Australia’s duad chart and its Prime Ministers

Like the natal chart, the duad charts of a country will draw people who have the signs and, to a large extent the degrees of these charts, to that country.  These charts will also show people who will be influential in some way.

To read more about the Duad system read here:

This is the duad chart for the political chart of Australia – the Swearing-In or Inauguration Chart of 1 January 1901, 1.35 pm, Sydney, Australia.

Notice that the MC is not on the 10th cusp so it is called ‘The floating MC’.    In this chart it is in the 12th house in Pisces.

*   People with planets or angles that connect to this chart will, in some way, be influential in this country.

*   People with planets in the same houses in their natal chart as they are in the Australian duad chart will also have a strong connection to this country. e.g.People with the Sun in the 2nd house.

*   People with planets in the same aspects as planets in this duad chart will have a connection with Australia.  e.g. People with the Sun conjunct Neptune or Moon sextile Mercury.

Interestingly, Queen Elizabeth ll, the current Queen of Australia, has her Sun at 0Taurus44, conjunct Australia’s duad Sun of 0Taurus44 and duad Neptune of 0Taurus11. Her heir, Prince Charles, has his Moon conjunct this duad.

The Prime Minister of Australia and most famous or influential people in this land  must have a strong connection to the natal chart of Australia and this is intensified if there are duad connections as well.

I will use the charts of Robert Menzies, Bob Hawke, John Howard, Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard to illustrate:

Bob Menzies

Bob Menzies is our longest serving Prime Minister  he held office from 1939 to 1941 and from 1949 to 1966. He was also the instigator of the Liberal Party of Australia, formed in late 1944.  He has had an enormous influence on Australia.

Bob was born on the 20th December 1894 at Jeparit, Australia.  We do not have his time of birth so I have used a Sun Culminating Chart.

His Sun is conjunct Australia’s Mercury-Chiron  and to a wider degree, Jupiter,   it is also opposite Australia’s Neptune.  His Mars is trine Australia’s Jupiter and in a three degree conjunction with Australia’s Ascendant.  His Nodes square Australia’s Jupiter.  So, even without his time of birth,  Bob amply fulills the criteria that a Prime Minister must have strong connections to Australia’s Swearing-In chart.

This connection is made even more powerful when we compare his natal chart to Australia’s duad chart;

Australia’s duad chart is the inside wheel and Robert Menzies natal chart is the outside wheel:

There are some powerful conjunctions:

Robert’s Saturn on Australia’s duad Mercury: He had a rather ponderous way of presenting himself to the Australian people and they took everything he said very seriously.

Robert’s Mercury conjunct Australia’s duad Pluto-Node:  Powerful person, particularly in the communicative areas.

Robert’s Neptune conjunct Australia’s duad South Node: Neptune shows up so often in political and socio-economic areas.

Robert’s Nodal axis straddles Australia’s duad Ascendant-Descendant. If the time of birth was a few seconds later it would be an exact conjunction:  A strong connection to this country.

So, even without a time of birth we can clearly see the strong connection Robert Menzies had with Australia.


Australia loved this man, warts and all.  Before he became Prime Minister he was a hard drinking, womanizing, tough ACTU President  and Australia didn’t mind this at all.

Read more about him here:

Bob was elected Prime Minister on 5th March 1983 and served nearly 9 years, resigning on 20th February 1992.

He has a powerful connection to Australia and its people that should show in both the natal chart and duad chart of Australia.  Even now (2010) we still love him, watch films, documentaries and read books about him.

Here is his synastry chart with Australia:  Australia is the inside wheel and Bob Hawke the outside wheel:

There are so many connections:

Mars conjunct Uranus-Vertex: Suggests a destined connection that was sparky and unusual.  Bob was a sports fan and enjoyed sports of all kinds.  This resonated very well with the Australian people, and this conjunction might well describe the connection.

Mars is also conjunct Australia’s Venus: A well known ‘love affair’ configuration.

Venus is conjunct Australia’s North Node: Aspects  to both the true and mean North Nodes of Australia are prominent with politicians.  Venus gives a most pleasurable connection.

Bob’s Vertex axis straddles Australia’s Ascendant-Descendant axis, indicating a destined connection.

Likewise his MC-IC axis straddles Australia’s, indicating a strong career connection.

His Descendant is conjunct Australia’s Moon, indicating a strong public persona.

… and so on.

Look what happens when we put Bob’s chart around Australia’s duad chart:

Australia’s duads is the inside wheel and Bob Hawke is the outside wheel:

Notice that Bob’s Ascendant-Descendant straddles Australia duad Vertex antiVertex. This is a most powerful configuration and is almost exact.  It confirms that he has a strong destiny with this country.

In addition his Moon-Neptune opposition straddles Australia’s duad MC-IC, with Neptune in exact conjunction with the IC.  This is a powerful career pull and confirms his public appeal.

Bob’s Sun-Mars conjunction is conjunct Australia’s duad Pluto-Node, again suggesting the powerful appeal he had and perhaps an association with mass events (Pluto-Node).

