Queen Elizabeth 11 and Age Harmonics

As Queen Elizabeth 11 turned 90 On 21st April 2016, I thought it might be an appropriate time to illustrate how Age Harmonics work using her chart.

I became interested in Age Harmonics many, many years ago so wonderful astrologer Dymock Brose sent me all the tables he had worked out to enable me to calculate these much more quickly. Later Solar Fire v 7 included the calculations in their program, making the use of this system very easy.

Highlight the chart you want to use, then go to the Chart menu on the upper left hand side, click it and scroll down to Harmonic/Transform. For a year harmonic click ‘harmonic chart’ and put the age in the little box under harmonic, click it and that chart appears. For a day harmonic click ‘harmonic age’ and then put in the date, time and location of the event, click OK and that chart appears.

My default house system is Koch and for age harmonics my default Moon position is the parallax Moon. Other house systems may also strongly respond and the normal Moon position is often responsive as well.

Elizabeth Alexandra Mary Windsor was born two weeks before she was due by Caesarean section on 21st April 1926 at a recorded time of 2.40 pm at 17th Brunton Street, Mayfair, London, the home of her mother’s parents. Issac Starkman, using various rectification techniques, says it is most likely that she was born at 2.38.12 am.

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Queen Elizabeth
It is interesting that even though she was born by Caesarean section, the time and date of her birth showed her future as Queen and her strong orientation to the duty of this position.

  • I use the dwarf planet Ceres in my astrology and have always been fascinated that she has the Moon in Leo conjunct Ceres as this a very queenly position.
  • The Sun trine Vertex shows her prominent destiny.
  • The Arabic Lot of Kings and Sultans is at 00Leo17 with her Sun square and ruler of this Part, also indicating her future role.
  • Vertex-Chiron in parallel of declination indicates her fame; this parallel is echoed in longitude with the Sun in exact trine to her Vertex and a close conjunction with Chiron.
  • She has the duty oriented sign of Capricorn rising with its ruler, Saturn, conjunct the Midheaven in the Leo duad of Scorpio- a very powerful and long lasting position.

Here is her duad chart – take note of her duad degrees as they are echoed in her family.  For example,

Prince Charles has his natal Mars-Vertex conjoining his mother’s duad Moon; his Saturn conjoining her duad MC; his Venus conjoining her duad Pluto; his Moon-Node on the midpoint of her duad Sun.

Prince William has his natal Jupiter in exact conjunction with his grandmother’s duad Jupiter; his natal IC conjoins her duad Sun; his natal Mars conjoins her duad Mars.

Prince George has his natal Moon conjoining his great-grandmother’s natal Uranus-Ceres; his natal Venus conjoining her duad South Node; his natal Neptune conjoining her duad IC;

Queen Elizabeth duads


I have chosen three important events in Queen Elizabeth 11’s life
(1) the time she became heir presumptive at the abdication of her uncle King Edward V111;
(2) the time she became Queen on the death of her father
(3) the day she was crowned monarch of the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the Union of South Africa, Pakistan, and Ceylon; this time is important as it is the time she was consecrated Queen and swore her Oath to uphold the law and govern the Church of England.

  1. Heir Presumptive

Elizabeth became heir presumptive when she was 10 years old on 10th December 1936 at 3.51 pm, London, UK when her uncle abdicated and her father became king. This is her 10th harmonic chart.

Queen Elizabeth 10th Age Harmonic

Harmonic charts don’t have the Descendant or MC-IC on the usual angles, they can be anywhere at all in the chart. Their position in these charts can indicate the area of life the relevant angles will activate for the year or the day.  To include the Descendant, IC and antiVertex in an harmonic chart you need to put them in the Displayed Points section of your Solar Fire program.

This chart clearly shows this was an important year. Note the elevated Sun-Pluto conjunction, describing the intensity and power of her situation, which is particularly apt as Pluto is the modern ruler of her Scorpio MC. This is brought into high focus through the Sun square the Ascendant.

The MC in this chart is in the 6th house; as the brothers and sisters of your father are shown by the sixth house, this indicates her uncle’s involvement in this enormous change in life. The MC is conjunct Venus dignified in Libra with Venus opposite the Nodes, showing the family and public involvement.

We also have a stellium in Pisces in the 11th house, showing a year of considerable social involvement, with Uranus sextile Ascendant indicating a change of environment this year.

If a Year Age Harmonic chart resonates strongly with the natal chart we know it will be a very important year. Little Princess Elizabeth – as she has now become – had a number of connections with her natal chart.

  • The Ascendant conjoins her natal Sun as well as square the Age Harmonic Sun, indicating a time she was prominent because of her new position.
  • The Parallax Moon was conjunct her natal MC, also indicating a year of public prominence
  • the Mars-Uranus conjunct was midpoint her antiVertex, perhaps describing the sudden and unusual nature of this event which was part of her destiny;
  • the Nodes were square her Ascendant, indicating a family and group involvement;
  • Jupiter was conjunct her Venus – which could certainly describe an increase of fortune.
  • Venus is trine her natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction.

