Lillians’s Vertex axis natal and in relocation

Lillian you asked me to look at both your natal Vertex axis and the relocated one, so I thought it might be a good basis for a short article.


Here is your natal chart.  Click it to enlarge.

Lillian has the Vertex at 15 Taurus 44, in the 7th house and conjunct 8th cusp (Koch).  It is trine the North Node, sextile Uranus and Part of Fortune and in a lovely septile pattern involving Ascendant – Moon- Vertex which makes up the midpoint structure of Moon = Ascendant/Vertex

The septile pattern suggests a questioning, seeking approach to life, with an ability to understand other realities.  The Vertex axis gives access to other realities so these two components go very well together.  The Moon is the ruler of the MC suggesting this quality can be used for career or important goals.  Septile aspects involving the Vertex often gives psychic ability, but septile people are usually rather private and don’t broadcast these skills.  Septile patterns often show in the charts of researchers of various kinds, including scientific research.

The trine to the North Node would factor in either family matters or working with groups of people.  It would give destined associations.

The sextile to Uranus suggests an interest in inventions and other unusual areas.  Uranus will often give an interest in the far past.

Here is Lillian’s natal chart with the antiVertex aspects.  Click to enlarge if necessary

The antiVertex makes a septile pattern with the MC and Mercury, involving the midpoint structure of MC = Mercury/antiVertex.

This also factors in the career as an area that involves more than ordinary or unusual areas.  Mercury in the 7th house suggests destined relationships and as ruler of the 9th and 12th houses, perhaps these are in foreign lands.  With the septiles and antiVertex involved you would require relationships that were deeper and wiser than the norm, and with Mercury involved the need to be able to discuss your interests with your partner would be very important

The Vertex in Taurus would also give a destiny connected to matters to do with the Earth.  In the 7th house it would give a need to find your ‘soul mate’ and conjunct the 8th cusp very deep experiences in life.


People often move to places where either the natal or relocated Vertex axis is strongly emphasized.  This indicates that they have a destiny connected to this place and that it is likely that the experience of living in that location will deepen them in some way.

Here is Lillian’s relocated chart.  Click to enlarge if necessary.

We know this location is likely to be a good one for Lillian as the relocated Ascendant is conjunct Jupiter and trine Neptune.  This combination is considered to be particularly fortunate.  Neptune is conjunct relocated IC and this suggests a home near the sea or a lake.

Look at the relocated Vertex!  It is conjunct the Moon, which has a septile aspect to the natal Vertex, suggesting that this is a powerful place for Lillian and one that she was destined to visit.  As the Moon is ruler of natal MC, this suggests she was destined to move to this location for a goal or purpose.

In addition, Mercury is conjunct the relocated MC.  It is in a septile pattern with natal MC so this too suggests she has relocated to a place of destiny for an important goal.

To further emphasis the power of the Vertex and septile aspects, Lillian has her Moon in septile aspect to relocated IC and her relocated Vertex in septile aspect to Neptune.

It is clear to me that this location will open Lillian to some deep experience that is part of her destiny.  As the septile patterns are involved this will increase her wisdom and ability to connect to quite different realties than the norm.  It could also suggest some powerful spiritual forces are available.

Copyright (c) Alice Portman April 2010

Lillian,  a lass called Jodie has contacted me to say she is your “astro twin”.  She would love to connect with you but I have lost your e-mail address so could you contact me?   Here is her chart:SFPage

One Response to “Lillians’s Vertex axis natal and in relocation”

  1. Lillian says:

    Dear Alice,
    Your comments/analyses are very interesting and perceptive, and relate well to my experiences since living in this part of the world. Also, I am now much clearer on the significance/meaning of vertexes and septile aspects and the interrelationship of natal and relocation charts.
    Many thanks and best wishes!