.. and so on.

If you calculate Bob Hawke’s own duad chart you will see his duad Sun at 14Gemini16 conjunct Australia’s antiVertex and his duad Moon at 16Gemini07 conjunct Australia’s Pluto.  So there are powerful connections both ways.

John Howard

John Howard was born on the 26th July 1939 in Earlwood, Australia.  We do not have his time of birth.

He is the second longest serving Prime Minister after Robert Menzies as he served 11 years 9 months.  He was defeated in the election of 28th November 2007 by Kevin Rudd.

People felt safe with Howard at the helm.  They felt they could trust him to do the right thing, so he must have a strong connection to both Australia’s natal and duad charts.

Here is the synastry chart.  Australia is the inside wheel and Howard is the outside wheel:

I think Howard’s Sun-Pluto conjunction on Australia’s Leo IC was the connection that made people  look on Howard as a father who would take care of Australia.

In addition Howard’s Moon is conjunct Australia’s Mean North Node at 29Scorpio49.  Most Prime Ministers have some connection to Australia’s nodal axis.

Saturn on Australia’s Ascendant is normally not perceived as beneficial by the populace, but became Howard had Sun-Pluto on the IC, his Taurus Saturn gave the feel that he was steady, responsible and could be relied upon to keep matters under control.

As Australia has an Aries Ascendant, Howard’s exalted Mars was another major attraction point, particularly as it was in trine to the mean South Node.  It is in a 4 degree conjunction to the MC, showing Howard’s decision to enter us into the Afghanistan war.

Uranus is the ruler of Australia’s MC, so Howard’s Uranus conjunct Australia’s Moon was also a powerful placement.  This tended to make women a little edgy about his policies because of his right wing quality.  Many people felt that his government tried to take us back to the ’50’s – this was a quality of both his Saturn on Australia’s Ascendant and his Uranus on Australia’s Moon.

Here is the Australia duad chart on the inside wheel and Howard’s natal chart on the outside wheel.  Click to enlarge.

Four contacts immediately spring to the eye:

Howard’s natal Saturn conjunct Australia’s duad Sun-Neptune, with his Sun-Pluto in a wider square.  Perhaps this is his ‘boat people’ solution.  He certainly did his very best to keep them away from Australia’s shores and set up processing places in Christmas Island and other Islands.

Howard’s Sun-Pluto square to the Sun, ruler of the duad 6th house of workers, described is final undoing when the Australian people felt he had betrayed them by his Work Choices policy.

Howard’s Uranus exactly conjunct Australia’s duad Uranus. This is very powerful because Uranus is the modern ruler of the MC and indicates that people accepted his decisions in spite of frequent controversy.

Howard’s North Node  is exactly conjunct Australia’s duad Mercury. This is a powerful contact for communication with the masses and enabled him to be quite persuasive.

I am positive that if we had his correct time of birth we would find the angles of his natal chart activated at least one duad position in Australia’s chart.  Its very possible that all his angles activated some points.  I think it is highly likely that either Australia’s natal Vertex axis or duad Vertex axis would have been activated by Howard’s natal angles.

Kevin Rudd

Kevin Rudd unseated long term Prime Minister John Howard in a landslide victory on he 28th November 2007.  However, he is one of our shortest term Prime Ministers as he stood down from this position on 24th June 2010 and was replaced by Julia Gillard.  He was born on the 21st September 1957, at Nambour, Australia.  We do not have his time of birth.

Here is his synastry with Australia’s chart.  Australia is the inside wheel and Kevin Rudd is the outside wheel.  Click to enlarge.

The exact contact of Rudd’s Mercury with Australia’s Mars is interesting.  He had the reputation of micromanaging everything and perhaps this contact describes this problem.  I don’t know if he was particularly interested in sport or creative areas, which are normally described by the 5th house.

Rudd’s Sun-Mars conjunction is square Australia’s Mercury and Neptune.  I think this gave the idealism and desire to improve the lot of working Australia, but the square brought much confusion, difficulties and a few real problems.

Rudd’s Neptune is conjunct the Descendant.  Here is Neptune again – always so prominent in political and socio-economic charts.  In Rudd’s case I think it describes his idealism, and perhaps enormous popularity for much of his Prime Ministership.  It can also describe the problems brought through the boat people  and quite a bit of the confusion and muddle of major projects.

And most difficult!  Rudd’s Pluto square Australia’s Nodal axis. This configuration aptly describes his downfall when his own party turned on him and removed him from office.  It is not an easy configuration and is one that is shared by Tony Abbott.

Rudd’s Saturn in the 8th house and conjunct Australia’s Venus could describe the Mining Tax that brought about his downfall.

The duad chart of Australia shows further strong connections:  Australia Duads on the inside and Rudd natal on the outside.

Rudd’s natal Pluto is conjunct Australia Duad IC. This is a very powerful configuration, further emphasised by Rudd’s Pluto in close trine to Australia’s  duad Sun-Neptune. This gave him his powerful position.