This high number of contacts to the natal chart indicate it is likely to be an important year and, with the Vertex axis involved, a year of destiny.

Please click chart to enlarge it.

Queen Elizabeth and 10th harmonic
The Day Age Harmonics usually describe ordinary, daily events but if they activate an outer planet transit, a progression or direction, they can give excellent timing for major events. As with the Year Age Harmonics, if they trigger the natal chart they become much more powerful.

As day age harmonics move so quickly and are so responsive to latitude and longitude, it is wise to find the exact location of the birth and the event. You will notice that in all these charts I have used the exact latitude and longitude of the house where Elizabeth was born. You can get exact latitude and longitude for any address from this site: http://www.latlong.net/

Day Age Harmonics move very fast so a one-degree orb is the maximum to use as any larger orb will show something happening a few days before or after. In any major event one would expect this system to activate the angles or Vertex axis in the natal chart or  the harmonic chart as well as other important placements in both charts.

It is also important to include the IC, Descendant and antiVertex in your planet selection as these are not opposite the MC, Ascendant and Vertex in Day Age Harmonics but occupy separate positions in the chart.

Here is her Day Age Harmonic for 10th December 1936, the day she became Princess Elizabeth and heir presumptive. Please click the chart to enlarge it.

QEdah10 dec

  • The MC of this chart is conjunct Elizabeth’s natal Venus exalted in Pisces; as Venus is ruler of her natal 4th house, this indicates the rise in status of both herself and her father.
  • The Sun is usually prominent in these types of events and is conjunct natal Mars, the traditional ruler of her MC and therefore also conjunct Jupiter, indicating the elevation in life.
  • In addition, parallax Moon is conjunct Jupiter and, as this conjunct is in Aquarius, it activated her social conscience.
  • As it is a new Moon in the Day Harmonic Chart, this suggests a new start in life.
  • Uranus at 22Libra40 is trine her natal Mars-Jupiter conjunction and the Day Age Harmonic Sun-Moon conjunction, indicating a beneficial change.
  • The ruler of the 4th house, Mercury, is opposite the IC, the father, indicating a day where her relationship with him was emphasised.
  • Though it is not shown in the above chart, the Descendant is 13Cancer02, square harmonic Pluto and conjunct natal Pluto, which is the modern ruler of her natal MC. This position describes the power and intensity of that day.

2. Elizabeth becomes Queen.

Elizabeth was declared Queen at the death of her father in the morning of 6th February 1952 at Sandringham House in Norfolk. She was only 25 years old so her 25th Age Harmonic is the one to use.

  • 25th Age HarmonicSun trine Vertex, echoing her natal Sun trine Vertex and describing the year her destiny became a reality.
  • Sun is also square the Leo MC, which is in the 2nd house,  indicating an important year for her career.
  • A possible death this year is shown by Neptune in the 8th quincunx Mars-Saturn, the IC (father) in the 8th quincunx the Vertex in the third (destiny)  and the Moon in the 12th trine Uranus in the 8th.  This is particularly strong as Uranus is the modern ruler of her Age Harmonic IC.

So many other factors there as well.

When you relate this chart to her natal chart we become certain that it is a year of change because:

  • the harmonic Uranus is conjunct her natal Ascendant and is trine harmonic Moon which is conjunct natal IC. These two planets activating angles suggests an important year.
  • The Moon was conjunct South Node, conjoined natal IC and was in opposition to natal Saturn – a clear indication of a sorrowful event; Ebertin in The Combination of Stellar Influences describes it as “separation, mourning, bereavement”.
  •  Mars-Saturn conjunct natal Pluto is especially powerful as Mars is the traditional ruler of the MC, Pluto is the modern ruler  and natal Saturn conjoins natal MC. These three factors coming together also suggests a year when career is emphasised – though not happily.
  • Jupiter activating her fixed T square by being conjunct natal Neptune, square natal MC-Saturn, opposite natal Mars-Jupiter is another powerful indicator for a very important year.

25th AH with natal


Her day harmonic chart shows a really important day:

  • Uranus is the ruler of the Ascendant of this chart and elevated, suggesting a day of change. It is part of a fixed T square involving Jupiter and Pluto, suggesting some powerful events are at hand.
  • In addition, the Moon is at 9 Virgo 05, trine Jupiter, indicating a day of personal benefit.
  • The Sun is opposite the antiVertex, indicating a day of destiny.
  • The MC is conjunct  the Ascendant, suggesting her environment and career are interconnected.


Age Harmonic on becoming queen

When we look at this day harmonic in relation to her natal chart we find:

  • AH and natal becoming QueenThe node conjoins her natal Mars, ruler of her MC
  • Mars conjoins natal Uranus indicating the sudden and shocking event involving family.Mercury is conjunct her natal Part of Kings and Sultans at 00Leo17.
  • Mercury is conjunct her natal part of Kings and Sultans at 00Leo17.
  • Venus is square her natal Jupiter-Neptune opposition.  As Venus is the ruler of the 4th house of father, this describes his death.
  • The ruler of the 8th house, the Sun, is in the 4th house and opposite the AH antiVertex.
  • If we use the Placidus house system the natal chart has 8th cusp at 18Virgo11 and, if we use the normal Moon, the harmonic Moon is 17Virgo54 conjunct the natal 8th cusp and trine harmonic Saturn. Quite fitting for a day of death involving matters of duty.
  • This Moon is also opposite Age Harmonic Descendant, indicating a public day.


