time ago were Pisces, matching my duad Sun in Taurus in the 12th duad number