However, Rudd’s Neptune opposed Australia’s duad Sun-Neptune.  As Neptune is ruler of the duad Ascendant this is an important contact.  It gives the Neptune contacts that show up so often, but the opposition in the duad 2nd-8th houses could show the considerable amount of spending that was necessary to keep Australia out of the world recession and some of the muddle and screw-ups in big projects that bedevilled his administration.  This was further shown by Rudd’s Neptune quincunx Australia’s duad Saturn.

Rudd’s North Node is in exact conjunction with Australia’s duad Ceres.  Ceres contacts are another point that I have noticed in political charts and well worth further study.

Rudd’s Sun-Mars is in a wider conjunction to Australia’s duad Descendant.  This gives him prominence and leadership.

and Rudd’s Jupiter is in the same sign as Australia’s duad Jupiter.  This is a very fortunate position, particularly as Jupiter is the traditional ruler of the duad Pisces Ascendant.

As we don’t have Rudd’s time of birth we can’t check out his angles, but I am sure that in some way they connect to either Australia’s natal or duad chart.

Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard was appointed the Leader of the Labor Party and therefore Prime Minister after Kevin Rudd stood down on the 24th June 2010.  This was an historic moment in Australia’s history as she is the first female Prime Minister.  Julia was born in Barry, Wales on the 29th September 1961 at around 12.00 pm,  of Welsh parents and migrated to Australia in 1966, when she was four years old.

Here is her synastry with Australia.  Australia”s chart is on the inside wheel and Julia’s on the outside wheel.

Julia Gillard has a number of close connections with Australia’s chart – as would be expected of a Prime Minister.  The aspects near a one degree orb are:

Her antiVertex is conjunct Australia’s Saturn. This indicates a destined connection to Australia.

Her Mars is conjunct Australia’s Descendant. As Australia has Aries rising, the position of Julia’s Mars is very important.  Its angular position means that she has a strong effect on Australia.  It is also conjunct Australia’s Part of Benevolence, suggesting that she will have a benevolent influence.

Her Uranus is trine Australia’s Ascendant and trine Chiron, making up a grand trine in Fire.    As Uranus is the ruler of  Australia’s MC,  Julia’s Uranus in close contact with placements in Australia’s chart means that she has a strong influence.

Her MC is square Australia’s Pluto. Pluto is connected to power, global situations and big business, so this activation brings all these areas into play for her.

Her Moon is opposite Australia’s Venus and square Australia’s Mars. This can suggest her strong, female influence and, as her Moon is in Australia’s second house, the requirement to pay considerable attention to the financial resources of Australia.

The midpoint of Julia’s Pluto/MC = Australia’s Mars. In the Combination of Stellar Influences Ebertin says of this configuration: “A great striving for the attainment of power.  The urge to dominate other people”  As Mars is ruler of Australia’s Ascendant, this configuration is very powerful.  In addition Mars is conjunct Australia’s Part of Profession, indicating her Pluto/MC career connection.

She does not have planets conjunct Australia’s Nodal axis and  this gives me pause.  However, her Uranus-Node in Leo is square Australia’s Mean North Node and this might be enough of a connection to interest the Australian people.

Here is her synatry with Australia’s duad chart. Australia’s duads are on the inside and Julia is on the outside:

We have the same configuration as Bob Hawke, with Julia’s Ascendant-Descendant straddling Australia’s duad Vertex-antiVertex, indicating a powerful destiny with this country.

Julia’s IC-MC is in a wider conjunction with Australia’s duad Ascendant-Descendant axis showing the career connection for Julia.

Julia’s MC is square to Australia’s duad Pluto-Node conjunction. This is another very powerful configuration,  it can give a massive and often very intense influence with the public.

Julia’s Sun is in a wide conjunction with Australia’s duad Jupiter and her Moon is in close to exact trine. This is a most fortunate configuration that enables her to both benefit from and bring benefit to Australia.

Her Gemini Moon is quincunx Australia’s duad Ceres.  This gives a strong  female emphasis, but I am not sure how it will work.  The Moon is is a four – five degree conjunction with Australia’s duad South Node.  I am not sure if this is close enough to stimulate the interest of the voting public, we shall see on election day, 21st August 2010.

Another point of interest is Julia’s Chiron conjunct Australia’s duad MC. We are still learning about Chiron and how it works in mundane areas, so I will observe this placement with a great deal of interest.  Magi Astrology says Chiron symbolises the ability to successfully blaze new frontiers – and Julia certain has as she is the first female Prime Minister of Australia.

Her dignified Saturn is conjunct Australia’s duad exalted Mars with a four degree orb.  Perhaps this indicates the connection to manual labour through the trade unions.

I hope this article has interested you in the use of duads in mundane astrology.  I find it almost frighteningly accurate, with, as you have seen, very close connections between the natal chart of Prime Ministers and the duad chart of Australia.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman July 2010

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