AH natal in Topocentric

3. Elizabeth annointed Queen

Elizabeth was anointed Queen at a sacred ceremony on the 2nd June 1953 at Westminster Abbey, London, UK when she had just turned 27 years old.

27th Age Harmonic

  • In the 27th harmonic chart we have Saturn elevated square the Aquarius Ascendant, describing an important year with some tension.
  • Saturn is also square natal Part of Kings.
  • The Sun is conjunct the Vertex, showing a year of prominence and destiny. It is also conjunct the Node, indicating group and family matters are to the fore.
  • The MC is elevated in the 10th house and conjunct Neptune, indicating career matters are to the fore and global media would be involved.

When we relate this chart to her natal chart we find:

  • 27th AH with natalThe harmonic Neptune-MC conjunction straddles her natal Saturn-MC conjunction, with Neptune conjunct Saturn and MC conjunct MC – a sure indication of a year of prominence involving career and indicates the solemn and sacred occasion.
  • The ruler of the MC, Mars, is trine Venus, which in turn is quincunx Neptune in Cancer, perhaps describing the happy and global event that year.
  • Strongest of all is Uranus conjunct natal Ascendant, indicating a most unusual year.

The actual day harmonic for this event shows:

DAH coronation

  • Elevated Neptune showing a day of global and media contact.
  • Jupiter conjunct Node, indication beneficial associations.
  • The MC at 23Sagittarius34 is quincunx the Vertex at 23Cancer21 suggesting a day of destiny involving the career; the quincunx always appears in a chart at times of change and this day brought an enormous change into her life as she became a consecrated queen.
  • Uranus square Mars, showing the tension and perhaps sudden events during that day.  As Mars is the traditional ruler of her MC, this describes a change in career.
  • Moon square IC, indicating a public day.
  • Venus square Saturn!  Poor Elizabeth, she must have been so nervous.

What truly fascinated me was that the degrees in Elizabeth’s day harmonic for this event were repeated in the natal charts of her direct heirs. As this was such an enormous and rare occasion, I wonder if the spiritual imprint has echoed down the generations.

  • Prince Charles(14th November 1948, 9.14.03 pm, Buckingham Palace, England)  has his natal Vertex conjunct the Midheaven of this harmonic chart; his natal Part of Fortune conjunct Venus in this chart; natal Ascendant conjunct the harmonic Mercury and natal Black Moon Lilith conjunct harmonic Moon. All of these are within a one degree orb
  • Prince William (21 June 1982, 9.03 pm, St Mary’s Hospital, London, England) has his natal Neptune conjunct the harmonic Pluto and natal Ascendant conjunct harmonic MC again within a one degree orb.
  • Prince George (22nd July 2013, 4.24 pm, Paddington, London, England)  has natal Mars trine harmonic Ascendant; natal Ascendant conjunct harmonic Saturn;  natal Pluto-antiVertex conjunct harmonic Black Moon Lilith – all within one degree orb.
  • Even Princess Diana (1 July 1961, 7.45.06 pm, Sandringham, England),  the mother of William and grandmother of George, has her Sun conjunct this harmonic Sun and her Chiron-Pluto opposition conjunct and opposite the harmonic Ascendant within a one degree orb.

Such very clear and exact contacts in both the year and day age harmonics for a number of events in the Queen’s life proves the efficacy of this system.

To finish I thought it would be interesting to look at Queen Elizabeth’s 90th harmonic to see what might happen in this year.

90th AH

  • The Sun is conjunct the Vertex and elevated this year, indicating a time of public prominence. This has already been the case with her 90th birthday being celebrated all over the globe. The Sun is the ruler of the 8th house, suggesting there could be matters involving death or operations to deal with.
  • Mars is quincunx the Ascendant from the 6th house, suggesting a busy year that can be stressful physically.
  • The ruler of the Ascendant, Saturn, is elevated and conjoins Jupiter, suggesting focused and high profile duty is to the fore. This combination can also give her the ability to have a considerable effect in her role as Queen.
  • Node conjunct Neptune suggests a great deal to do with the Media this year. If she was younger it would give considerable travel with a member of the family or a group of people, but as she is 90 I think there is probably quite a lot of foreign contact.
  • Uranus opposite the MC would suggest some change in her position that could be quite unexpected.

This harmonic chart can also respond well to transits and when we see that transiting Pluto will conjoin the harmonic Ascendant and quincunx harmonic Mars this year as well as square harmonic Sun, it suggests periods of very high pressure and perhaps health problems, with a highlight near the 22nd October, where she can be accident/injury prone.

Alice Portman
© April 2016

For more information on Age Harmonics http://aliceportman.com/category/harmonics/


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