Israel officially became a country at midnight of 15th May 1948, in Tel Aviv, Israel when the British Mandate lifted.

Here is the chart and its aspects.  Please click to enlarge.

Aspects and Midpoint structures

Notice the difficult Saturn-Pluto conjunct the Descendant and making a midpoint structure of Descendant = Saturn/Pluto.  This configuration is considered very difficult indeed; the Combination of Stellar Influences by Ebertin says “being placed in cumbersome and difficult circumstances, separation, mourning and bereavement”  and that certainly has been the story of Israel to date.   This configuration gives some determined open enemies.  The day after Israel was declared a country the Arab nations attacked – an instant response confirming the accuracy and difficulties of this midpoint structure.

The Moon’s nodes enter this configuration with a midpoint pattern of Node = Pluto/Ascendant and Node = Saturn/Ascendant, both very difficult midpoint structures.

Node = Pluto/Ascendant gives powerful connections with others, and as Pluto is in the 7th house these can be partners and also open enemies.

North Node = Saturn/AS is a most difficult midpoint for harmonious associations with others.  It tends to give a ‘siege’ mentality; the desire to be separate from others;  the desire for seclusion; and unpleasant family circumstances.  As Israel’s ‘family’ are its cousins the Arabic nations,  this fits very well.  It is particularly apt as the North Node is in the 4th house of home and property.

All in all it was not a good time for a country to be born, but this chart certainly describes both the nature and situation of Israel.

I think this country will always need to fight wars as the traditional ruler of the MC, Mars, is square the MC from the 7th house of open enemies.  It will war with neighboring countries as Mars also rules the 3rd house of neighbors.  Many of these wars can be successful as Mars is conjunct the fixed star Regulus and this star can give considerable success.   Mars is also trine Jupiter which is  in its own sign in the 11th house of friendships, suggesting that friends will be of assistance.

However, Mars is also conjunct the sad Saturn/Vertex midpoint.  This is one of the most difficult of midpoints as it can give very hard and strenuous situations with others.  As all of these points are in the 7th house it brings great difficulties involving partnerships and agreements with other countries.  It considerably  intensifies the pressure on an already high pressure Mars-MC.

Yom Kippur War

The most terrifying war for Israel was the Yom Kippur war that started on the 6th October 1973, when Egypt and Syria attacked in a coordinated surprise attack.   The first strike was at 2.00 pm. It is so-called because it began on the Day of Atonement (Yom Kippur), the holiest day in the Jewish calendar.  Egypt and Syria knew that Israel would be preoccupied with prayer and fasting and would therefore be unprepared and vulnerable.

This event was truly terrifying for the government and people of Israel as they felt they could be annihilated.   They begged the USA for assistance and Nixon agreed to send F4 planes to protect them.  Notice that the 11th cusp of this chart is conjunct the USA Sibly Ascendant.

This chart shows a difficult Saturn-Pluto square in the skies with Saturn conjunct and Pluto square Israel’s natal Venus.  As Israel was born on a Saturn-Pluto conjunction all transiting aspects between these two planets will have an effect on this country, particularly if they activated any natal point.  (At the time of writing [June 2010] there is an ongoing Saturn square Pluto aspect bringing further pressure to Israel.)

There were several factors that indicated this war:-

The rulers of Israel’s Ascendant are Saturn and Uranus.

Secondary Progressed Jupiter was square Secondary Progressed Vertex axis and all of this was activating natal and SP Uranus, so it was a time that could certainly be interpreted as very unsettling.  In addition, secondary Progressed Ascendant-Descendant was straddling natal 2nd-8th Koch houses. Click to see chartIsrael SP Yom Kippur

Solar Arc Ascendant-Descendant straddled the natal antiVertex-Vertex axis, indicating a year of Destiny.  Solar Arc IC was conjunct natal Uranus, indicating a time of unexpected events that could change the homeland.  Click to see chart Israel Yom Kippur SA

However, I think the most telling timer was the Minor Progressed Chart for that date as it has an exact Pluto-Vertex conjunction in the 8th house, with both conjunct natal Saturn. In addition, the Minor Progressed Descendant was conjunct natal Venus and activated by the transiting Saturn-Pluto square. MP Mercury is quincunx the natal MC.  Mercury is likely to always show in these charts as it is ruler of the Vertex.

Minor Progressions are often overlooked but can be excellent timers.

The Daily Age Harmonic Chart for this event was also accurate (see articles on Age Harmonics on this site).  An Harmonic chart must always involve the angles for major events.  It will often also  trigger natal house cusps.  This harmonic chart fits the necessary criteria.

* The Harmonic Ascendant at 14Virgo57  is quincunx the natal Ascendant, the quincunx aspect usually shows a time of change and adjustment.

* Harmonic Pluto is conjunct natal Moon and Harmonic Moon-Node is square this configuration.  This is quite a good indicator of the upheaval the population experienced en-mass.

* Harmonic Neptune is conjunct natal Vertex, indicating a time of destiny.

* Harmonic Mars is conjunct natal 8th cusp and natal Part of Death – this speaks for itself.

* Harmonic Saturn is conjunct natal South Node and square natal Ascendant-Descendant, describing the fear and restrictions inflicted on Israel by its enemies (natal Saturn in 7th house).

* Harmonic IC is conjunct natal Mercury, ruler of both the 8th house and the Vertex.  This again suggests a time of destiny and perhaps death in the homeland (IC).

Gaza Flotilla Attack

The world was very shocked when on the 31st May 2010 at close to 4.53 am, local time,  at latitude 32N38’28” longitude 33E34 in the Mediterranean Ocean and in neutral waters, Israel brutally attacked a flotilla bringing relief to people in blockaded Gaza.  Fully armed Israel troops attacked the unarmed flotilla, killing 19 people and wounding many more.

This chart is particularly interesting as transiting Pluto is currently opposite Israel’s natal Venus and Venus features very powerfully in all Israel events – we will find out why further down.

Transiting Sun is conjunct Mercury, ruler of the natal Vertex as well as square natal Vertex.     Transiting Neptune is currently opposite natal Mars and square natal MC, bringing misjudgments and confusion in matters to do with war. It also activates the very difficult Saturn/Vertex midpoint bringing great sadness and sorrow with it.

Notice that transiting Saturn is square Israel’s normally very fortunate Jupiter in Sagittarius in the 11th house.  This attack even angered its close friends and alienated Turkey who had been fairly supportive until this event.

Primary Directions

Primary directions will often show when important events are being activated.  Israel’s Primary directions for the Gaza Flotilla attack show two important points.  PD Uranus is conjunct natal Mars in the 7th house – quite a strong indication of an attack.  Uranus is also quincunx PD Midheaven indicating sudden events, changes and adjustments, particularly involving those in some form of authority.    Primary Direct Ascendant is conjunct natal North Node suggesting very important associations connected to the homeland during this period. Click to see chart Israel Gaza flotilla Primary Directions

So it looks like this official chart for the birth of Israel works very well.

Israel’s Proclamation Chart

However, Israel dignitaries pre-emptied this chart by holding a ceremony on the 14th May 1948 to proclaim the nation of Israel.  This ceremony started at exactly 4.00 pm in Tel Aviv with the reading of the proclamation. The dignitaries started to sign the document at 4.15 pm and Israel was proclaimed a nation at 4.32 pm.

“The ceremony of the proclamation of independence was started exactly at 4.00 pm. David Ben-Gurion read the Declaration of the Establishment of the State to those assembled. As he concluded the reading, he said “Let us accept the Foundation Scroll of the Jewish State by rising,” and the entire audience arose. Rabbi Fishman read the traditional blessing. The signers started to put their names on the Declaration at exactly 4.15 pm.

There is a full recoding of the ceremony in Hebrew of course with  English translation:

The scroll of independence was then signed by the 24 members of the National Committee  who were present and the meeting concluded at 4.32 pm when Ben-Gurion spoke the words ‘Israel has been born!’ “

I think the chart for this event shows how Israel perceives itself and the Mandate lifting chart may show how Israel is percieved by the world.

However, we have a problem of which chart is the correct one:- the one for the start of the ceremony at 4.00 pm, the one for the start of the signing of the official document at 4.15 pm or the one where it is declared that Israel has been born at the end of the ceremony?

Each of these charts have Libra rising with Venus in Cancer in the 9th house.  This explains why Venus features so strongly in the various methods of timing and prediction for Israel.

I am inclined towards the 4.32 pm chart as this is when the nation was proclaimed by David Ben-Gurion.  This chart has the 29th degree of Libra rising and the Moon conjunct the MC in Leo.  The Mercury-Vertex-Uranus conjunction indicates unusual situations and events for this country.

The Part of Death for this chart is 24Leo59  and the Part of Fatality is 22Capricorn32.  In matters to do with war and death it is reasonable to expect these Parts to be activated.

The Solar Arc for this chart gives several accurate factors:

*  SA Sun is conjunct natal Vertex, indicating a time of destiny

*  SA Descendant is conjunct natal Sun, indicating the prominence and power of Israel’s enemies.

*  SA Midheaven and Moon are conjunct natal Mars, ruler of the 7th house of enemies.  These also make a midpoint structure of natal Mars = SA Moon/MC,.  This shows both the attack, and as this configuration is in Leo, the world prominence of this event.

*  SA Venus, the ruler of the Ascendant, is square natal Ascendant.  Venus is prominent in most event charts for Israel.

* SA Jupiter is conjunct the Part of Fatality, indicating some fatalities during this war.

*  Interestingly SA North Node  is conjunct natal Ceres.  I don’t quite know how to interpret this configuration other than I have noticed that Ceres can be prominent in matters to do with death.

(click to see Solar Arcs Israel Yom Kippur SA )

This Solar Arc  fulfills the criteria of the angles being involved in a major event.

The Daily Age Harmonic for this birth time is also quite descriptive of the event:

You can see Harmonic angles come together with the difficult Harmonic Pluto square Node, to make up a pattern of Descendant conjunct North Node in the natal 7th house square Pluto conjunct IC in the natal 10th house.  This easily describes a day of mass upheaval through an enemy.

In addition Harmonic Ascendant is conjunct Harmonic South Node indicating a period of possible loss.  The parallax Moon is at 18Capricorn10, bringing this even further into prominence.

The actual time of the attack, 2.00 pm on the 6th October 1973 (see chart and beginning of article), has Ascendant-Jupiter conjunct the IC for Israel’s 4.32 pm chart and the Descendant conjunct the natal MC-Moon.  As the angles were activated, this also indicates that this chart might be the correct one.

My preference is for the 12.00 am chart for all matters to do with the outer world.  Of the possible proclamation charts my preference is currently for the 4.32 pm chart as the angles clearly respond to the Yom Kippur War.   I will continue to check out all charts and may change my mind in the future.

As the Saturn-Pluto square is still activating Israel’s natal Venus and the coming Lunar Eclipse on the 26th June 2010 will also be activating this planet,  I am certain that there will be further events this year.  Interestingly the angles for this lunar eclipse for Jerusalem are close to those of the 4.32 pm chart for Israel, increasing its effect on this country.

I  will update this post as future events unfold.

Copyright (C) Alice Portman June 2010

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